A College & Some Dorms / Apartments Near A School & Yuno Gasai Murders Some People?

I slept pretty well last night but I woke up several times remembering one or more dreams but I did not think about them or voice record them, later after going back to sleep each time I/my body started getting very uncomfortable being in bed earlier than expected like I had over-slept even though I had not and so I kept trying to go back to sleep but that failed, and during all of this I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of one dream that I can barely remember part of; and so this dream will not make much sense without all the missing parts of the dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional city that might/may have been a fictional version of D probably near a fictional version of D High School, and there was a fictional college and some dorms/apartments next to the school; and maybe I was a student at the college and/or I lived at the dorms/apartments and/or I was exploring this area for some unknown reason(s).

I remember seeing students at the school outside and students walking around the college and the dorms/apartments outside, but I can not remember most of the dream where I probably went inside the college and/or the dorms/apartments and/or the school.

There were some unclear parts of this dream that make no sense to me because my memory is too unclear, several times during the dream I remember seeing Yuno Gasai from the Japanese anime (animated) TV show Future Diary, and these parts of the dream took place in another location that I could see inside my mind and/or projected in the air like a screen and/or something like that; and so I was watching these parts of the dream instead of being there, each time I would really be near the school/the college/the dorms/apartments, but these dream scenes/parts really took place inside other locations.

The parts of the dream with/involving Yuno were animated but the parts of the dream with me/where I was at were not animated, Yuno was in a competition/game with several other people (maybe even Yuki (Yukiteru Amano) from Future Diary) that I think involved them each getting a separate room in different locations with each location having a knife I think but I could be wrong where they had to clean/organize/decorate their rooms, and at the end they would vote on who cleaned/organized/decorated their room the best; and that person would win the competition/game, but I could be wrong about the competition/game because my memory is too unclear.

Yuno was in a building with several other people in the competition/game, they each had their own rooms, but the other people walked around together to visit each person in the competition/game; and when they all went to visit Yuno something terrible happened, and I think that she murdered them all with her knife and their knives that they had with them from their rooms.

Probably not everyone in the competition/game was in the same building as Yuno, I think that several other people (including maybe Yuki) were in other buildings in other locations, and maybe one or more of them (including Yuki) and I were watching this on screens and/or in our minds from whatever different locations we were at (even though I was not in the game/competition, but somehow these parts of the dream would interrupt the parts of the dream that I was in); and we were shocked, it seemed that Yuno had murdered all the other people in her building to increase her and/or Yuki’s chance(s) of winning the competition/game.

Yuno took all the knives that belonged to the people she murdered and she continued cleaning/organizing/decorating her room smiling/singing/whatever like nothing had happened, and like every thing was good like she had not just murdered everyone in the building; and so it was a bit disturbing seeing how her having murdered people seemed to have no negative effect/affect on her emotionally/mentally/et cetera.

These parts of the dream that interrupted the parts of the dream that I was in would only would last briefly each time, and then the dream would switch back to me each time; and I would continue what I was doing while thinking about what I just saw, and each time I would wonder how I was able to see this and why did this keep interrupting me and forcing me to watch it.

There was more that happened during the parts of the dream with me being at the school, the college, and the dorms/apartments but that is all that I can remember because I forgot most of the dream and my memory is too unclear.

The end,

-John Jr

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