11-19-2013 | Dream Fragments | The Future Diary Inspired Dreams With Maybe A Semi-Lucid Dream?

Future Diary
Future Diary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night most or all of my dreams, semi-dreams, thoughts, and even a possible semi-lucid dream were/was inspired by the Japanese animated TV show The Future Diary; and during all or most of them there would always be at least one part where Yuki and Yuno from the Japanese animated TV show The Future Diary would be trying to figure out if it was/were possible to transfer the power/ability of a future diary that belonged to another future diary user to one of their future diaries (the hope was to make one or both of their future diaries into the ultimate/greatest future diary or diaries that would have all or several of the powers/abilities of predicting possible futures so that they would win the battle royale and become the next God/Goddess Of Time And Space), and they were trying to figure out ways to test this idea and/or trying to contact The God Of Time And Space Deus Ex Machina and/or his assistant/servant Murmur about whether this was possible or not and these parts would either be in the foreground or in the background of the dreams/semi-dreams/thoughts/semi-lucid dream.

There were several dreams, semi-dreams, thoughts, and at least one possible semi-lucid dream; but I can not remember most of them, and they were somewhat connected and so I will type what I remember like it was one dream or maybe I really only remember part of one dream now but I am not sure.

There were many parts where Yuki and Yuno were trying to figure out ways to test their idea that maybe they could take the future diary of another future diary user and transfer the power/ability of that future diary to one of their future diaries, they might have taken one or more future diaries from some other future diary users but I can not remember, and I remember them trying to figure out how to contact Deus Ex Machina and Mumur to ask them about their idea; and one of the ways that they wanted to test their idea was to use automobile jumper cables and two automobiles to jump-start an automobile battery and try to use that method to transfer the power/ability of another future diary to one of their future diaries or something like that.

I remember part of one or more dreams that took place during the evening or night where I arrived by automobile in a fictional city in a fictional neighborhood at an one-story apartment house with a carport next to a house owned by an old woman who was rich where I probably was just moving into and a couple (man and woman) with whitish colored skin was living there already, and I think that I brought my brother GC to the apartment house to see it and to spend the weekend there; and I/we might have met the man and woman who were also living in the apartment house for the first time, they were probably wondering how we got into the house at first, until I explained that I was their new housemate and I introduced them to my brother GC.

We talked with them and they probably showed us around the apartment house and we probably unpacked our stuff, and they told us about the house/neighborhood and about the old woman who was rich who lived next to us (her house was very close to our carport) and about themselves; and we talked about some other things, the woman and man got along well with us, and we had a good time talking until we got interrupted by the sound of a helicopter landing near our apartment house in the yard of our neighbor the old woman who was rich.

The helicopter was a small two-person helicopter being flown by a man with medium brownish colored skin who wore a flat cap/golf hat and maybe a sweater vest and he landed the helicopter in our neighbor’s yard, for some reason the couple and/or all of us were a bit on edge/cautious, and we locked the doors and windows and we closed the curtains not knowing what was going on or what to expect; and we glanced through the windows trying to see what the man was doing, and he went to our neighbor’s house like he was trying to get inside but the doors were locked and no one was answering the doors.

At some point he came to our side door where the carport is and he knocked on the door, the couple did not want me to answer the door, but I answered the door cautiously after assuming that the man was family member of our neighbor and that maybe she was hurt or dead and locked inside the house and needed our help but I kept the chain lock still on the door so it only could open a bit to be cautious/safe.

The man introduced himself as maybe the son of our neighbor, he said that no one was answering the door at his mom’s house, and maybe he asked to come inside and use our phone; but I told him just a moment, and I closed the door locking it again to ask the others their opinion of the situation.

At this point we all were even more cautious but also worried about whether our neighbor was okay or not because she was very old, so it was possibly that she was locked inside the house and needed help, and so we considered calling our neighbor ourselves and if she did not answer one or more of us would go with the man to knock on her doors/walls/windows again; and if she still did not answer we would call emergency services, but before I could open the door to tell the man our plan something strange happened where the electricity inside our house and probably outside the house everywhere went out and everything felt/seemed strange for a moment and it was very dark because it was probably night now.

This made us even more cautious and a bit scared because something did not feel/seem right and things got very quiet/still and strange, the man knocked on our door again, and I opened it and he said that something strange was happening and he asked to come inside our house; but I paused to see what the others thought and they were shaking their heads no (except for maybe my brother GC), and I decided to let the man inside but then something even more strange happened where it felt like the air suddenly got sucked out the house through the doors and we all gasped for air at the same time like we could not breathe.

This made things even more strange until I wondered if this was a dream or not, I wondered if my body in the real world was snoring and/or had stopped breathing from sleep apnea or something like that, and so maybe the dream went semi-lucid; and I remember us closing the doors, and we tried to figure out what to do next once we could breathe again or whatever.

I remember us decided to try to leave by automobile maybe but something was wrong with the automobile maybe, and maybe the battery needed to be jump started and/or maybe a part with Yuki and Yuno interrupted the dream but I can not remember; and I only remember us leaving later by automobile, and at some point I remember being in a parking lot where the electricity was working but maybe our automobile and/or someone else’s automobile needed the/their batter jump started and I remember walking on foot to a small building in the parking lot and maybe a larger building or store was a bit further across the parking lot.

The next part might be another dream or maybe there was a jump in time where it was the next morning, and my uncle CE and some other people who(m) I have forgotten and my cousin ME were there with us (my brother GC was with me, but maybe the couple left on their own but I can not remember), and I remember talking with them; and I remember them trying to load up some of the stuff in the building to take with them, and I remember helping my cousin ME load up a large old TV that he wanted.

I remember my uncle CE giving his thoughts on various things and I talked with him for a while, and at some point I was back in the parking lot trying to look at a diagram to figure out/memorize the correct procedure for jump starting an automobile battery because I was in the process of using my never used jumper cables to help jump-start the battery of an automobile that belonged to a slightly over-fat woman with whitish colored skin with long dark-colored hair who wore a long t-shirt; and I was talking with the woman as I tried to read the diagram to see which battery terminal do you attach to first and which one do you remove first et cetera, and I was explaining the process to the woman as well as I told her to keep the ends of the jumper cables from touching each other or metal.

The dream got interrupted again one or more times by Yuki and Yuno trying to probably use this opportunity to learn how to properly jump-start an automobile battery as well and to maybe test their idea, but they were afraid that it was too risky to test without more information; and so they continued trying to figure out how to contact Deus Ex Machina and/or Murmur to ask them while also trying to think of other ways to test their idea, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

2 replies on “11-19-2013 | Dream Fragments | The Future Diary Inspired Dreams With Maybe A Semi-Lucid Dream?”

Thank you for sharing that link Ingidisa. 🙂

After reading that dream dictionary entry about the word/symbol battery I remembered something that happened last night probably before this dream or dreams, where I woke up to use the bathroom, but I was feeling a bit weird like my heart rate was a bit too slow and/or my blood flow was low/weak along with a few other strange feelings/symptoms that I rarely have sometimes during the night (this started back when the negative effects/affects possibly connected with Fluoxetine started back in 2011 and/or it involves sleep apnea/snoring or something else, even though I have not taken it since then, I rarely have this happen sometimes during the night); but I have learned to not panic and normally it goes away after I go back to sleep and/or after I walk around a bit and/or on its on, and so maybe that had some effect/affect on this dream or dreams but who knows.


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