Donating Blood | My Former Classmate DS Beats Up A Man Who Was Threatening His Own Girlfriend

Description English: Interior of bus for blood donating in Poland. Polski: Wnętrze autobusu do oddawania krwi. Date 12 September 2010 SourceOwn work Author Ciacho5 Other versions BloodDonating30.JPG
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I woke up early this morning to go to the annual Christmas Parade in the city of D with my family and a blood donation vehicle was there and so I started donating blood before/during/after the parade started (I got to see some of the parade from the windows of the blood donation vehicle), this was my first time donating blood this year (I try to donate at least once a year now, and I have donated blood the last three years in a row now to help people and I hope to eventually get over my fear/negative reactions to having blood taken), and for the first time ever I did not have any of my normal negative reactions to having blood taken (except for my normal negative reactions of increased pulse rate and blood pressure before I even finished the paperwork, and so we had to wait for my pulse rate to go down first before I could donate blood 😀 ).

I successfully donated my blood without a problem this time which is/was amazing (the cold weather, the Christmas parade, talking to the nurse, having my MP3 Player, and having donated the last two years in a row before this all seemed to have helped me), and I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night.

The dream took place during maybe a gray day and I was in my parent’s yard walking toward my grandfather’s yard, and a lot of people were hanging out in my grandfather’s yard for some unknown reason(s); and some of the people were people I knew like some of my former classmates like my former classmate DS, but I did not know the rest of the people there.

As I was walking through the alley by the pet cages I saw a truck parked in the street by the bus stop area of my grandfather’s yard and a man was yelling at his girlfriend threatening her and trying to force her to do something that she did not want to do, and it seemed that he was going to physically attack her; and he was so loud that we all heard it, so a lot of the men at my grandfather’s house went to go see what was going on, and watched from a distance outside the yard waiting to see if I needed to help or not.

The men started warning the man that he was wrong and that they were not going to let him attack his girlfriend but he was defiant and he argued back with them, and my former classmate DS was the most verbal/aggressive toward the man; and both of them started arguing, my former classmate DS was cautious at first, but knowing that he had the support of the other men caused him to feel bold/confident enough to fight the man if necessary.

The man turned away to maybe grab and/or attack and/or threaten and/or take away his girlfriend, and so my former classmate DS angrily punched the man from behind with a wild and wide punch/haymaker so hard that the punch knocked the man to the ground to the surprise of everyone; and my former classmate DS started angrily saying things to the man as he tried to recover from the punch, my former classmate DS started to look a bit afraid as the man got up to fight back, but I think that maybe one or more of the men in the crowd might have attacked the man as well giving my former classmate DS an advantage.

My former classmate DS took advantage of this and then he started beating up the man while angrily talking to him/trash talking him/et cetera as some people started to leave because they were afraid that someone would call the police, I watched from outside the fence waiting to stop the fight/beating if necessary, but my former classmate DS stopped beating the man once it was clear that he had won; but I am not sure if anyone called the police or not.

I just remember finally going into the yard to talk with my former classmate DS and some of the other people who stayed, and my former classmate DS was not sorry about beating up the man and he was a bit proud about it; but I still sensed that he had been afraid until he knew that he had the support of the other men and when they possibly briefly helped him during the fight, and he was probably slightly afraid that the police might come soon but he felt that they would probably not arrest him once they were told the situation but I woke up as we were still talking.

The end,

-John Jr