11-30-2013 | Dream Journal | The Jane (Dream) Or Something Like That Release Games And False Awakenings And Real Awakenings?

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

I slept pretty well/solidly last night having several dreams but I forgot those dreams but later I started having a dream that I kept waking up from partly and going back to sleep continuing the dream or I kept partly waking up from a dream that I had after it where I kept dreaming/thinking that I was typing the previous dream at (basically false awakening dream(s) with real awakening as well), even during the parts where I was partly awake I thought that I had already typed most of the previous dream, and I could even see what I had typed at in my mind clearly enough to where I could even read some of it; and in that text I clearly remember seeing/reading the name of the game that we were playing in the previous dream that I called/typed as the The Jane Release Games, but I felt that the Jane part may/might have been an accident and maybe I meant to say Dream but accidentally typed Jane because it almost sounds like Dream somewhat when spoken.

Unfortunately I forgot most of the only dream that I can remember part of from last night, besides the false awakening dream(s), because of the false awakening(s) and the real awakenings where I thought that I had already typed most of the previous dream, and so my mind/brain did not think that it was necessary to focus on remembering the parts of the dream that I thought that I had already typed.

I forgot most of the dream but I know that I was with a group of people (men and women) and something happened that I can not remember, and we got transported or trapped in a whitish/grayish/light blueish colored school gym-like building/room with a basketball-like court area with bleacher-style seating areas on the left and the right sides of the room; and the only way to escape was to win a game or move to the next level of the game that we/someone called The Jane/Dream Something Like That Release Games.

The rules of the game were simple: you had to work together with your team to collect all the floating golden-colored coins hidden around the room on the ceiling(s)/floors/walls/et cetera (there might/may have been a time limit but I can not remember if there was a time limit or not), then several hidden places/doors/et cetera would open around the room, one or more of those hidden places/doors/et cetera would take you out of the current game or level but some of them would not, and you would win the game or that level once everyone went through the correct hidden place(s)/door(s)/et cetera; and so we hoped that winning the game or that level would take us back to where we had been at the beginning of the dream (but I can not remember where that was, I just know that we did not want to be trapped in a game inside a gym-like place).

In the game we could run very fast if we tried hard enough and we could even run on walls/ceilings/et cetera and so we quickly focused on working together to find all the floating golden-colored coins, we found all of them very quickly thanks to our teamwork and speed, and then the hidden places/doors/et cetera opened around the gym-like room; and I remember us searching around the gym-like room climbing, running, jumping, et cetera trying to decide which hidden place or places/door or doors/et cetera would take us out of the game or this level and that would allow us to win this game or this level.

At some point they found the hidden place or places/door or doors/et cetera that would take us out of the game or this level and that would allow us to win this game or this level (strangely I also remember the seating areas having a house/apartment-like feeling/look to them with probably house-like objects there like a strange Surrealism painting or something like that where things are in places that they should not be in and they look a bit strange like house windows/doors/et cetera in the seating areas at strange/impossible angles et cetera), but I wanted to explore the gym-like room some more first before following them; but as I was exploring the room my former classmate LT angrily approached me angrily telling me/yelling at me to stop exploring and to follow them so that we could win this game or this level.

I told him that we had time and that there was no rush and that I would follow them once I explore the gym-like room a bit more, but he kept angrily demanding that I follow them; but I tried to ignore him and I tried to keep exploring, but he kept following me around annoying me until I finally was about to give up and follow them but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr