My Former Classmate JC At A Mall & Sarah Paulson & Ellen Page Working At A Mall | My Cousin JE’s Surprise Visit | Detectives Stabler & Olivia Go Undercover Inside A Cult

I barely remember part of three dreams from last night, I had at least one other dream during the night that I had remembered when I woke up to use the bathroom, but I did not think about it or record it; and so I forgot it once I went back to sleep.

Dream 1

I remember being inside a fictional mall with no windows shopping/exploring, at some point I came across my former classmate JC and we walked and talked and shopped and explored the mall, and at some point I started to notice that a few actresses were working at a few of the stores in the mall.

The actresses worked at separate stores, they seemed to be working there as greeters and/or just to be there to attract customers, and I remember seeing the actress Sarah Paulson probably with her hair in a blondish color like her character Cordelia from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven working in a store that had a soft pink color used around the store a lot; and this store seemed to sell bath supplies, small decorations maybe, beauty supplies maybe, and maybe a few flowers and things like that.

I saw the actress Ellen Page working in another store one or two stores down from this store (maybe an electronics store, but I can not remember), and I saw a third actress who(m) I can not remember working at a third store but I can not remember what kind of store it was; and I remember wondering why they were working inside the mall, my guess was that they were getting paid just to briefly greet people at the store to attract more customers, and so they were probably making some extra money very easily and/or they were supporting the store owners because they knew them personally.

I probably stopped to glance at them and we probably walked by their stores more than once, I remember them smiling at us and we smiled back at them, and at some point we somehow ended up talking with Mrs. Paulson and then Mrs. Page probably walked over to talk to us as well (either they were greeted us first or they were wondering why we walked by more than once glancing at them or we greeted them first to ask them why they were working in the mall); and during our conversation I asked them why were they working at the mall, but I can not remember their response(s) and I woke up shortly after this part of the dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the evening or night when it was dark outside and some members from my mom’s side of the family were at my grandfather’s house having a family gathering/party/whatever, I was at my parent’s house and someone knocked on the door and so I answered the door, and to my surprise it was my cousin JE; and so I greeted him and he came inside, we briefly said a few things to each other, but then there was a silence because we did not know what to say next.

This silence got interrupted by my uncle CE and a few of my other uncles pulling up in a truck (probably my uncle CE’s truck) in front of my parent’s mailbox, they wanted my cousin JE to go partying with them and to go buy some alcoholic drinks with them, and he invited me but I kindly/politely refused/declined the offer; and so we said goodbye and my cousin JE left with my uncles to go party and to buy some alcoholic drinks, and I went to tell my parent’s that my cousin JE had come by briefly to visit.

My memory is too unclear about the next part but I remember being in my parent’s automobile (The BV) and we probably went somewhere and we came back trying to park near the G House that my grandfather owns for some unknown reason(s), but something went wrong and we were trying to avoid blocking the driveway so that other family members could drive in and out and park their automobiles; but we were having a hard time trying to do this/that but that is all that I can remember, and I woke up.

Dream 3

The third/last dream is also unclear because I forgot important parts of the dream and I am not sure if I was even in this dream or not, I remember detectives Stabler and Olivia from the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) investigating a crime involving an old woman I think, and they went to an apartment building during the evening to ask some people questions about the investigation involving the old woman.

Something happened that I can not remember, at some point an old woman answered the door to an apartment and she seemed to possibly have a bit of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s and/or she acted like something was a bit wrong with her mentally and/or like she was very easy to manipulate and she answered every question that she was asked, and she let detectives Stabler and Olivia inside the house; and she was nice and she was answering all of their questions to their surprise and they took advantage of this, I guess everyone else had refused to help them in their investigation, but a young man with medium length blondish colored hair with whitish colored skin angrily came to stop the old woman from talking with them; and he told detectives Stabler and Olivia to leave.

Detectives Stabler and Olivia said a few things to him while looking around the apartment noticing a lot of kids and a few young adults acting strange like they were in a cult whose current leader was the young man who stopped them from talking with the old woman, and they did everything that the cult leader told them to do it seemed; and their cult had strange and detailed rules/whatever that they had to follow, the rules/whatever were very detailed/specific and strange, but I forgot what they were.

Detectives Stabler and Olivia felt that they could solve their case by learning more from the members of the cult, they quickly thought up a plan to challenge the cult leader in a way that would get the rest of the cult to accept them, and so they were going to go undercover inside the cult to continue their investigation; and so they started saying certain things to the cult members, and eventually they turned the cult members against their cult leader.

The cult members carried the cult leader into a bedroom and over a bed chanting/saying something that I can not remember (probably something about him no longer being the cult leader and that he must be removed) and he seemed to have mostly accepted his fate of being rejected as the cult leader though he was still begging/trying to get them to see that detectives Stabler and Olivia were manipulating them (they actually used this strategy against him by getting the cult members to realize that he was manipulating them and not following some of the strange and detailed/specific rules/whatever of the cult), a window was open at the head of the bed and they were on an upper floor, and to my/their surprise they threw/dropped him out of the window to his death probably; and detectives Stabler and Olivia had no idea that the cult members would kill him like that, and the cult members accepted detectives Stabler and Olivia as their new cult leaders.

Detectives Stabler and Olivia did not want to blow/mess up their cover and so they accepted the position as the new leaders of the cult, and they immediately started changing the rules/whatever of the cult to avoid more killings/murders and to remove the strange detailed/specific rules/whatever; and then they started trying to decide how to handle the murder of the former cult

leader, and how to continue their investigation while being undercover inside the cult while running the cult without blowing/messing up their cover but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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