11-26-2013 | Dream Fragments | Taking Some Shoes From A Store? | A Dog Show?

English: A man browsing the shoe department in...
English: A man browsing the shoe department in a shopping centre, with Kurt Geiger’s KG range on display. Français : Un homme de navigation le rayon des chaussures dans un centre commercial. Deutsch: Ein Mann Surfen im Schuh-Abteilung in ein Einkaufszentrum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I slept pretty well last night and I woke up to use the bathroom several times remembering part of one or more dreams each time, but I only voice recorded one dream; and so I forgot all of my other dreams except for part of the dream that I voice recorded, and part of the end of my last dream.

Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of my first dream, the dream took place during the day in a fictional city that might have been in T, and I think that I was on vacation with my family; but I probably had my automobile, and so we probably drove in separate automobiles.

I remember driving through a nice downtown-like area where people could walk around window shopping at businesses with sidewalks connecting them all so that you could window shop, there were a few parking lots, and I remember going into a nice clothing/shoe-like store in a small mall-like/shopping center-like building that somewhat reminded me of J.C. Penny but nicer and more expensive maybe.

The store had a lot of unused space with the shoes being against the back wall, the cash register on the right side of the room in a corner, a few racks of clothing scattered around, and the rest of the store was empty; and strangely on the left side of the store there was an open door to a small gym that was not part of the store it seemed, and this gym seemed to be a multi-purpose space for sport/exercise/socializing/et cetera.