November 25, 2013 | Dream Fragments | Talking With Kanye West | Fighting A Strange Threat | Avoiding Family Members

English: Kanye West at the Vanity Fair kickoff...
English: Kanye West at the Vanity Fair kickoff part for the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. Photographer’s blog post about this event and photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I slept pretty well last night except for waking up feeling hot once, waking up to use the bathroom several times, and waking up feeling cold once; and I had several dreams but my I kept forgetting them mostly but not as bad as the night before last, and so I only barely remember part of one or more dreams but I do not remember what order they go in.

Dream 1

The first dream that I can remember took place inside an unknown location/room/apartment/hotel/house/wherever that I think had whitish/grayish colored carpet(s)/walls/ceiling(s) but I am not sure where it was, how I got there, why I was there, or what even happened for most of the dream.

All that I can remember is that the music artist Kanye West was also there at some point but I can not remember if anyone else was there or not with us, and I remember talking with Mr. West about various topics; and his personality/intellect and the topics that he liked to talk about surprised me, but that is all that I can remember of/about this dream.

Dream 2

I can not remember most of the second dream that I can remember part of and so it does not make much sense at all and I am not even sure if I was outside and/or inside, I just remember being with two men who had whitish colored skin with short brownish/dark-colored hair, and we got attacked by something strange that I can not remember; and at some point there was a tall (over seven feet tall) defeated robot or being in whitish colored armor that was like Stormtrooper armor from the film Star Wars but more practical/better-looking like RoboCop‘s armor or something like that laying down on the ground or a table, and we took off its armor so that one of the men could wear it to use it to try to defeat the strange threat that was attacking us.

The threat that was attacking us was something strange enough to where we did not think that trying to fight it directly would work and/or he had not worked so far (I can not remember what the threat was, but my wild guess was that it was like something/an entity that you might see on the film Ghostbusters and maybe the two men were members of the Ghostbusters Team), and so we hoped that the armor would help us to defeat the strange threat; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third dream is probably really part of two dreams but I will combine them into one dream or assume that they were one dream, I think that the dream started at my grandfather CE‘s house and some of my family members (aunts, uncles, cousins) from my mom side of the family were there visiting my grandfather and/or having a family gathering, and but I only clearly remember seeing and briefly talking with my cousin ME but I can not remember what I talked with her about; and I spent most of my time away from/avoiding my family members except for one or more of my brothers and/or whoever was with me but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or of this dream.

The next part of the dream or the next dream took place inside my parent’s house, I remember being in my brothers KD’s and TD‘s room with the door closed with one or more people (one or more of my brothers and/or one or more other people) still avoiding or staying away from some of my family (aunts, uncles, cousins) who were now visiting my parent’s house, and at some point a little boy with medium-to-dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair knocked on our door with a message from my cousin ME or another family member.

I did not recognize the boy and I was not sure if he was one of my unknown cousins or not or if he was the kid of one of my cousin ME’s friends or not, I probably followed the boy to the living room where almost everyone was to talk with whoever sent him to give me the message, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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