11-15-2013 | Dream Fragments | A Country With Free Alcoholic Drinks Called Vadstock/Vladstock And Hugh Jackman Does An Ace Ventura Impersonation? | My Former Classmate DH Is Expecting A Baby? | Going To A Chinese Style Restaurant With My Family On Vacation And A Witch Teacher/Trainer Teaches/Trains Zoe And Trying To Avoid A Bear Family At A College

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to bed earlier last night after feeling a bit weird after jogging and feeling comfortable/tired after taking a bath, I got awakened by heat and someone watching TV and having to use the bathroom a few times during the night still feeling a bit weird (like how I feel sometimes if I go to sleep during the day (which is super rare) and wake up or how I feel sometimes when I over-sleep, a bit disoriented/off-balance/whatever is how I feel, it is hard to describe), and so I woke up many times after having a lot of short dreams; and I forgot most of the short dreams except for barely part of two short dreams that I voice recorded, and later I had a third and longer dream that I remember part of and now I am finally typing my dreams now that I am back home.

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the end of the first dream and I was driving down a road during the day listening to a radio I think and somehow I was also able to also see video clips/scenes of what was being talked about, they were talking about several small real and/or fictional European or European-like countries that were next to each other, and I was driving through each of these small countries which were all about the size of a neighborhood and looked basically like neighborhoods instead of countries.

The names of and facts about each country were being mentioned while video clips/scenes showed each country and some of the people of each country (each country had interesting laws/rules because the countries seemed more democratic that most other countries and the people had real power to change/add/remove laws/rules instead of a small group of politicians/people/corporations/whoever working against many of the interests of the average person), I remember one country having a name that sounded something like Vadstock or Vladstock (maybe a fake Ukraine), and one of the strange/interesting facts about this country was that alcoholic drinks were free in the country of Vadstock/Vladstock (I think that it was a law or rule, but I could be wrong); and there were probably some video clips/scenes of people drinking alcoholic drinks having a good time, and of some people getting drunk and vomiting and/or falling because they could not walk straight.

Some of the people/hosts of the radio show who were talking about the countries on the radio probably made some jokes about this fact about Vadstock/Vladstock and the hosts had some special guests with them in their studio (probably in one of the countries or another unknown country) like the actor Jim Carrey who was in character as Ace Ventura, Hugh Jackman (I think), and several other actors and actresses; and I remember Hugh Jackman dressing up and doing his impersonation of Ace Ventura, and he looked and acted more like Ace Ventura than Jim Carrey did to my surprise.

Everyone laughed at Mr. Jackman’s great Ace Ventura impersonation (except maybe Mr. Carrey), especially when he moved his eye brows in funny ways, and then Mr. Carrey did his best Ace Ventura impersonation but his impersonation was not as good even though he was already in character as Ace Ventura and that was one of his characters; but that I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day in my parent’s yard and my former classmate DH walked into my parent’s yard to my surprise and I greeted him, and we briefly talked about what he has done this year; and then he told me that him and his girlfriend were expecting a baby or they had a baby, I congratulated him, and then he told me that he wanted some advice from my dad about something (he did not say what he wanted advice about) and so we went to find my dad in the yard.

We came across my mom and she greeted my former classmate DH and we told her the news about the baby, she congratulated him, and we asked where my dad was; and my mom said that he was doing yard work, but that he was in a bad mood/angry about something and so she walked with us to where my dad was working in the yard.

My dad looked angry and he was complaining to himself about something, my mom told him that my former classmate DH wanted to get some advice from him about something, but my dad rudely continued complaining and he walked off; and so my mom and I apologized to my former classmate DH for my dad’s rude behavior, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The third and last dream was the longest and most detailed dream of the night and it was the dream that I remembered the most of, the dream had three parts that all took place during the day, and the dream started with me driving my automobile in a fictional city to a Chinese style restaurant to eat/drink with my family (except for my brother CC who was not there) who were on vacation it seemed and they were already at the Chinese style restaurant waiting on me.

The Chinese style restaurant was in a small shopping center with one-story businesses separate but connected in one building with separate entrances/exits for each business with a shared parking lot, I parked my automobile and I walked inside the restaurant, and I remember seeing a female worker with long straight shiny blackish colored hair with yellowish/whitish colored skin who probably had a Chinese English accent as I waited in line; and I remember there were some verbal arguments that took place during this part of the dream that I can not remember, I think that at one point a man with medium brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair that was braided got into a quiet argument with me that almost got violent but I could be wrong, and maybe someone and/or my dad got into an argument with the female worker but I can not remember.

At some point the arguments ended and I went to sit down with my family, my brothers TD and KD had probably already eaten their food at this point, and this restaurant had a buffet; and I probably ate/drank with my family, and something that I can not remember happened in the dream involving magic and witches who probably stealthily attacked some of the witches who worked at the restaurant and these two groups of witches had fought each other for many years.

No one had noticed the attack by the witches at first but eventually some of the witches who worked at the restaurant realized that they had been attacked, but they kept it quiet to avoid the customers knowing/learning about it; and I remember some of the witches who worked at the restaurant quietly talking about the situation as they walked to the back of the restaurant to figure out how to deal with the situation without alerting us customers.

At this point the dream moved away from me but I could see everything like a camera person, I did not notice that I was seeing things without being there, and I remember seeing what was happening in the back of the restaurant and Zoe from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven was there in a dimly lit area near the kitchen or freezer and someone told her about probably the best/most powerful witch trainer/teacher and witch who was a slightly over-fat woman with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair; but you had to pay her to train/teach you, and so Zoe called the witch trainer/teacher with her phone asking her to train/teach her and so the witch trainer/teacher came to the restaurant.

Zoe met the witch trainer/teacher in the back of the restaurant in the same area where she had made the phone call from, Zoe started talking to the witch trainer/teacher, but the witch trainer/teacher was impatient and a bit rude; and she told Zoe that she was wasting her time and that she had to pay $3 for the wasted time talking, she then asked Zoe if she was ready to start learning and she reminded her that she would have to pay, and Zoe said that she was ready to learn and that she was willing to pay and so they left to start her training/teaching.

Zoe wanted to learn everything that she could and to become as powerful as she could it seemed and the dream jumped in time, it seemed like only a few hours later but it could have been days later, and Zoe and the witch trainer/teacher were on a small wooden dock-like thing floating on a body of water/sea/ocean in the middle of no-where; and this part of the dream looked very dream-like with pastel(?) colors/grayish colors with a foggy/muted/faded/whatever look to the environment.

The witch trainer/teacher said that Zoe had learned everything that she had to teach, that Zoe was the fastest learner and the best student that she ever had, and that Zoe seemed to be the most powerful witch that she ever seen and she felt that maybe Zoe could defeat her and that maybe Zoe would be the next supreme/supreme witch; and the witch trainer/teacher was currently the most powerful witch and she was undefeated, and so she wanted to test Zoe to see if Zoe was really more powerful than her.

The witch trainer/teacher was excited to have such a good student and to see a witch who was/became so powerful but part of her did not like the thought of being defeated and no longer being the most powerful witch, so there was a bit of sadness(?)/something there because she could sense that she would probably lose, and so the two of them were going to fight; and if Zoe won the fight, her training would be finished/completed/over, and she would then be the most powerful witch.

The fight started and the witch trainer/teacher summoned a Scorpion *Something That I Can Not Remember* or a *Something That I Can Not Remember* Scorpion that was the size of a small dog and it was supposed to be very powerful so the witch trainer/teacher did not see how Zoe could win, Zoe looked focused/confident and she stood there smiling like she had already won the fight, and this confused/worried the witch trainer/teacher; and then Zoe summoned a small harmless non-human animal like a frog or something, I am not sure what it was, and this confused the witch trainer/teacher even more.

The Scorpion *Whatever*/*Whatever* Scorpion went to attack whatever Zoe had summoned, Zoe’s summon ran and jumped into the water, and the Scorpion *Whatever*/*Whatever* Scorpion chased it and it jumped into the water after it; and then I think a hidden summon that belonged to Zoe or a large sea creäture swallowed/killed/defeated the Scorpion *Whatever*/*Whatever* as soon as it jumped into the water.

The witch trainer/teacher was shocked and so Zoe had won the fight, the witch trainer/teacher congratulated Zoe telling her that she had been her best student/apprentice and the fastest learner that she has seen and that she was the most powerful witch she has met and she told her that she had nothing else to teach Zoe because she had already taught her everything that she knew; and she said that Zoe was now the most powerful witch as far as she knew, and that she probably would become the next supreme/supreme witch.

The witch trainer/teacher was happy for Zoe, but she also did not like losing the fight and her position as the most powerful witch; and the dream jumped back to me inside the restaurant, and my family and I were finished eating/drinking and we were leaving the restaurant; and my family left through the normal entrance/exit at the front of the building, but I went out a door on the left side of the building that led inside a school/college.

At some point I had a book-bag with a class schedule inside it with the classes that I was supposed to attend like I was a student at the college now, I was wearing a long green colored t-shirt and I was wearing a reversible Gypsy-like fabric bandana/hat/cap/whatever on my head that was the same color green color as my t-shirt on the outside and grayish on the inside, and I think that I found the hat and I wore it for comedic purposes; and I remember looking in a mirror (which are rarely in my dreams) and it made me look like I was dressed a bit like Lafayette from the TV show True Blood, I thought that this made things even funnier, but I felt a bit uncomfortable being dressed like that but I decided to wear it a bit longer for fun.

I guess I was in a bathroom looking in the mirror, the bathroom was small/narrow and it looked a bit like my grandfather’s bathroom that is on the hallway where his bedroom is and there was no door on the bathroom so people could see inside as they walked by, and I had to urinate; and so I turned my back to the door to urinate into the toilet, and my urine came out clear and strong.

I kept urinating strongly and it seemed like I would never stop urinating, I was worried about urinating all the water from my body, and I heard someone enter the bathroom behind me and so I stopped urinating to go wash my hands and face; and I noticed that there was one bathroom stall in the bathroom now, and the person who had walked in was using that stall now.

I probably took the hat/cap/bandana/whatever off when I washed my face but I forgot to put it back on and I probably left it in my pocket, and then I left the bathroom to go to my locker; and my locker was in a carpeted room with other lockers between two hallways, and I probably came across a few of my former classmates on my way to my locker.

In the room of lockers I saw more of my former classmates and I saw my former classmate SC sitting on the ground crying as my former classmate BR and several other students stood over him, and so I ran to help my former classmate SC off the floor thinking that my former classmate BR and/or the others had attacked him; and I helped my former classmate SC up asking him if he was okay, he was still crying but also talking to my former classmate BR about something that involved why he was crying, and slowly he stopped crying.

It seemed that no one had attacked my former classmate SC and that he was crying/sad about a situation that probably involved his girlfriend or someone like that, and so I talked with him until he started to feel better; and during this my former classmate EM and another woman were staring at/watching me from across the room the entire time like they were interested in/attracted to me, and after I helped my former classmate SC I saw my former classmate DF alone in a corner looking sad and so I went to talk with her.

She told me about her problems that probably involved her kid/kids and some other problems, and I talked with her until she started to feel better; and then I probably helped a few other people, and then I went to my locker to get my stuff for class.

My former classmate EM and the other woman were still staring at/watching me and after I got my stuff out of my locker I said hello to them as I was walking by them to leave for class, but my former classmate EM said this to me: “You are too talented for this.” (I am guessing that it was in reference to me going to college for an associate degree (I am assuming) and getting a job related to whatever degree I was going for).

I told her thank you but that I did not consider myself to be that talented and that going to college and getting a job related to my degree did not seem too bad to me, but that I did feel that I do have more potential and that I was not using all of it and/or had not got to see most/all of it yet.

She probably started to give me examples of why she thought that I was talented, she probably mentioned how I had helped my former classmates like DF and SC, and a few other things; and then she said that she would like to see me learn to play a musical instrument, and she named a few musical instruments.

I told her that I would like to learn to play a musical instrument too one day, but my first choice of musical instruments would be guitar and/or piano if possible (neither of which she had named); and I realized that I was going to be late for class and so I thanked her and I said goodbye, and I left outside the building to a courtyard/field toward some other college buildings spread out across the field.

Other students were on their way to their classes as well but I was not even sure where my classes were, and so I walked toward the closest college building; but then a family of brownish colored bears came around the corner of the building toward us, a mother and father (who were large) and one or two cubs/baby bears, and so I told the students to avoid running unless it was necessary and for them to keep a distance and to try to avoid the bears; but most of the students ran screaming and so the bears followed them.

Some of the students followed my advice and we walked to the entrance of the closest building but it was locked, and so we were going to have to try to walk to the next building; and so we started walking toward the next building.

We tried to walk around the chaos but at some point most of the other students who ran were gone and the bears saw us walking and the other students with me ran for their lives, and so this left me walking alone and so the bears saw me and they started going toward me; and so I kept walking to avoid them but they kept following me, and so I ran to an area behind another building that had a tanish colored/light brownish colored concrete-like fence with some circular holes in it and one of the gates was slightly opened and I went through the opening in the gate to hide in this area.

I started looking around and it seemed that this area might be the pen/cage/habitat for the bears because I saw some tires hanging from some trees by ropes like they were there for the bears to play with and maybe some large metal food/water pans and I saw a small fenced in area next this area, and so I started climbing the fenced area as the bears entered the habitat area like they could smell me and I tried to stay still so that they would not see; but it seemed that they could smell and/or see me, and so I started trying to escape as they started moving toward me.

I escaped back to the field and I ran, I saw a college professor with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair who wore glasses and who wore a brownish colored suit with maybe a plaid pattern on part of his clothing, and he was trying to get inside the college building that was locked; and so I ran to warn him that it was locked and to warn him about the bears.

The entire time I was not sure what the bears wanted exactly, they were not running at us full speed, but I feared that they would attack us if we got too close to them or their territory because of the cubs; and I wondered why they seemed to keep following me, even when I walked and tried to avoid them, and started to wonder if they were targeting me for some reason.

I ran to the professor warning him about the locked building and the bears, I told him to walk and avoid the bears and to only run if necessary, and the bears were moving toward us; but I noticed a metal sliding bolt/lock/whatever on the door or doors, and I slid it open.

It seemed that maybe the door or doors to the college building would open now, the professor and I were about to run or walk away because the bears were getting closer, but I told him to wait until I tried to open the door first because if it opened we could hide inside the building; but I woke up before I could see if the door would open or not.

The end,

-John Jr


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