A Deep & Subconscious Childhood Fear Of A Fake Devil-Like Character From A Film?

I slept very well/solidly last night only waking up a few times to use the bathroom and once from slobbering/drooling (nasty)/snoring (maybe) and maybe a dream, each time I woke up remembering part of a dream, but I would go back to sleep without thinking about them or voice recording them; and so I forgot all of my dreams except for part of the end of one dream.

I remember being inside a dimly lit multi-story building with no windows that had brownish/dark-colored carpet and I was on an upper floor I think, and I think that it was a school even though it did not look very school-like and there were not that many students; and I remember being with a small class of other students, and one of the other students was my former classmate JC and maybe a few of my other former classmates were there but I am not sure.

I forgot all the dream except for part of the end of the dream, I think that the beginning of the dream probably involved one or more classes that I went to but I am not sure, and one part of the dream involved me going to the bathroom; and a few other students were in the bathroom, but I also can not remember what happened during this part of the dream.

At some point we went into a hallway where there were tables and chairs that we sat in like our classroom was in the hallway or a special event/assembly or lunch or something like that was going to take place, the hallway was connected to/opened to an even longer hallway and so they formed a T-shape with our hallway being the vertical part of the T and the other hallway being the horizontal top part of the T, and from our hallway we could make a left on the other hallway or a right; and so there was a left corner and a right corner blocking our view of the other hallway unless we walked into/onto that hallway.

There might have been a teacher in the hallway at some point and I remember talking with some of the other students but I can not remember the details of what happened, and at some point at the end of the hallway on the right side something strange started/happened but I am not sure what happened exactly or how to explain it properly.

I just remember seeing some people at the end of the hallway on the right side, it was like an old fictional film that we/I recognized was really taking place or the actors/actresses were acting out the film for us or something like that, and we were watching/listening to them from our hallway; and at some point I remember standing in the other hallway looking/staring at the end of the hallway on the right side at a woman (she was too far away for me to get a good look at her appearance) talking with a somewhat large/tall muscular male fake Devil-like character/being/entity who probably was mostly naked and who was a very bright/somewhat glowing/vibrant/whatever reddish color who probably had two shiny blackish colored horns and maybe shiny blackish colored finger nails/claws and maybe shiny blackish colored feet/hooves.

I recognized the fake Devil-like character from a fictional old film that I saw with my dad when I was a kid, probably the same fictional film that they seemed to be acting out or that was really taking place in the hallway, and I remember feeling a bit afraid of the fake Devil-like character; and I could feel a deep childhood fear of him that was deep and subconscious, it was not very strong in feeling but it was deep and subconscious in a way that I could not control or make sense of logically, but consciously I saw no reason to be afraid of him anymore because I am an adult now and I realize/know that he was just a fictional character from a film but I was confused/worried about the situation because I was wondering if this was real or if the film was being acted out for us by the actors/actresses.

I saw no camera crew or equipment around and so it seemed to be really taking place and I wondered if the other students and I would become part of the film/whatever once the characters realized that we were there, and so I worried that if this was real that we could be harmed/killed.

I stood there staring at the woman and the fake Devil-like character at the end of the hallway on the right side, I was trying to get over the slight irrational/illogical deep and subconscious fear that I had of the fake Devil-like character, and so I kept giving myself logical reasons that I should not be afraid of him; and so basically I was communicating with myself, but it did not seem to be working.

The fear did not feel very strong and so I thought that I would be able to deal with it but then the fake Devil-like character looked in my direction like maybe he saw me, and so I moved back to the other hallway out of his sight, the deep and subconscious childhood fear started to activate/trigger/whatever and I started to regress/feel like a scared kid again but the feeling of fear still was not strong, but it caused me to start acting subconsciously in a way that I could not control or resist; and I hid under a table like a scared kid or a coward as I heard the fake Devil-like character walking toward our hallway looking for me.

I hid in a well hidden dark spot under one of the tables, I really felt and acted like a scared kid again but consciously this made no sense to me, and so I kept communicating with myself explaining how stupid/illogical my actions were and how I should not be afraid and even if I am afraid that I should face the fake Devil-like character but the subconscious scared kid part of me was in control of my body now it seemed and it would not listen to me; and it only cared about hiding from the fake Devil-like character.

My other classmates were still sitting at their tables on the end of our hallway quietly as the fake Devil-like character entered our hallway looking around for me it seemed (but I could not see them because I was hiding under a table), he even looked under some of the tables (it was almost like he could smell me or was trying to track me by smell maybe but I am not sure), but he passed by the area where I was hiding; and I hoped that my classmates would not tell him where I was, and I wondered why were they not running or hiding or talking.

The fake Devil-like character started walking away from our hallway but I wondered if this was a trick, and that maybe he knew where I was hiding but he wanted me to come out; and so I tried to decide what to do next, but I woke up slobbering/drooling on the pillow case of my pillow and maybe I had snored and there was a pool of slobber/drool on my pillow (so I had slept so solidly/well that I slept long enough to slobber/drool a lot, nasty).

The end,

-John Jr

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