11-12-2013 | Dream Fragment | A Basketball Court On An Island With Floating Faces And An Unknown Old Man And Trying To Escape A Worldwide Strange Weather Event And An Attack?

English: basketball court
English: basketball court (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I only remember part of one strange and confusing dream that does not make much sense, partly because I forgot some important parts of the dream and the dream was confusing, but I will try to type what I remember of the dream.

I remember being on a small fictional island on a basketball court near the sea/ocean/water with kids, young adults, and one or more adults during the evening or night on a nice blueish/blackish colored night where you could see the clouds a bit in the dark blueish/blackish colored sky; and I remember playing basketball with the others and having fun, and at some point I remember some large floating faces (taller than a human) trying to play basketball with us or something strange/confusing like that.

I think that the faces were like flat projections/holograms (maybe a bit like Zordon from the TV show Power Rangers) of just eyes and a mouth with only a bit of face in a rectangular-like shape standing up vertically and they floated around the basketball court and they could talk, and I remember one of the faces possibly looking and acting a bit like a demonic clown like the demon Violator from Spawn; and it seemed like the faces were really in another dimension mostly and so the faces were possibly just a projection of them or only a small part of their body touching into our dimension, but they probably could fully enter our dimension if they wanted to and/or if they had help.

The floating face that reminded me of the demon Violator was the most aggressive and negative of the faces, he kept threatening violence, and I tried to get him to calm down; and we got into a bit of an argument with him threatening to enter our dimension fully and killing me, I was afraid of him and I felt that he could easily kill me, but I continued to stand up to him because he was threatening violence against the kids and others on the basketball court.

He was talking about how powerful he was and asking me did I know who he was, and how I would not stand a chance against him et cetera; but I stood my ground until an unknown older man who was older than everyone (except for the floating faces maybe) with grayish/whitish colored hair with maybe facial hair with whitish colored skin wearing maybe somewhat darker colored clothing like a FBI agent or intelligence agent with a trench coat-like/spy-like outfit maybe probably interrupted us, and after this I do not remember seeing the floating faces again.

The old man spoke to me about several deeper/interesting/strange topics like conspiracies, prophesies, end of the world and apocalyptic and natural disaster themes, aliens and other beings, religious and historical and cultural themes, et cetera; and he seemed to know a lot and he kept asking me questions and telling me things in a way that seemed to be trying to get me to think and open my mind to new possibilities, that seemed to imply that a major worldwide event might happen to the Earth in my lifetime, and that I should be prepared for that possibility maybe but I was not sure exactly because the old man mostly spoke with/of questions and possibilities and indirect information without giving his opinion(s) because he wanted me to decide/question/learn/investigate for myself it seemed.

At some point the weather started to become strange like a possible major worldwide event like the old man had talked about was starting and so the old man started to get everyone on boats to escape to another island and/or to the mainland and/or to keep moving by boat to escape whatever was happening, and we all got on medium-sized wooden boats with some walls/windows/ceiling that had a homemade old-style look feeling to them like being on an old Viking ship or a ship from another older culture like that; and the old man was leading the escape, but either he changed or was replaced by an obese man with dark-colored hair and beard who was like a combination of King Robert Baratheon from the TV show Game Of Thrones and King Agamemnon from the film Troy (2004).

He was referred to as The King, maybe he was King *Something I Can Not Remember* but I can not remember if that is true or not, but I do remember calling him The King; and he had his own throne chair on one of the ships, he was leading us, and he was annoying and tyrant-like et cetera.

As we were escaping by boat(s) toward another island we saw strange things that I can not remember happening with the weather and then it seemed that maybe aliens/machines/other beings/entities were attacking places around the world because we saw strange things flying and attacking some of the other islands and mainlands, and as we were getting close to the dock area of another island to quickly look for supplies we were approached by some of the strange flying things that were attacking other places (there were probably different things of various sizes attacking other places, but one of the smallest types of these things approached us and they seemed to be made to hunt down humans even in small spaces like an automated version of a hunter-seeker from the Dune book by Frank Herbert or a small drone/UAV).

The strange things that approached our ships were small flying gun-like automated drones/UAVs that looked a bit like flying pistols or sub-machine guns, they seemed to be attracted to movement and noise and like they were programmed to kill humans, and so we tried not to move or make noise; and we docked our ships at the dock, and the flying gun-like drones flew around looking through the windows of the ship scanning us but eventually they flew away because we were not moving or making noise.

After the strange automated flying gun-like drones flew away we quickly ran to some houses/shacks near the docks to get food/water/supplies to load on our boats and we were going to leave on our boats to the next location, and I remember us finding two scared girls (possibly twins because they looked very similar) with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who might have been a bit dirty like they were poor and had not taken a bath in a while hiding alone in a house/shack and so we brought them with us; and The King let them go onto his boat, and the two girls did not seem to speak English and/or talk and they were very afraid like their parent’s had been killed and they seemed like maybe they were from Eastern Europe maybe.

After getting our boats loaded quickly with some supplies/food/water we continued our escape trying to find somewhere safer, The King grew increasingly annoying and tyrannical and incompetent until the point where I wanted to approach him about his behavior and possibly try to have him replaced, and so I waited until we stopped at another island so that I could board his boat to talk with him; but I did not see him on his boat, like he was gone looking for supplies with the others and/or had moved to another boat, but I did find the two scared girls we saved earlier.

They were sitting and possibly tied up and/or looking afraid near The King’s throne chair cleaned up and wearing makeup and wearing somewhat revealing dresses to my surprise, and I felt that The King was or had plans to use them as sex slaves or something like that; and I became very disgusted/angry/annoyed/frustrated/et cetera, and so I asked the two girls if they were okay and if they had been harmed but I do not think that they could talk or speak or understand English or they were still too afraid.

I immediately got them away from The King’s boat and I was going to move them to another boat where I could help protect them, and I wanted to confront The King about this and about his behavior/actions; and I wanted to have him replaced and if he had harmed the two girls I wanted him to be tried for his crimes.

I wished that I would have had the two girls on my boat earlier so that I could have helped protect them and I hoped that The King had not harmed them, and I wanted to find The King immediately because he needed to be stopped/replaced before he gets us all killed and if he had committed some crimes (rape, molestation, et cetera) against the two girls he needed to be punished (probably killed or at the least banished); and then we could continue moving and trying to survive the worldwide event/attack that was going on, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

4 replies on “11-12-2013 | Dream Fragment | A Basketball Court On An Island With Floating Faces And An Unknown Old Man And Trying To Escape A Worldwide Strange Weather Event And An Attack?”

First, thank you for sharing! I so enjoy reading about others’ dreams, as I think it helps me to look at my own in new ways.

I was really intrigued by the King character who appears in this dream. If it were my dream, I might read up a bit on the Arthurian legend, as there’s a lot of “old king vs young king” going on there, and a lot questioning of morals (the possible crimes you mention he might have committed at the end) and, of course, the Knights of the Round Table, who oddly make me think of your basketball game…not sure why, but there it is.

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Wow! You are welcome and thank you Shammsj for taking the time to read my dream and to comment on my dream, you are one of only a few people to comment on my blog the entire year, and so thank you very much. 🙂

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my dream Shammsj, I think that the basketball game and the Knights Of The Round Table comparison that you made was very interesting, and I had not thought about that before; and the Old King versus Young King theme that you mentioned is possible as well, well done. 🙂


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