11-19-2013 | Dream Fragments | The Future Diary Inspired Dreams With Maybe A Semi-Lucid Dream?

Future Diary
Future Diary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night most or all of my dreams, semi-dreams, thoughts, and even a possible semi-lucid dream were/was inspired by the Japanese animated TV show The Future Diary; and during all or most of them there would always be at least one part where Yuki and Yuno from the Japanese animated TV show The Future Diary would be trying to figure out if it was/were possible to transfer the power/ability of a future diary that belonged to another future diary user to one of their future diaries (the hope was to make one or both of their future diaries into the ultimate/greatest future diary or diaries that would have all or several of the powers/abilities of predicting possible futures so that they would win the battle royale and become the next God/Goddess Of Time And Space), and they were trying to figure out ways to test this idea and/or trying to contact The God Of Time And Space Deus Ex Machina and/or his assistant/servant Murmur about whether this was possible or not and these parts would either be in the foreground or in the background of the dreams/semi-dreams/thoughts/semi-lucid dream.

There were several dreams, semi-dreams, thoughts, and at least one possible semi-lucid dream; but I can not remember most of them, and they were somewhat connected and so I will type what I remember like it was one dream or maybe I really only remember part of one dream now but I am not sure.

There were many parts where Yuki and Yuno were trying to figure out ways to test their idea that maybe they could take the future diary of another future diary user and transfer the power/ability of that future diary to one of their future diaries, they might have taken one or more future diaries from some other future diary users but I can not remember, and I remember them trying to figure out how to contact Deus Ex Machina and Mumur to ask them about their idea; and one of the ways that they wanted to test their idea was to use automobile jumper cables and two automobiles to jump-start an automobile battery and try to use that method to transfer the power/ability of another future diary to one of their future diaries or something like that.

I remember part of one or more dreams that took place during the evening or night where I arrived by automobile in a fictional city in a fictional neighborhood at an one-story apartment house with a carport next to a house owned by an old woman who was rich where I probably was just moving into and a couple (man and woman) with whitish colored skin was living there already, and I think that I brought my brother GC to the apartment house to see it and to spend the weekend there; and I/we might have met the man and woman who were also living in the apartment house for the first time, they were probably wondering how we got into the house at first, until I explained that I was their new housemate and I introduced them to my brother GC.