President Barack Obama In My Parent’s Yard And My Fictional Brother And His Friend Playing Video Games?

File:Obama Portrait 2006.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I guess that I was a bit too cold and did not sleep very deeply until after 6:Something AM because I woke up feeling like I did not even dream at all, I went back to sleep, and later I woke up barely remembering part of two dreams.

Dream 1

My first dream is super unclear and I only remember one part of the dream, I think that it was somewhat dark and/or gray outside and I was possibly in my parent’s yard or a fictional version of my parent’s yard near the back gate/entrance/exit, and my brother CC or GC and The President Of The United States President Barack Obama was there too at some point.

I do not remember seeing any United States Secret Service agents or news reporters or anyone else around, it was just the three of us, and we were moving stuff/organizing stuff/cleaning stuff/working in the yard mostly on the part of the yard near the back gate I think; and I do not think that we talked much or at all and we probably looked a bit serious as we worked (especially President Obama) and I remember looking around at everyone wondering/thinking about the silence and the serious/focused facial expressions on everyone’s faces, but that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately and so it makes no sense really without the rest of the dream which I have forgotten.

In that only part of the dream that I can remember it somewhat seemed like a distance between us, like we did not like each other and/or like we did not want to be around each other and/or like we did not want to talk to each other and/or like we had a disagreement and/or like we did not want to be doing what we were doing and/or like we were focused and serious about what we were doing and/or something else like that, or maybe I am completely wrong because this/that is just a wild guess because my memory is too unclear.

Dream 2

The second dream is also super unclear and I only remember one part of the dream that took place during a nice day, I think that my family and I were living in a fictional multi-story apartment complex that had several building that were connected by concrete sidewalks/walkways, and there were several nice fields/parks/courtyards that everyone shared; and I think that some of the other buildings included a medical building, an educational building, a recreational/fitness building, and a business building with stores/restaurants/cafeterias/et cetera so I think that this apartment complex had almost all the basic things that we needed/wanted but I could be wrong.

We lived on the first floor I think in an apartment room where the rooms were small but we had enough rooms for everyone in the house, we had nice views of the fields/parks/courtyards/walkways/other apartment buildings/other buildings, and I think that I had a fictional brother who was one of my former schoolmates who graduated one or two years before me but I can not remember his name and he had medium brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair and he looked like my dad’s co-worker Mr. BB (maybe Mr. BB was his dad, I am not sure).

My parent’s and my real brothers were in the dream as well, my fictional brother was in the living room or family room with one of his friends who had whitish colored skin with medium length blondish/brownish colored hair, and they were playing video games on various video game consoles; and they were talking about video games and other things, and so I joined them and so did some of my real brothers who came and went at various times during the dream.

I remember us talking about older and newer video game consoles and video games, and we switched between various old and new video game consoles and video games during the dream; and I remember wanting to go outside because it was a nice sunny day with nice clouds outside but I think that everyone was supposed to stay inside like something serious was going on that I can not remember.

I remember looking through the windows not seeing anyone outside and I think that I remember wondering what was really going on outside and how serious was the unknown situation that was probably happening outside that forced everyone to be required to stay inside until it was safe, I did not even see police or the military, and so I wondered would anyone notice if I walked outside for myself to see if it was safe or not; but I decided to be cautious and stay inside, but it was a shame because it was such a nice day outside to be forced to stay indoors but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr