11-21-2013 | Dream Fragment | Fiona Goode Worrying About Herself And Lloyd Christmas And Harry Dunne And An Enchanted Bullion And My Uncle CC Shoots Himself And One Of My Dad’s Former Classmates Gets Shot?

Dumb and Dumber
Dumb and Dumber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I slept pretty well/solidly last night and I forgot all of my dreams except for part of the middle and part of the end of one dream, but my memory of it is got messed up a bit because I did not think about the dream much this morning and I focused on doing other things and I got interrupted by someone talking when I was trying to think about the dream.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream but I remember being inside a very large rectangular shaped banquet-like hall/room that had no windows and that had a formal look to it with nice dark brownish colored wooden walls/furniture/et cetera where there was a row of many connected tables with lots of food/drinks on the left side and sitting space on the middle and right side, and there were other people there eating/drinking/talking/et cetera.

There were other rooms connected to this room and maybe there were/was some casino/gambling machines on the other side of this room and/or in another room but I am not sure, and I think that most people were dressed up a bit; and I remember seeing/watching Fiona Goode from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven wearing a dress walking around/eating/drinking/sitting/standing worrying about herself looking a bit depressed because she is getting older/dying of cancer and she wants to become younger again/to become immortal/cure her cancer and she wants to keep her position as supreme/supreme witch forever but I can not remember the rest of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place in the same room/banquet hall right after that part of the dream and Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne from the film Dumb And Dumber (which I have never seen) were there and the banquet was still going on, a young man with whitish colored skin probably wearing a dark-colored hat/cap possibly turned backward was with them, and I was near or with them as well; but I can not remember most of this part of the dream except that I think that the young man talked to them/us about magic and/or various powers/abilities or something like that, and when he finished he gave Lloyd and Harry a gift as we stood near/over a table near the food/drinks.

The young man sneezed or coughed (probably sneezed, which was a bit nasty, and it surprised/shocked/disgusted us a bit) a small grayish/silverish colored object onto the table that was the size of a hole in a piece of paper when you use a hole puncher and it was shaped like an upside-down cupcake but not as tall and it had the look/texture of an arts and crafts project or a piece of orgone/orgonite, the young man told Lloyd to pick it up and put it in a clear sandwich bag so that he would not lose it, and he said that this object could be made into a special enchanted bullion that would increase your wealth/wealth earned/found or something like that.

He told them/us to take it to a place/business/maybe restaurant with a name that sounded a bit Italian-like to me that started with a T (something like Tribelli or Tribeca or Tribescia or Tribeskia or  something like that, and this name also was the name of the person we were supposed to give the object to and he owned that business as well), and he gave them/us a secret code phrase to say to any one of the workers who worked at that business that was something like: “*The T Name That I Can Not Remember* sent us. or We have a special item for *The T Name That I Can Not Remember*. or something like that.”.

Once given the secret code phrase the worker would then know to take us to a secret part of the business were the man who owned the business was whose name was *The T Name That I Can Not Remember* , he was supposed to be one of the best enchanters of objects/good at enchanting objects or something like that, and he could finish the enchantment of the bullion that would then be called a/become the *The T Name That I Can Not Remember* Bullion once he finished enchanting it, and then it would increase your wealth earned/found or something like that.

The young man walked off/left and the rest of us (Lloyd and Harry and I) left outside to maybe my automobile, it was day outside and we were in a fictional city, and I started driving them to the business that the young man told them/us to go to with the bullion; and I remember passing several abandoned houses/apartments/motels along the way, and we briefly stopped to look at some of them because we thought that it was sad that they were wasting away and would probably be tore down and we wanted to see if they were in a good enough condition for us to use for housing.

I remember looking at one abandoned multi-story motel or apartment building that was partly burned that was brick that looked like some of the building could be used/saved, I/we wanted to look inside the building but we wanted to get permission first, but we needed to get to the business; and so we left to the business, and I dropped them off there with the bullion and I drove to my parent’s house.

I remember being outside in my parent’s yard when my mom opened one of the living room windows and she told me that someone had told my dad that his brother/my uncle CC had shot and killed himself, and that one of my dad’s former classmates had been shot and killed by another man who was probably also one of his former classmates; and I was shocked/confused and I wondered if it was true or not, and my mom said that my dad was leaving now to find out if both situations/deaths were true or not.

I stopped to think about both situations/deaths and I found the timing of them to be strange, I wondered if they were connected or not or if it/they was even true, and I wondered  if my uncle CC had really committed suicide or not because I highly doubted that he would do that; but I woke up as I was thinking.

The end,

-John Jr


By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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