11-27-2013 | Dream Fragments | A Handle Breaks And Ingidisa’s Message | People At An Apartment Building Coming Together To Defend Themselves | My Former Classmates AP And SC Are Not Doing So Good

In Dreams (film)
In Dreams (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I slept pretty well last night only waking up a few times to use the bathroom and I voice recorded one of my dreams that I barely remembered part of, I over-slept and now I remember part of two fragments, and part of a second dream.

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two fragments that were either part of one or more dreams or semi-dreams or thoughts or whatever, I am not sure which and so I will combine them as part of one dream, and the first fragment involved me holding my glass cup/mug/stein that I use to drink water in that recently fell and the handle cracked but has not broken yet; and in this dream the handle finally broke and it fell out of my hand on the floor, and so I remember saying to myself that it is time for me to buy another one and I was a bit disappointed that it broke.

The second fragment involved me being on a computer checking my blog and I got a message/comment from Ingidisa about my current two header images on my blog (one of a young woman sleeping under water with her using her books as pillows and one of a young woman sleeping in space on a glowing planetary body or something like that), and part of her message/comment probably went something like this: “Your two sleeping female header images are not very Apropos.” or something like that, there was more to her message but this is the only part that I somewhat remember but I probably got it a bit wrong, but that part of the message was close to that I think.

Ingidisa used a word that I was not very familiar with but I had a few guesses about its meaning, she used an exact word that is rarely used but I can not remember the exact word but Apropos is my best guess but I could be and I probably am wrong, and so I started looking up the word online to find its meaning in an online dictionary; but I can not remember if I found the meaning or not.