Shootings At A College & My Parent’s & My Brother GC Get Killed By Suicide Bombers | Vacationing In Italy | Robbing A College Dorm In Italy

I slept pretty well last night waking up once from heat and having to use the bathroom after waking up from a sad ending to a dream and then I voice recorded the dream, I went back to sleep having another dream and I woke up to use the bathroom but I did not voice record my dream before going back to sleep, and I went back to sleep having a third dream which caused me to forget parts of my second dream; but I still remember some parts of all three dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day at a nice fictional college in a fictional place/city and I was attending this college and I think that my brother GC and my parent’s came to visit me later in the dream; but at first the dream involved me going to classes, doing things between and after classes, and hanging out with a few of my former classmates.

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