11-15-2013 | Dream Fragments | A Country With Free Alcoholic Drinks Called Vadstock/Vladstock And Hugh Jackman Does An Ace Ventura Impersonation? | My Former Classmate DH Is Expecting A Baby? | Going To A Chinese Style Restaurant With My Family On Vacation And A Witch Teacher/Trainer Teaches/Trains Zoe And Trying To Avoid A Bear Family At A College

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to bed earlier last night after feeling a bit weird after jogging and feeling comfortable/tired after taking a bath, I got awakened by heat and someone watching TV and having to use the bathroom a few times during the night still feeling a bit weird (like how I feel sometimes if I go to sleep during the day (which is super rare) and wake up or how I feel sometimes when I over-sleep, a bit disoriented/off-balance/whatever is how I feel, it is hard to describe), and so I woke up many times after having a lot of short dreams; and I forgot most of the short dreams except for barely part of two short dreams that I voice recorded, and later I had a third and longer dream that I remember part of and now I am finally typing my dreams now that I am back home.

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the end of the first dream and I was driving down a road during the day listening to a radio I think and somehow I was also able to also see video clips/scenes of what was being talked about, they were talking about several small real and/or fictional European or European-like countries that were next to each other, and I was driving through each of these small countries which were all about the size of a neighborhood and looked basically like neighborhoods instead of countries.

The names of and facts about each country were being mentioned while video clips/scenes showed each country and some of the people of each country (each country had interesting laws/rules because the countries seemed more democratic that most other countries and the people had real power to change/add/remove laws/rules instead of a small group of politicians/people/corporations/whoever working against many of the interests of the average person), I remember one country having a name that sounded something like Vadstock or Vladstock (maybe a fake Ukraine), and one of the strange/interesting facts about this country was that alcoholic drinks were free in the country of Vadstock/Vladstock (I think that it was a law or rule, but I could be wrong); and there were probably some video clips/scenes of people drinking alcoholic drinks having a good time, and of some people getting drunk and vomiting and/or falling because they could not walk straight.

Some of the people/hosts of the radio show who were talking about the countries on the radio probably made some jokes about this fact about Vadstock/Vladstock and the hosts had some special guests with them in their studio (probably in one of the countries or another unknown country) like the actor Jim Carrey who was in character as Ace Ventura, Hugh Jackman (I think), and several other actors and actresses; and I remember Hugh Jackman dressing up and doing his impersonation of Ace Ventura, and he looked and acted more like Ace Ventura than Jim Carrey did to my surprise.