A Woman Or Female Alien Relationship Or Situation? | Uma Thurman Ranting At A Young Woman In A Classroom With Ethan Hawke And I Temporarily Became And / Or Possessed The Young Woman And / Or Saw Things From Her Point-Of-View? | My Cousin ME Wants Me To Call Her At 10:00 AM Tomorrow

Uma Thurman original signed photo
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I got in bed late last night and I was sleeping well until I got awakened from a dream suddenly by my alarm clock and I went to use the bathroom, I was tired and hurting/sore and so I canceled my morning plans and I got back in bed not voice recording part of one dream that I barely remembered, but it took me a while to go back to sleep and even then I did not sleep very well; and later I woke up again for the day not able to remember any of my dreams from last night, but after thinking for a while I managed to remember barely part of three dreams.

Dream 1

I had the first dream before I woke up the first time, I have completely forgotten the dream because I did not voice record it before going back to sleep, but I think that the dream involved a woman or a female alien coming to me for help and/or to hide her but I am not sure; but I think that the dream involved a woman or a female alien and we had a relationship of some kind during the dream and we were involved in a situation of some kind, but that is all that I think that I remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream is also very unclear but I remember possibly being in a classroom with other people and our teacher seemed to be the actress Uma Thurman, I remember two young women with whitish colored skin with maybe blondish colored hair sitting near me (if I was in the dream directly) and they were both friends it seemed, but something happened where Mrs. Thurman started an angry rant at one of the young women in front of the entire class; and I remember the actor Ethan Hawke and the young woman’s friend trying to get Mrs. Thurman to calm down, but it was not working.

The young woman was still sitting in her desk as Mrs. Thurman walked around the room angrily ranting at her calling her names, accusing her of things that she did not do, et cetera; and at some point it seemed like I was either seeing things from the point-of-view of the young woman or I somehow became her temporarily and/or possessed her temporarily, but my memory is too unclear and I am too confused to make sense of what really happened or why it happened.

The young woman seemed like a very nice person but for some reason Mrs. Thurman was wrongly convinced that she had done/did one or more things that she had not really done and Mrs. Thurman also seemed to be projecting/putting her own fears/insecurities on the young woman, and during her long rant Mrs. Thurman slowly became more angrily/aggressive/violent/et cetera and loud because the young woman/I felt that it was better to not answer her questions or say anything because it would probably make things worse even though she/I really wanted to answer Mrs. Thurman’s questions.

Some of Mrs. Thurman’s fears/insecurities seemed to involve age, beauty, attraction, relationships, et cetera; and so some of the things that Mrs. Thurman accused the young woman of involved her thinking that the young woman felt that she was better than her in those areas.

At some point I remember Mrs. Thurman getting into the young woman’s/my face as she continued her rant, it seemed like she was going to attack the young woman/me, but surprisingly she did not; but it was a bit difficult to sit there as Mrs. Thurman loudly/angrily ranted in the young woman’s/my face probably sometimes touching her face to the young woman’s/my face trying to humiliate the young woman/me in front of the class, but at some point I think that Mrs. Thurman finally ended her rant and I guess that I either went back to being my self and/or I un-possessed the body of the young woman but I can not remember what happened exactly and I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 3

The third and last dream is also unclear but I remember being at my grandfather’s house during the night with my family and many of my family members from my mom’s side of the family were there along with some unknown people (including the character Carlton Banks from the TV show The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air or the actor Alfonso Ribeiro who played that character, but I think it was his character Carlton), and a family gathering seemed to be taking place.

I remember talking with various family members, unknown people, and Carlton in various parts of the house but mostly in the living room; and I remember getting/finding/being given a glass sealed bottle of a strange fruit drink that was an orangish and a reddish color, and the two colors would separate slowly if you did not shake the bottle.

I was not sure if the bottle of fruit juice was spoiled or not, at some point I brought the bottle of fruit juice outside with me as I went to check the mail and the newspaper to see if my cousin PE has been checking/getting them each day for my grandfather (who(m) I do not remember seeing in the dream, and so I am not sure if he was in the dream or not), and in the mailbox I saw some mail and several days worth of newspapers; and on the ground I saw the most recent newspaper, so it seemed that my cousin PE had not been checking/getting them like she was supposed to, and so I got them to bring them inside with me.

I could see a lot of my female family members and unknown females through the windows of the family room/dining room, they were having a good time and the lights inside the house were bright because I was outside in the dark, and my cousin ME was inside the family room and she saw me through the window(s); and she came partly outside to tell me something, I handed her the mail and newspapers for my grandfather, and I remember her telling me to call her tomorrow at 10:00 AM but she did not say why.

I recommended that she call me instead but I remember her saying that she would be at work during that time, it was not clear if she would call me or if I should call her, and we ended the conversation there; and I remember wondering if she wanted to talk to me tomorrow about the job finding advice that she gave me at our grandfather’s house the day after Thanks Giving Day (a Friday), and so I probably considered trying to follow her advice before 10:00 AM tomorrow so that if she asked about it I could say that I had followed her advice.

I then walked back around my grandfather’s house to the other door shaking the bottle of strange fruit juice, and I finally opened the bottle to smell it and then I tasted the fruit juice; and I could actually somewhat taste it and it slightly tasted like a V8 Splash drink with red berry or berries mixed with orange or oranges mixed with maybe pineapple or pineapples but not as strong, but I still was not sure if it was spoiled or not.

I remember going back inside my grandfather’s house sipping on the bottle of fruit juice while talking with some of my family members, several unknown people, and Carlton; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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