12-6-2013 | Dream Fragment | At A School/College And A City Blockade With An Unknown Celebration With Fireworks And A Group Of Dangerous Looking Men Come To My Parent’s House For Directions?

English: White fireworks go off over parliamen...
English: White fireworks go off over parliament hill, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I slept pretty well last night once again accidentally sleeping on my arm until I woke up not being able to hardly move it and it was very numb to where I could not really feel it until the blood circulation started in my arm again, and later I woke up forgetting all of my dreams except for barely part of the end of my last dream.

There was a lot more that happened in this dream that took place probably at a fictional school/college during the day in a fictional place/city, I did a lot of things there and I met a variety of people both fictional and some real people I know/knew (former classmates, et cetera), but I can not remember those parts of the dream; and I only remember part of the end of the dream when I was driving away from the school/college to my parent’s house as parts of the city were being blocked off for what later seemed to be an unknown celebration.

I remember there being a fictional bridge/border checkpoint-like station where the train tracks that leads to Eastside near the D Post Office should be, and the security there blocked people from being able to get into Eastside during the celebration or whatever it was that was starting probably near the downtown area of this fictional version of the city of D; and I remember wondering what was going on, it seemed/felt strange, like something weird was about to happen after seeing parts/most of the city of D being blocked off.

The people with me and I managed to make it to Eastside just before they blocked off most areas and we went to my parent’s house outside on and near the front porch, and my brother GC and his girlfriend JH and maybe one or more people came as well; and I remember fireworks exploding in the sky to our surprise, and so we stood outside on and near the front porch watching the fireworks and wondering what was going on.

Before this point and even somewhat during this part of the dream the dream felt a bit strange like a dream where a strange major world disaster/event was going to take place like aliens and/or spaceships appearing in the sky, a military invasion, a natural disaster, et cetera; and so I was still a bit cautious, and we wondered what was really going on and what the fireworks were for but the fireworks made it seem like a normal celebration and so we relaxed a bit.

I remember us watching the fireworks and talking about what we thought was going on, and at some point a group of automobiles came driving up our street very fast in formation and they drove into our parent’s near us like they were about to attack us; and a group of men with whitish colored skin who seemed to be in a group/gang/club/whatever got out of their automobiles looking a bit dangerous/threatening, a few of them had blue jean-like fabric motorcycle club/gang-like vests and most of them had facial hair and looked rough/dangerous and none of them were smiling and they all looked serious, and so I got everyone with us to make it seem that there was more of us than there really were and for us to act a bit tough and for us to prepare ourselves for possible violence if necessary because the group of men seemed like they might attack us if they felt that we were weak enough for them to defeat.

One of the men seemed to be the leader and my dad approached him, the man/leader asked my dad for directions to somewhere I can not remember, and so my dad started giving him directions as the rest of us (my brothers, my brother CC’s girlfriend JH, my mom, and one or more other people) stood around looking a bit tough and ready to fight if necessary trying to show the group of men that they should think twice about trying to attack us; and I remember the group of men constantly looking around at us like they were trying to decide if they should attack us or not, but my plan seemed to be working and they seemed to feel that there were more of us than there really were and so it seemed that they decided not to attack us but they seemed to be considering attacking us still if they saw an opening/weakness.

I hoped that my plan would work because I did not think that we could really defeat the group of men because they probably had weapons, and they out-numbered my brothers and my dad and I; well I felt that we could defeat them in hand-to-hand combat because I was ready to fight with all I had to protect my family and home, but I did not think that we could defeat them if they used weapons (guns, melee weapons, et cetera).

The group of men had somehow gotten around the blockade/whatever of the city, maybe they sneaked through or bribed the security, and so I felt that they were probably trying to do something illegal; and I/we continued to cautiously watch them as my dad continued to give the leader directions to where ever they were trying to get to and I remember us moving closer to my dad in case the group of men tried attacking him/us, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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