11-24-2013 | Dream Fragments | Moving Between Different Dreams/Dream Worlds/Universes/Dimensions/Whatever And Forgetting Most Of Them And Lieutenant Anita Van Buren Working As An Eye Doctor And An Earthquake?

Anita Van Buren
Anita Van Buren (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I slept pretty well until later during the night when I kept slightly waking up and going back to sleep after various dreams, and each time I would forget most or all of each dream like my mind/brain/memory was being blocked/erased/reset/deleted/whatever by something and/or itself for some unknown reason(s); and even when I would still be dreaming and would switch to another dream usually my memory of the previous dream would be gone/erased/deleted/blocked/whatever even while still dreaming and trying to remember what just happened.

I barely remember part of the end of probably only one of the many short dreams that I had last night, I know that I had many short dreams, and I was able to move or be moved between different dreams/dream worlds/universes/dimensions/whatever; and I think that the dreams were inspired by the Japanese animated TV show Future Diary because I think the a woman and/or man and/or one or more people and/or I either became the new Deity/Deities Of Time And Space and/or one or more of us were giving the power and/or were constantly moved by that person/persons or that new deity/deities between different dreams/dream worlds/universes/dimensions/whatever.

But it seemed that each time that we were moved between dreams/dream worlds that our memory of the previous dream world(s)/dream(s) would be mostly erased or blocked, like it was required before you could move between dreams/dream worlds or something like that, but I can not remember why this would happen each time; but I think that some of the dreams/dream worlds that I moved between looked similar and some of them might have had some of the same dream characters and situations, one of which took place during the day and outside/inside a school/college-like area that looked like the area at M College in LC near the Nursing Department and the Tennis Courts and the Recreation Center but there was a small field there as well in this dream world, but that is all that I can remember of this dream world/dream.

The only other dream/dream world that I can barely remember part of was the end of the last dream/dream world that I moved to or was moved to, it took place during the day at a one-story medical clinic-like/multi-purpose building that was like a mini-hospital mostly, and it had most of what you needed for basic health-care/education/et cetera and maybe basic housing for a few people I think.