11-21-2013 | Dream Fragment | Fiona Goode Worrying About Herself And Lloyd Christmas And Harry Dunne And An Enchanted Bullion And My Uncle CC Shoots Himself And One Of My Dad’s Former Classmates Gets Shot?

Dumb and Dumber
Dumb and Dumber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I slept pretty well/solidly last night and I forgot all of my dreams except for part of the middle and part of the end of one dream, but my memory of it is got messed up a bit because I did not think about the dream much this morning and I focused on doing other things and I got interrupted by someone talking when I was trying to think about the dream.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream but I remember being inside a very large rectangular shaped banquet-like hall/room that had no windows and that had a formal look to it with nice dark brownish colored wooden walls/furniture/et cetera where there was a row of many connected tables with lots of food/drinks on the left side and sitting space on the middle and right side, and there were other people there eating/drinking/talking/et cetera.

There were other rooms connected to this room and maybe there were/was some casino/gambling machines on the other side of this room and/or in another room but I am not sure, and I think that most people were dressed up a bit; and I remember seeing/watching Fiona Goode from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven wearing a dress walking around/eating/drinking/sitting/standing worrying about herself looking a bit depressed because she is getting older/dying of cancer and she wants to become younger again/to become immortal/cure her cancer and she wants to keep her position as supreme/supreme witch forever but I can not remember the rest of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place in the same room/banquet hall right after that part of the dream and Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne from the film Dumb And Dumber (which I have never seen) were there and the banquet was still going on, a young man with whitish colored skin probably wearing a dark-colored hat/cap possibly turned backward was with them, and I was near or with them as well; but I can not remember most of this part of the dream except that I think that the young man talked to them/us about magic and/or various powers/abilities or something like that, and when he finished he gave Lloyd and Harry a gift as we stood near/over a table near the food/drinks.