Shootings At A College & My Parent’s & My Brother GC Get Killed By Suicide Bombers | Vacationing In Italy | Robbing A College Dorm In Italy

I slept pretty well last night waking up once from heat and having to use the bathroom after waking up from a sad ending to a dream and then I voice recorded the dream, I went back to sleep having another dream and I woke up to use the bathroom but I did not voice record my dream before going back to sleep, and I went back to sleep having a third dream which caused me to forget parts of my second dream; but I still remember some parts of all three dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day at a nice fictional college in a fictional place/city and I was attending this college and I think that my brother GC and my parent’s came to visit me later in the dream; but at first the dream involved me going to classes, doing things between and after classes, and hanging out with a few of my former classmates.

Most of the dream was nice/normal/positive except that there were at least three shootings that happened at this nice college during the same day and I saw at least two if not all the shootings during the dream, and most or all of my former classmates were neutral toward me during the dream; and maybe the President Of The USA was visiting the college or near it during the dream, because during one or more of the shootings I saw one or more men who I assumed were United States Secret Service agents but they looked/acted more like agents from the film The Matrix where probably all of them looked almost like Agent Smith and they each had one large blackish colored pistol and I would see one or more of them among the college police/security during one or more of the shootings (maybe they were Dream Security, but I do not think so but I could be wrong).

I probably went to a few classes and then there was probably the first shooting somewhere at the college, after that I probably went to a few more classes and then maybe there was a second shooting at the college and after that I probably hung-out with my former classmate JC who was neutral toward me, after hanging out with my former classmate JC I probably went to a few more classes and maybe a third shooting happened at the college and then I remember hanging out briefly in a car with my former classmate MT (who was driving looking neutral-negative)/my former classmate SS / my former schoolmate MS (SS’s brother)/and maybe my former classmate MS as we drove around briefly until they dropped me off back at the college, and then I went to a few more classes and/or a small underground cinema/classroom at the college.

I remember hanging out with my former classmate JB at the underground cinema/classroom watching a film with other people from the top row, my former classmate JB was being super annoying and he sat right next to me and he was super talkative during the film like maybe he was mentally handicap in this dream, and I remember some women with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair sitting in the bottom row constantly angrily telling my former classmate JB to be quiet/shut-up but he would not; and so they started loudly complaining about it until it was break/bathroom time or the film was over.

I remember leaving to walk to the bathroom or to leave but the women stopped me to talk about my former classmate JB and I, they called my former classmate JB cute/handsome but annoying and they said that they found him to be attractive, and they asked me why was I not attractive like my former classmate JB like they assumed that we were brothers or somehow related (we are not); and they made positive comments about his skin color, which I thought was strange, but I managed to escape their questions/comments at some point.

I walked into the hallway to walk up the stairs back to the first floor but I came across my former classmate EK who was coming down the stairs and I gave him a very positive greeting with a handshake even though he was neutral-negative toward me, I said a few words and I said goodbye, and I walked to the first floor where I came across my brother GC who had come to visit me with my parent’s (who had left somewhere briefly, but they were going to come back soon).

I told my brother GC about the three shootings at the college as we walked toward the open cafeteria where we saw my former classmate DH sitting at a table eating/drinking, we stopped to greet him and to talk to him even though he was neutral toward us/me, and I also told him about the three shootings at the college but surprisingly he had not heard about them yet; and I told him that I was there during one or more of the shootings to witness it/them, we briefly talked with him even though he was not interested, and then we said goodbye and my brother GC and I left outside as my former DH stayed in the cafeteria.

My brother GC and I walked to the field of the college where many other people/students were walking and we saw my dad walking across the field to join us, but we started hearing gunshots in the distance across the field where most of the people were; and so the three of us stood there looking to see what was happening, and we saw everyone running across the field toward us as we continued to hear gunshots and so it seemed that people were running for their lives toward the college buildings to hide/escape.

We slowly started to move toward the nearest college building moving in a zig-zag pattern to avoid getting shot as my mom joined us, the gunshots sounds were getting closer to us as people ran toward the college buildings for their lives, and I saw some college police/security run over to see what was going on and I saw one or more Secret Service agents/Matrix agents in the field as well; and we ran into lobby of the nearest college building with some other people, and on the left side of the lobby there were some glass exit/entrance doors and there was hallway to the right side of the lobby and so I walked to the right side of the lobby to the hallway in case I needed to run and hide further inside the building but almost everyone else stood inside the lobby (including my parent’s and my brother GC).

We waited in suspense/fear/shock/et cetera as things got quieter outside, one or more college police/security and Secret Service agents/Matrix agents were waiting in the lobby with their pistols out, and to our surprise the people who had done the shooting quietly came into the lobby with each of them pointing their guns at hostages so that the college police/security and the Secret Service agents/Matrix agents could not shoot them.

The people who had done the shootings included men and women and there were at least four of them, probably more, and I remember two of them looking like college freshmen with one of them being a thin young woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair and the other being an obese young man with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair wearing large headphones with a book-bag on his back; and even more surprising was that they all seemed to have explosive/bomb suicide vests, we all found this to be confusing/shocking and we hoped that the explosive/bomb vests were fake, and we wondered what did they want and the security/police/agents did not know what to do because they had hostages and possible explosive vests.

They lined up in a line formation across the lobby with their hostages forming a wall/line across the entire lobby trapping everyone inside of it and they started to say/do a prayer or a pledge or a ritual or a song or a poem or a protest or their last words or something strange like that together at the same time saying the same things probably (it was creepy/freaky/scary/strange, et cetera), I was one of the few people in the hallway on the right side of the lobby, and so I was not trapped but my parent’s and my brother GC were trapped with almost everyone else; and to our shock/horror they all activated their explosive vests that made a noise like a countdown timer with a glowing orangish colored light and/or digital words/numbers/symbols flashing on the front of their vests like there was a digital screen on them or a  light, and I remember us still being confused and wondering/hoping that the explosive vests were not real and the police/security/agents still did not know what to do because they had hostages.

Everyone stood still as the timers on their explosive vests sounded/looked like they were counting down to the explosion, no one wanted to run to avoid getting shot, and so it was a standstill as they waited in horror; but I ran down the hallway past the bathrooms to another room in case the explosive vests were real but my parent’s and my brother GC were trapped in the lobby, and so I hoped that the explosive vests were not real.

I ran into a room that led into another room that was dimly lit and looked like a club/bar/restaurant where a Rock band was practicing, I warned them about the situation in the lobby, and we ran for cover further in the room as we heard the timer/countdown sound like it was about to end; and to our/my shock/horror we/I heard and felt an explosion when the timer/countdown ended, and then I ran back to the lobby in shock.

The lobby was in pieces with debris all over the place with most of the walls knocked down to where you could see the outside and I saw no bodies or pieces of bodies like they all burned up in the explosion, I was in shock and so over-whelmed that I did not know what to do, I wanted to scream and I grabbed my face/head but I did not know what to do; and I started mumbling and talking out-loud to myself as I tried to find pieces of my parent’s and my brother GC and I probably yelled their names trying to call for them/find them, and I probably started to cry a bit as I looked around through the debris in vain and in shock as many emotions/thoughts over-whelmed me and I felt terrible and I am surprised that I did not wake up right then.

My eyes were probably opened very wide as I was in shock mumbling, yelling, calling, crying, searching, falling, stumbling, walking, et cetera; and I saw a few other people from the outside slowly come into the lobby to see the damage, and I remember being so over-whelmed that I fell to my knees screaming “NO!!!!!” because I did not know what else to do or how else to let out the emotions.

I remember crying while still mumbling and talking out-loud to myself while mentioning the names of my parent’s and my brother GC still in shock and trying to make sense of what had just happened, but I woke up from the shock and heat and having to use the bathroom in the real world.

Dream 2

The second dream seemed to have taken place in Italy in a tourist area during the day and I seemed to be on vacation there, I remember wondering how I was going to make it around Italy not knowing Italian, but I do not remember hearing anyone speaking Italian the entire dream probably because this area in Italy seemed to be a tourist area where most people spoke English even though there were tourists from non-English speaking countries and some citizens of Italy in this area as well.

I can not remember how I got to Italy but it seemed that I had just arrived in Italy at a hotel near the water near a field and near a sidewalk that took you further into this Italian city to the tourist shopping areas where most of the businesses in the tourist area were, the hotel was more like an apartment building or extended stay hotel and I never got to see the main entrance oddly, and for some reason some of the other people at the hotel and I would enter/exit the hotel through a window on the side of the hotel near the field; and on the other side of the window was a room where a man lived who seemed to sell drugs and who might have been involved with running a prostitution ring because there were often people buying/doing drugs and/or looking like they were going to have sex with attractive women when passing through his room.

The man was thin and he had light brownish/dark whitish colored skin with medium length somewhat straight blackish colored hair with a bit of blackish colored facial hair (maybe a mustache and goatee) and he wore a whitish colored long sleeve button shirt with the top buttons undone to show his chest with blue jeans but I am not sure if he was a citizen of Italy or just temporary living there/vacationing there like us, his room was not really a room it seemed, but he had turned it into a room, but it really seemed like it was supposed to be an open area near the stairs/stairway but he turned it into a room so everyone going to this stairway had to go through his room first to use the stairs it seemed.

It was a bit annoying/uncomfortable having to go through the window of his room to enter the hotel and to get to the stairway, I was worried about stepping on used needles because I knew that he sold heroin and I was worried about him getting arrested by the police and having the police think that I was involved in his crimes if I tried to pass through his room at the wrong time, and there were various other reasons that I was annoyed/uncomfortable about this; and I remember wondering where the main entrance of the hotel was, but I never did go searching for it oddly like I was afraid to get lost and so I only took routes that I was familiar with.

Unfortunately I forgot most of the dream because of not voice recording it before going back to sleep and having another dream, I know that I came back and forth from the business area and the field and the hotel near the water, and I came across various people during the dream; and the dream felt pretty realistic, I felt like a tourist in a country that I was not familiar with, and so it was a bit scary/uncomfortable but also amazing at the same time.

The only other part of the dream that I can remember now involved me walking down the sidewalk across the hotel and the field to the business area to go shopping later in the day as the sun was starting to begin to set, so there were not many people around, and I remember walking up some outdoor steps to a second floor of a building that had multiple businesses inside of it like a small shopping center; and I came across a woman with light brownish/medium whitish colored skin with long blackish colored hair, we began to talk, and she helped explain a bit about things involving shopping/business/et cetera in Italy to me.

The woman seemed to probably have family who lived in Italy and she was probably temporary living in Italy to visit and work with them, something that she did every year, and so she was familiar with Italy and she probably could speak Italian; and she took me to her favorite bakery in the tourist business area, it might have been owned by some people in her family and maybe she worked there to help them sometimes, but I am not sure.

The small open bakery was near the entrance to the second floor and it was a small-medium sized booth where you could see them cooking and you could see and buy their finished bakery food items, the workers knew the woman well and I remember seeing another woman who looked almost like her working in the booth with some dough that she was preparing to be cooked, and the woman continued explaining things to me about the bakery as she walked into the booth with the workers; and she smiled/laughed a bit as she ate a few of their finished bakery food items (they ere small round-shaped cooked pieces of dough that were a light-to-medium brownish color and they probably had a glaze or butter spread on them), and the female worker who looked a bit like her jokingly/seriously told her to stop eating without paying first and they both smiled/laughed a bit even though the female worker was being a bit serious in a friendly/family like way and she probably lightly slapped the woman’s hand to stop her from grabbing/eating another bakery item.

The woman continued explaining things to me from behind the booth and maybe she invited me behind the booth for a closer look at the cooking process, and I remember asking how much did the various bakery food items cost; but I woke up because I had to use the bathroom.

Dream 3

The third and last dream seemed to have taken place in Italy again in the same tourist area/city but this time there was a street separating the field from the area where the business area should be and to the right of where the business area should be there was a nice college and field similar to the college from the first dream but much smaller, and the street and the college and the field area were very similar to the area in the city of L I think where there is a small shopping center with a Big Lots near a Taco Bell by the road probably but in the dream the/this area was bigger and slightly different.

I think that the dream started during the day at the same hotel from the second dream and I came across a man with an Italian American English accent who acted and looked a bit like he was connected with the mafia and/or was not afraid to commit crimes and he reminded me of the drug dealer from the first dream a bit but he looked more like a younger version of the actor Robert De Niro, and he was trying to teach me how to better survive/adapt to life in Italy; and so we walked around as he explained various things to me and as he tried to teach me about life in Italy.

He walked me across the field, across the street (there was automobile traffic on this street the entire dream that made it a bit harder to cross the street, so you had to wait a bit each time before crossing the street), to the college, and to an upper floor of the college building to visit a friend of his living in the college dorms I assumed; and we walked almost halfway down a hallway that had dorm rooms on the left and right sides of the hallway in the front of the hallway, further down were classrooms on both sides of the hallway, and at least one office was at the end of the hallway on the left side near the other exit/entrance door on the right side that led to a stairway that would take you down to the field of the college.

We stopped at a dorm room on the right side of the hallway and the man looked around and then he started picking the lock on the door to my surprise, I started asking him what he was doing and asking him if he was breaking into his friend’s dorm room, but he said that it was okay with his friend; but I did not think that this was true or right, and so I told him so but he picked the lock on the door anyway as I hoped that this was just a joke or something like that.

We walked into the dorm room but no one was there and he left the door open and he started looking for things to steal, and I started arguing against this; and I remember him finding several handguns (at least one revolver and one or two pistols) with ammunition including .357 Magnum bullets for the revolver and he had his own revolver that used .357 Magnum bullets as well and so he stole all the .357 Magnum bullets only leaving the other bullets for the pistols and he left all the handguns because he already had his own.

There were also four reddish colored plastic laundry baskets that he stacked together to steal and he handed them to me as I continued protesting what he was doing, he kept saying that his friend would not mind and that his friend did not need some of this stuff, and then he started searching the closet for stuff to steal; and at some point he finished stealing a few items, I was still protesting but I was not sure what to do, and so I managed to convince him to not completely steal all items of the same type (example: instead of stealing all the .357 Magnum bullets, only steal some of them, and the person will be less likely to realize that they were robbed).

I still recommending that he put all the items back but he would not but I did manage to get him to put some of each item back, except for the laundry baskets that I was still holding, and I realized that he was wearing gloves but I had none and so I was worried about fingerprints if the police got involved later; and so I stayed to wipe away some fingerprints as he left with the few items he stole, and I cleaned up the room a bit to avoid his friend realizing that he had been robbed.

The entire time I was still against this but I was not sure what to do and I hoped to convince the man to return the stolen stuff later and/or to tell his friend about the robbery and/or to tell the police about the robbery, and I did not want any more lessons/whatever from the man if he was going to teach me illegal things like stealing; but I was worried about being arrested too, even though I wanted nothing to do with the robbery, and I had hoped that it was just a joke or a test or something like that.

Anyway, after briefly wiping a few areas with my T-shirt hoping to remove any fingerprints, I left the room; but then I realized that I still had the laundry baskets and so I returned to put them back, but I am not sure if I put them in the dorm room or outside of the dorm room and I locked the dorm room door using my shirt to cover my hand.

As I was walking down the hallway toward the exit/entrance door I passed several classrooms where I saw one or more of my former classmates like NA in a classroom during a class but I am not sure if she saw me, I walked past the office on the left side, and I went out of the door on the right side down the stairway to the field as I thought about the situation trying to decide how to handle it and wondering if anyone or any video cameras had seen us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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