11-16-2013 | Dream Journal | Zoe Benson Getting In Trouble At School Or College

Image Credit: http://americanhorrorstory.wikia.com/wiki/Zoe_Benson
Image Credit: http://americanhorrorstory.wikia.com/wiki/Zoe_Benson

I woke up and I went back to sleep several times last night, each time remembering part of the same dream or dreams but I kept going back to sleep instead of voice recording the dream or dreams, and so I forgot that dream or dreams unfortunately; and now I barely remember part of the last dream that I had.

I think that the dream jumped back and forth between several people and their stories/situations during the dream including Zoe Benson from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven (who seemed to be the main character of the dream), one or more other people who(m) I can not remember, and I/me.

I can not remember the parts of the dream/stories/situations of anyone (even the parts of the dream that I was in) except for some parts of the dream involving Zoe (I was not in the parts of the dream about her or the others, unless I was somehow them, but I doubt it), I think that most of the dream was focused on Zoe, and so she was probably the main character of the dream instead of me and the others; but my memory is so unclear that it is hard to make sense of the dream (because the dream followed different people/situations/stories with me only being in some/a few parts of the dream).

I think that most of the dream involved Zoe being at a school or college and she often got in trouble with teachers/professors/authority probably because Zoe was always honest and she got straight to the point and she said what was on her mind/what she thought/et cetera; and she was not afraid to challenge her teachers/professors/authority when they did something that she did not agree with or that she thought was wrong or if they did something that did not make sense/illogical, and she probably often refused to blindly follow authority or be controlled completely by authority.

Because of this Zoe was probably not liked very much by her teachers/professors/authority, when Zoe was not in class she was often with another young woman with whitish colored skin but I can not remember the rest of her appearance, and this young woman seemed to be a classmate/friend and maybe she was even her sister but I am not sure.

One day they were outside the school or college alone near a bus stop-like area similar to the one at P Elementary School, they were walking and talking, and I think that Zoe found two knives on the ground with one of the knives looking almost like a somewhat wide/tall butcher’s chopping knife with a damaged/chipped/dented blade; and Zoe decided to hide them and take them with her, the other young woman told Zoe to take them to the authorities, but Zoe refused and she wanted to keep the knives for herself for some unknown reason(s).

They both went home and they both lived in the same house and in the same bedroom, so they were roommates and maybe even sisters, and oddly my dad was Zoe’s dad (or both of their dad’s if they were sisters); and Zoe hid the knives in their bedroom, and the other young woman still tried to convince her to report the knives to the authorities and/or her/my dad/parent’s (I am not sure if my mom was her/their mom or not).

At some point her dad/my dad came into the room angrily while Zoe was looking at the knives saying that Zoe’s teacher(s)/professor(s) had called him about her bad behavior or something like that, he saw the knives and he asked her where she got them from and so she told him, and he gave her lecture about that and about her behavior at school/college; and maybe he took the knives from her.

He eventually got over his anger and he let Zoe know that he loved her and that he just wanted her to do good in school or college, and to avoid getting in trouble; and so he asked her to follow his advice and try to do better, and he left the room (probably with the knives) but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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