11-24-2013 | Dream Fragments | Moving Between Different Dreams/Dream Worlds/Universes/Dimensions/Whatever And Forgetting Most Of Them And Lieutenant Anita Van Buren Working As An Eye Doctor And An Earthquake?

Anita Van Buren
Anita Van Buren (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I slept pretty well until later during the night when I kept slightly waking up and going back to sleep after various dreams, and each time I would forget most or all of each dream like my mind/brain/memory was being blocked/erased/reset/deleted/whatever by something and/or itself for some unknown reason(s); and even when I would still be dreaming and would switch to another dream usually my memory of the previous dream would be gone/erased/deleted/blocked/whatever even while still dreaming and trying to remember what just happened.

I barely remember part of the end of probably only one of the many short dreams that I had last night, I know that I had many short dreams, and I was able to move or be moved between different dreams/dream worlds/universes/dimensions/whatever; and I think that the dreams were inspired by the Japanese animated TV show Future Diary because I think the a woman and/or man and/or one or more people and/or I either became the new Deity/Deities Of Time And Space and/or one or more of us were giving the power and/or were constantly moved by that person/persons or that new deity/deities between different dreams/dream worlds/universes/dimensions/whatever.

But it seemed that each time that we were moved between dreams/dream worlds that our memory of the previous dream world(s)/dream(s) would be mostly erased or blocked, like it was required before you could move between dreams/dream worlds or something like that, but I can not remember why this would happen each time; but I think that some of the dreams/dream worlds that I moved between looked similar and some of them might have had some of the same dream characters and situations, one of which took place during the day and outside/inside a school/college-like area that looked like the area at M College in LC near the Nursing Department and the Tennis Courts and the Recreation Center but there was a small field there as well in this dream world, but that is all that I can remember of this dream world/dream.

The only other dream/dream world that I can barely remember part of was the end of the last dream/dream world that I moved to or was moved to, it took place during the day at a one-story medical clinic-like/multi-purpose building that was like a mini-hospital mostly, and it had most of what you needed for basic health-care/education/et cetera and maybe basic housing for a few people I think.

I remember waiting with several people who I think might have been in one or more dreams with before, maybe they were undercover dream security or just important dream characters because they seemed more helpful/brave/et cetera than the average dream character maybe, and we each were waiting to see the eye doctor who was the character Lieutenant Anita Van Buren (in the dream she worked as an eye doctor so I will call her Dr. Buren) from the TV show Law & Order; and at some point it was my turn, I remember Dr. Buren having me sit in a chair facing a eye doctor-like machine/whatever that she was behind and I had to put my chin on it, and she was going to use the machine to get a closer look at my eyes it seemed.

The machine was vibrating and you could hear it vibrating and as the lens/whatever of the machine got closer to my eye(s) I could feel the vibrations and it felt so real that it was like my body was vibrating in bed because I think that I partly woke up but the dream was still going and so I somewhat felt my body in bed maybe for a moment maybe and it felt like it was vibrating or shaking or something like that, and the sound/vibrations echoed/rumbled through my bones/muscles/et cetera; and it was pretty intense, but something in the environment interrupted my eye exam and Dr. Buren looked out of a window that had blinds to see what was going on and it seemed that an earthquake was starting.

She started trying to warn everyone that an earthquake was starting but it started before she could barely get into the hallway, the other dream characters that had waited with me joined me to help other people, and to escape the building; and I remember one of the male dream characters and I breaking a locked back-door so that people could escape as the assumed earthquake was taking place.

I had never been in an earthquake before so I was not sure what to do or where to go, we focused on helping other people first while we decided what to do next, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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