11-17-2013 | Dream Fragment | Unused Housing And A Surprise Attack By A Ginyu Force-Like Group

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I had several dreams last night but I woke up several times to use the bathroom during the night and I failed to think about my dreams or to voice record them, and so now I can barely remember part of my last dream; but it is very unclear, and so it does not make much sense.

My memory is so unclear that I can not remember who I was with or how many people I was with or at what point was I with this person or these people or where the dream even started or what happened in the first half of the dream, I know that the dream took place during the day in a fictional area/city, and maybe the dream started at a college but I am not sure.

I remember walking from the college/wherever with one or more people, maybe a woman (who might have had whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair, she was a fun and strong-willed and athletic person who fit the tomboy stereotype, I remember enjoying having her around) and a man (who might have had whitish colored skin with short hair, he was quiet and easy to forget/notice I think, and so I can not remember him), and we talked as we walked across a field to a parking lot where a two or three-story house was being remodeled next to a hotel or apartment that was also being remodeled on parts of the first floor; and part of the front of the house and its foundation were off the ground not even touching the ground, and so the house was leaning backward without failing over or breaking amazingly.

The house was in somewhat bad condition and it need new wood and it needed to be painted et cetera, it was like the house had been abandoned for a while, and we thought that was sad to let a house go to waste like that; but we were glad that it was being remodeled, and we wished that we could use/live in the house because it seemed to be unused.

I am not sure if we were already looking for housing before this point or not and/or if seeing this unused house being remodeled inspired us, either way we decided that we would ask someone if we could use that/the house if we saw someone working on it the next time that we walk by, and we decided to look inside the hotel or apartment that was next to the house at the parts being remodeled on the first floor.

The parts of the hotel or apartment that were being remodeled seemed to have been abandoned/unused before the remodeling started in our opinion which we thought was a waste, and so we decided to try to find the manager and/or owner to ask them if we could use one or more of the rooms for housing since they were not being used.

We went to the front desk and we did not see anyone, there was a hallway that led to some other rooms behind the front desk, and so we walked into the hallway calling for a worker/anyone; and a late middle-aged woman with whitish colored skin with shoulder length brownish/orangeish colored hair approached us and she looked mean/uncaring/cold and like she liked to smoke lots of cigarettes and her skin/face had a leathery-like look/texture to is.

We told her that we wanted to talk with a manager and/or owner about letting us use one or more of the unused rooms being remodeled, the woman did not say if she was worker or not and she did not respond to most of what we said to her, and with a cold/frowning negative neutral facial expression she told us to talk with a man who was about to have a meeting in the lobby with some of the people who lived at the hotel or apartment; and she walked off without giving us more details and without answering our questions.

We were not sure what to do and so we walked around looking for what seemed to be the lobby, we saw some tables with chairs where other people were coming to sit, and so we sat at the tables with them; and then a slightly older man with whitish colored skin with whitish colored hair with a long whitish colored beard who might have wore glasses and who wore a long sleeve button shirt with dress pants and dress shoes came to the head/front of the tables probably, and he started the meeting and so we assumed that he was the manager and/or owner or one of them.

There was a brief meeting about something that I can not remember and after the meeting ended we approached the assumed manager and/or owner, we told him what we wanted, but I can not remember his response; but my guess is that he/they were not going to let us use the unused rooms that were being remodeled but I could be wrong, and I remember us leaving the hotel or apartment.

We walked across the parking lot to a trail that went through some forest/woods and along this trail and forest there were nice fields and other nature areas, and many other people were walking and enjoying these areas as well; but suddenly a group of beings/entities/aliens with powers who could fly and who dressed and looked somewhat like the Ginyu Force from the animated TV show Dragon Ball Z landed in the field either from a portal or a spaceship or they flew there but I am not sure which and they started to attack everyone.

There was chaos with people running, screaming, getting attacked, and people fighting back; and some of the people had powers too, and they fought back to defend themselves and everyone else and they were doing good at first but the Ginyu Force-like group was too powerful it seemed.

I can not remember what happened to the woman and the man with me during the chaos (they probably tried to fight to help people and/or they started to run when that failed, but I think that the woman probably kept fighting and/or both of them or maybe the man died but I am not sure), I remember having powers and being able to fly as well and maybe they both did as well but I am not sure, and I probably was going to help fight to defend everyone and maybe I tried; but at some point I felt that the Ginyu Force-like group was too powerful (I probably fought hard against them, but it did not seem to hurt them much and they probably smiled/laughed), and so I hid my power level so that their scouters (little electronic devices worn over the eyes to detect people’s power levels and to track people with power levels and it has several other uses) could not track me and I started flying/running away like a coward while people were still getting attacked.

I felt bad about running/flying away like a coward as people were being attacked, the woman and man probably begged me to continue helping them fight to protect people but I probably told them that we probably could not win and that they should run too, but they probably stayed to fight to protect people even if they felt that they could not win instead of running like a coward like me.

I did not fly over the trees, I flew below the trees to better avoid being seen, and I was flying through and around the chaos; and I probably got chased a few times by some of the people in the Ginyu Force-like group, and I probably fought them briefly but I kept running/flying away because they were too powerful.

I felt like a coward and I felt bad about running/flying away but I did not think that we could win, I thought about the woman and the man and the other people fighting to protect everyone, and I started trying to give myself the courage to join them again to continue fighting; and I tried to get myself to become a bit angry about being chased and attacked, I tried to convince myself that maybe I could power-up/increase my power level high enough to defeat the Ginyu Force-like group, and tried to get myself to not accept defeat.

I probably was getting close to realizing that this was a dream and that I was dreaming and that I could take control of the dream, but I woke up before this could happen.

The end,

-John Jr


By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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