11-20-2013 | Dream Journal | A Pauline Croze Website | Teacher’s Pet | Traveling Through The Forest/Woods

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had to take some pain medicine to be able to go to sleep because of tooth pain and I went to sleep and was sleeping well but at some point I got awakened at 3:Something AM by a TV that someone left on and heat and having to use the bathroom and the TV had caused me to not be able to sleep properly and I could not remember any of my dreams, I had a hard time trying to go back to sleep because of how the TV had interrupted/distracted my brain/mind and so it took me a while to go back to sleep and I wondered if I would even be able to remember any dreams later, but I went back to sleep eventually and I had several dreams that I remember part of; but my memory of my dreams got messed up badly again when someone decided to open the bedroom door and they turned the heater on causing the heat to disturb my sleep/dreams/memory, and now I do not have much time to type my dreams because I have to leave soon.

Dream 1

In the first dream I was in a corner area or in a small area near a cafeteria-like sitting/eating room, maybe the room was not cafeteria-like at first, and I was listening to music and/or watching music videos on a computer or some kind of electronic device maybe; and at some point I probably was listening to/watching some Pauline Croze songs/videos in French, and then I remember looking at a fictional Pauline Croze website that seemed to be her new official website.

The website was very basic at first like it was still being worked on/under construction, but then the website started to slowly change in front of me like someone was updating the website in real-time with new features/menus/pages/songs/videos/text/et cetera; but I looked away from the screen because some people started to line-up to the left of me like we were in a cafeteria line, and we were in a cafeteria line now and I was at the front of the line.

I turned back to look at the screen but now I only had a cafeteria tray with food on a metal rack that you slide/hold your tray on, magically the screen/computer was gone which made no sense to me but I did not realize that I was dreaming and I assumed that I had only been daydreaming, and I slid my tray down the rack toward the cash register where a slightly obese female cafeteria worker with maybe dark brownish colored skin wearing a whitish colored cafeteria worker uniform with a clear plastic hair cap was standing.