My Former Classmate JC Was In A Film And Miley Cyrus Comes To My Parent’s House And Waiting For Michael Jackson | An Automobile / Boat Accident | Trying To Meet Up With A Group Of People

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I slept pretty well last night except for partly waking up several times and going back to sleep and my dreams would continue where they left off, but I had a problem during most or all of my dreams last night were parts of the dreams would break-up/cut-off to where objects/people/situations/et cetera would disappear/be gone briefly only to return where they were and where they left off like the my dreams were a bit unstable from/because of slightly waking up a lot and going back to sleep and having the dreams continue where they left off; and even in the dreams I thought that this was strange but it would happen smoothly and when I was not looking, and so I did not realize that I was dreaming when these break-ups/cut-offs in the dreams would happen.

Dream 1

The first dream took place at a school I think where it seemed that maybe a group of people were having a reunion of some kind and I was there as well for some unknown reason(s), I remember going to the bathroom several times, and at some point I remember being with the group of people who were watching a film in an area of the school that looked like the family room at my grandfather’s house.

To my surprise my former classmate was in one scene of the film and he was also one of the people who were there watching the film as part of this reunion at the school or whatever it was, the film was an older film from when he was probably in 6th or 5th grade and his character sounded/looked/acted like a fake young Arnold Schwarzenegger (my former classmate JC really looks like/reminds me of a younger Arnold Schwarzenegger) wearing a reddish colored A-shirt/muscle shirt with maybe some whitish colored shorts and tennis shoes, and in the scene his character walked into a bedroom or room yelling at several other characters like a military drill instructor demanding that they stop doing something that I can not remember; and this intimidated/scared those characters, and they stopped what they were doing as told and they walked away looking scared/defeated.

That was the end of that scene and it was supposedly the only scene that my former classmate JC was in, I was amazed by how well he did/acted in that scene and I wondered why he had not mentioned that he was in a film before over the many years that we have known each other, and I wondered why he had not been in more films or if he had been in more films that I did not know about; and so I asked my former classmate JC several questions about this and I gave him compliments on his acting but he did not answer my questions really and he did not seem interested in talking about it, and he did not think that being in the film had been worth mentioning all these years to my surprise.

At some point after this I went to the bathroom again but either I accidentally went into the women’s bathroom or a woman accidentally went into the men’s bathroom or the bathroom was for women and men, either way I was in the bathroom and a woman came into the bathroom who was either the music artist Miley Cyrus or someone who knew her (it was probably Miley Cyrus, because I remember the woman reminding me of my former classmate KM, who reminds me of Miley Cyrus a bit), and we ended up talking; and the woman got my mobile phone number and she said that Miley Cyrus wanted to hangout with me later, and so I would be getting a phone call later from someone who worked for her and we both left our separate ways after saying goodbye.

Later in the dream I was at my parent’s house during the day, my mom was in the kitchen, and I told her that Mrs. Cyrus would probably be coming over to the house soon; and at some point I got a call from someone who worked for Mrs. Cyrus asking me for the address to my parent’s house and I gave it to them, and at some point Mrs. Cyrus came to the front door of my parent’s house and I greeted her and I let her inside the house.

I walked her to the living room near the computers/computer desks where I had two chairs set up, I had jokingly put one sign on each chair, and written in print on the first sign was “No Twerking” and written in print on the second sign was Twerking; and so I showed this to Mrs. Cyrus and I explained it to her, it was a joke, and Mrs. Cyrus and I laughed at the joke.

Mrs. Cyrus probably asked me if the dead music artist Michael Jackson (in the dream he was not dead) could come hangout with us, I said that it was okay, and so she probably called some people who worked for Michael Jackson who were in a music studio working on something at the time; and I ended up talking with them, I gave them directions to my parent’s house, and then Mr. Jackson was supposed to be coming to the house soon but parts of the dream involving our conversation kept breaking-up/cutting-off and it would continue where it left off each time but we had to wait a while each time for it to continue like the dream was unstable/lagging/whatever (during these waits Mrs. Cyrus and I talked) until at some point after waiting a while they said that Mr. Jackson was very busy and that he would not be able to come hangout with us.

Either the dream jumped in time after this or it ended, I will assumed that it possibly ended, and so that is all that I can remember of this dream; and I will continue it as a second dream.

Dream 2

The second dream started with me driving my automobile on a fictional highway during the day in a fictional place/city on my way to meet up with some people it seemed, maybe Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson, and I turned on a dead-end street with a few nice houses that had a small boat house/house and dock at the end of the street near a nice lake; and I saw a two-to-four-person paddle boat-like boat/automobile with four wheels on the edge of someone’s yard by the street on the right side of the street like they were throwing it away, and so I parked my automobile to check out the paddle boat-like boat/automobile.

I sat in it and I was able to turn the engine on to drive it like an automobile, I saw one or two automobiles coming up the street but I had enough time to drive into the road, and so I drove into the street but then the wheels or steering caused me to drive toward the sidewalk/yards and so I had to try to straighten the steering/wheels; but a thin woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who looked a bit like Jen(?) the wife of BatDad Vine from YouTube came driving up behind me in an automobile with her son and her daughter who both also had whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair; and she hit the paddle boat-like boat/automobile/me from behind with her automobile pushing it/me out-of-the-way, and then she stopped her automobile in front of me to call the police it seemed.

She kept a negative-neutral or neutral-negative facial expression and attitude and silence for the entire dream, we sat there at first quietly waiting for the police a bit in shock, but then I got out to check for any damages on either vehicle but I saw no damages; and then I asked her if her and her kids were okay, they were okay, and then I asked her if she still wanted the police to come or not but I do not think that she responded to my question (she mostly avoided eye contact with me the entire dream and she mostly ignored me the entire dream).

At some point she took her kids toward the boat house/house with the dock by the lake/water and so I followed them, it was unlocked to my surprise and I wondered if they owned it or if it was open to the public, and we waited there as the kids played and the kids were nice to me and I talked with them a bit but their mom continued her negative-neutral facial expressions continuing to try to pretend that I did not even exist and she usually would not respond as I tried to talk with her; and this dream had several break-ups/cut-offs like the dream was unstable/lagging, and so there was a long wait for the police.

I walked outside but I still did not see the police and so I told the woman about this, and I asked her to call the police again and I told her that I would go wait outside near where we had the accident/wreck so that they could hopefully see me so they will know where it happened and they could come do their report/investigation/whatever; and so I went outside waiting for the police, but I woke up after waiting a while.

Dream 3

The third and last dream is very unclear but I remember the dream starting during the day in a fictional city that seemed to be slightly similar to the city of LC, and it seemed that I had arrived at a hotel and a large group of young adults and some adults from a school/college or organization were there as well; and maybe I was there to help them and/or somehow connected to them, but I can not remember.

I can not remember what happened during the day other than the normal things that happen when you arrive at a hotel, later that evening I was supposed to meet up with some of the young adults and/or adults to explore the city/stores/restaurants/et cetera, and they walked out of the hotel first; and then I went outside to see them crossing the street, but this dream had a lot of break-off/cut-offs that caused entire groups of people/buildings/situations/et cetera to disappear/stop briefly and then re-appear/continue like this dream was very unstable and it was lagging a lot.

This happened so many times that I lost sight of the group of people and I could not find them, so I started to explore the city hoping to find them at a store/restaurant/cinema/park/et cetera, and it started to get darker outside as it got closer to night but I still had not found them; and so I decided to have fun exploring/eating/drinking/watching a film/et cetera, and maybe I would find them eventually but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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