11-16-2013 | Dream Journal | Zoe Benson Getting In Trouble At School Or College

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I woke up and I went back to sleep several times last night, each time remembering part of the same dream or dreams but I kept going back to sleep instead of voice recording the dream or dreams, and so I forgot that dream or dreams unfortunately; and now I barely remember part of the last dream that I had.

I think that the dream jumped back and forth between several people and their stories/situations during the dream including Zoe Benson from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven (who seemed to be the main character of the dream), one or more other people who(m) I can not remember, and I/me.

I can not remember the parts of the dream/stories/situations of anyone (even the parts of the dream that I was in) except for some parts of the dream involving Zoe (I was not in the parts of the dream about her or the others, unless I was somehow them, but I doubt it), I think that most of the dream was focused on Zoe, and so she was probably the main character of the dream instead of me and the others; but my memory is so unclear that it is hard to make sense of the dream (because the dream followed different people/situations/stories with me only being in some/a few parts of the dream).

I think that most of the dream involved Zoe being at a school or college and she often got in trouble with teachers/professors/authority probably because Zoe was always honest and she got straight to the point and she said what was on her mind/what she thought/et cetera; and she was not afraid to challenge her teachers/professors/authority when they did something that she did not agree with or that she thought was wrong or if they did something that did not make sense/illogical, and she probably often refused to blindly follow authority or be controlled completely by authority.