Commander William (Bill) Adama’s Lesson & Forbidden Love During An Election & Being Betrayed By A News Reporter (Journalist)

I slept pretty well last night only being awakened a few times by noise and heat and I got a bit too cold later during the night which probably helped cause me to forget some of my dream or dreams and I accidentally got awakened from my last dream because of something that happened in the dream, and unfortunately I forgot most of the only dream that I can remember part of which was my last dream.

My last dream was a somewhat long and detailed dream that was positive overall but there was tension throughout the dream and the dream had a terrible ending, unfortunately I forgot most of the dream and many of the important parts of the dream, and so the dream does not make much sense and it is very unclear to me; and I wish that I could remember more of it, especially the parts with a woman I liked / loved in the dream, because I can not even remember her name or her appearance very well after waking up accidentally during an emotional part of the dream.

I am confused about this dream but it seemed to have started during the day in a fictional place / city at maybe a multi-purpose one-story building that was a grocery store combined with a school maybe combined with something else like a religious building / church / temple / whatever combined with a military academy or something like that combined with a voting station / whatever and maybe I worked at the store and / or was a student and / or did a variety of things in each part of the building but I am not sure, and I think that parts of the dream took place in each part of the building.

One thing that probably connected each part of the dream was that there was a nice / caring / quiet / friendly woman with whitish colored or very light brownish colored skin (I can not remember exactly) with long maybe brownish or blondish colored hair who worked for and was part of a religious group / religion of some kind that was probably in the building where the religion would not allow her to date or get married like a nun or priestess or something like that but probably not as official (she probably only had a helper role / job with the religion), the two of us fell in love / liked each other during the dream I guess, and whenever we got a chance we would walk / talk / sit / et cetera privately in a wooded trail / park near the building; and the situation was tense because she could get kicked out of her religion and lose her job / benefits / retirement / et cetera if anyone found out, and so we were trying to figure out how to handle the situation and if we should start an official relationship or not in the future once she was done with her job / role with the religion and could retire (her religion had a job and benefit and retirement system).

In the dream we did not have sex or kiss or anything like that and we were not officially dating to respect the rules of her religion and until we could figure out how to handle the situation in the future, we would only talk / walk / sit / et cetera outside together and maybe sometimes hold hands in private when no one was around the wooded trail / park, but even that could get her kicked out of her religion and lose her job / benefits / retirement.

We probably first met in the dream at some point as / when she was helping with a political election that was taking place inside the building which was also a place where people could vote (I am not sure how old we were supposed to be in the dream), it seemed to possibly be the 2008 United States Presidential Election where Barack Obama was running for president because during the dream there were news reports / scenes about him and that election, and I helped with the election / voting as well after meeting her to spend more time with her.

We both liked each other and we fell in love during the dream, which caused a tense situation because of the religion that she was in and that she worked for and she had a hard time trying to decide whether to go with her religious beliefs or her feelings because she had strong religious beliefs, and so we did what we could to respect the rules of her religion as much as we could until she could leave it and / or stop working for it and / or could find a compromise if possible (where she could stay in the religion); and so we had to avoid being seen usually when talking with each other / walking together / spending time together outside in the wooded trail / park.

I remember working or being in the store section of the building near the frozen foods section where there were open style freezers during some parts of the dream, some parts of the dream it seemed like I was a student or was working in the school part of the building but I forgot these parts of the dream, I briefly worked as a helper in the voting / election part of the building during some parts of the dream, I might have visited the religious part of the building a few times and maybe this part of the building had a nice railed / fenced patio / deck outside next to the wooded trail / park where you could see a covered sitting area that the woman and I would sit & talk in privately sometimes and you could also see part of the trail where we would walk together, one part of the dream involved a military academy it seemed that was in or around the building, and there were more parts of the dream that I forgot.

I can remember part of the military academy part of the dream, I remember a young man who was a new recruit who kept getting in trouble with his military teachers / trainers / officers, and surprisingly  the head / commanding officer came to personally talk with the new recruit and some of his officers / security / whoever came with him to what almost looked like my parent’s yard near the basketball goals but bigger and slightly different; and to my surprise the commanding officer was Commander Bill (William) Adama from the newer Battlestar Galactica TV series, and he acted / looked how I would expect him to act based on his character in the TV show and from previous dreams of mine that he has been in except for maybe one thing that he did in this dream.

Commander William Adama greeted the new recruit telling him about how his teachers / trainers / officers had been having a hard time with him, how he acted tough and had a hard time following orders, and so Commander Adama challenged him to a friendly boxing match or fight to see how tough he really was supposedly; and this shocked the officers / security with him and Commander Adama and the new recruit started their match / fight, and the new recruit was winning the fight by knocking down Commander Adama several times with punches but Commander Adama kept getting back up.

The officers and security wanted to stop the fight but Commander Adama told them to stay back and that he was okay, during their entire match / fight Commander Adama was talking to the new recruit even as he was losing to the recruit, and at some point I thought that Commander Adama might get knocked unconscious or seriously injured because he kept getting punched and knocked down so many times and he looked so dazed that any real referee would have been stopped the fight; but then Commander Adama started laughing to our surprise, he said that it was time to stop playing around, and then somehow he was not hurt anymore like he had been faking or that getting beat up is like a warm-up for him and he started fighting back finally and winning.

While he was defeating the new recruit he was also telling him that he felt that he had potential and that he wanted him to do good at the academy, he said that the fight had been a test and was meant to teach him a lesson, and he started to explain the lesson to him but I can not remember what he said; and Commander Adama won the fight, he helped the new recruit off the ground, and you could tell that this fight/talk had changed the new recruit.

They shook hands and the new recruit thanked Commander Adama for the lesson and Commander Adama wished him luck, and the new recruit left to continue his training; but that is all that I remember of this part of the dream.

There was another part of the dream where the woman and I were walking / talking and maybe holding hands late in the afternoon or early evening in the wooded trail / park when no one was around, we were having a very good time / moment, and I remember wanting to take her to one of my favorite hidden areas of the park that was similar to the indoor / outdoor park in a past dream of mine that took place at a mental health clinic where there were small gorillas in the park but in this dream there was another type of non-human animal in this part of the park; but the woman was a bit hesitant to go there with me in a playful-like way (I think that while smiling / laughing she joked / asked: “Why now? and I answered that it just felt right because it would fit the mood for us to go there now, and that is would be / feel / seem magical / great or something like that and that she would probably enjoy it), but I can not remember if we went or not.

The last part of the dream involved the woman and I eating in a cafeteria that was connected to the building and a covered tunnel and it felt like the cafeteria was run / owned by the store but was also used by the school (it was almost like we were students at the school but I am not sure) and the rest of the building, there were many other people / students there, and we were having a good time talking as usual; but there was still some tension there about wanting to start an official relationship one day but having her religious beliefs / the rules of her religion and the fear of losing her job / benefits / retirement / membership with the religion in the way of us doing so, and so we always had to be careful to avoid anyone finding out our secret that we were in love and that we would walk / talk together in the wooded trail / park sometimes.

Sitting to the right side of the woman in the cafeteria was a woman with whitish colored skin with blond colored hair who looked like / acted like the character Lucy Westenra from the new TV show Dracula (I will call her Lucy), I was sitting in front of the woman, and the three of us were talking / eating / drinking happily; and Lucy was the nosy type and she seemed to almost suspect that we loved each other, and so we had to be careful to avoid her realizing that we loved each other.

The election was over but some people were still complaining about Barack Obama winning and making negative stories about him, I still think that is the election that we helped with but maybe we helped with another election that was also taking place at the same time but I am not sure, and I thought that most of the stories were annoying / unfair and that the news should focus on important things happening around the world; and I did not care for all the stupid political stories, I did not vote for anyone in the dream and I did not care really because I did not think that any of those politicians were going to do much good, but I did help with the election for the people who did vote (by helping with the election I meant helping in general with the voting process, we did not support any candidate).

At some point a tall somewhat professional-looking man with whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair with probably bright-colored eyes wearing a long sleeve button dress shirt with dark-colored dress pants and dark-colored dress shoes and a dark-colored belt approached us, and he said that he was news reporter covering the election and the outcome of the election; and he wanted to interview / ask the woman and I ask us some questions because we had worked / helped at the voting station, and he hinted that he knew our secret (actually he said / whispered something that made it clear that he knew our secret, he probably mentioned the wooded trail / park, and how he saw / recorded us there).

This frightened the woman and I, we agreed to answer some of his questions / to do the interview, and so he was going to start the interview now at the cafeteria table; but I did not want Lucy to hear anything that might help her realize our secret, so I told the news reporter that we could do the private / sensitive parts of the interview somewhere else outside alone (he knew that if anyone else found out about our secret that it would probably ruin the woman’s job / role / benefits / retirement / membership with her religion, and so this made it clear to him that we did not want anyone else to know the secret), but I told him that we would answer a few of his public / non-sensitive questions now to show that we were cooperating with him.

He asked us a few questions that we answered but I feared that he would say / ask something that was private / sensitive, and so I told him that we would meet him outside to finish the interview once we finished eating; and so he agreed and he walked to another part of the table, I finished my food and so I put up my tray, and I went outside to wait for the news reporter to make it clear to him that I meant what I said about going to finish the interview outside after eating my food.

The woman was still eating her food with Lucy and then she was going to join me outside so that we could finish the interview together with the news reporter, I waited outside in the tunnel watching / listening / seeing scenes of a news report saying bad things about Barack Obama before he won the election, and it showed Mr. Obama rushing to get some coffee / breakfast at a business one day and the weather was a bit bad; and when he walked back outside he put his foot up on a public object (I can not remember what it was exactly) to clean his shoes, but a police officer saw him and he told him to take his feet off of the public object.

Mr. Obama apologized to the police officer and he did what the police officer said and then he rushed off to get to work (it seemed that he was a state senator still in this scene), and the news report was trying to make it seem that Mr. Obama had been purposely vandalizing public property (which was obviously not true, but they edited the video footage to make it look that way); and shortly after that scene the news report stopped as the news reporters started talking about it among themselves, and I was still waiting outside for the news reporter but he had not come outside yet and so I went back inside the cafeteria to find him.

I went back inside the cafeteria seeing / hearing a terrible scene, my fears had come true, and I saw the woman sitting at the cafeteria table crying heavily with her head pointed down covering her face as Lucy had her hands on her shoulder trying to comfort her as everyone in the cafeteria watched / stared; and I ran over to see what was wrong, and the woman looked up at me still crying and she said that the news reporter had told our secret out-loud to everyone in the cafeteria and she continued crying while covering her face with her head  pointed down looking like her world / life was falling apart.

An instant rush of emotions / thoughts crossed my mind and I was ready to explode (it is hard to make me angry, especially in public, but I got very angry / frustrated / et cetera in a very realistic way where my heart rate and blood pressure increased in the dream and real life), we had been betrayed by the news reporter even when we agreed to his interview and we even answered some of his public / non-sensitive questions and he lied to us and he purposely revealed our secret to destroy the woman’s life for fun / just because he could it seemed, and I glanced around the cafeteria looking for the news reporter; and I saw him casually talking with someone else further down the table on the side of the table that the woman was on but I was one the other side of the table, and he turned to see me angrily staring at him and he got scared.

I loudly yelled at him asking him why did he do it and telling / reminding him that we were going to finish the interview and that is why I was waiting outside for him and that he had agreed to interview us privately and he saw how angry I was (I was super angry, the most angry that I have ever been in public) and he started backing away in fear to run for his life, I was so angry that I did not know what I wanted to do to him exactly besides grabbing and shaking him while loudly questioning him, and I angrily charged / ran toward the man but the table was separating us; and he ran for his life like a cat running from a dog, and I was ready / wanting to attack / destroy / break / grab / shake / throw / whatever him but I stopped myself.

I was so over-whelmed with emotion(s) that all I could do was turn the other way while grabbing my head / face like I had to physically stop myself while letting out noises / sounds representing the release of emotions like steam from a boiling pot, and I took a very deep breath as I tried to stop myself from chasing after the news reporter to attack him; and I heard a woman in the cafeteria wisely begging me not to attack him, and that it / he was not worth it and that physically attacking him would be wrong.

I quickly regained control of myself / emotions and I thanked the woman for her advice / wisdom, with a death stare I angrily looked at the news reporter who was now across the room looking afraid and like he was ready to continue running if necessary, and part of me still felt a bit like attacking his cowardly / slimy / lying / deceitful / smug / annoying / punk / et cetera self; but I walked back to the woman to try to comfort her and figure out if there was a way to save her job / role / benefits / retirement / membership with her religion, and Lucy was still comforting her and Lucy looked up at me with a look of concern and understanding on her face (I instantly knew / felt that we could trust her with our secret now).

I thanked Lucy for her help and then I went to sit next to the woman and I put my hands on her shoulders, and I began to try to comfort her while feeling many emotions and as many thoughts crossed my mind; and I was so over-whelmed that I accidentally woke up still feeling those same emotions, and my heart was beating faster like in the dream.

Later at some point after getting out of bed I probably had this song (Teenage Sounds by Neon Trees) on my mind (probably because it was one of many songs that I went through before going to bed when going over the playlists of radio stations in/from the video game Saints Row 4 on YouTube):

The end,

-John Jr

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