Chief Gets Loose & Dashie (Charlie Guzman) Pays The Bills & A Semi-Animated Orphanage Anime?

At some point last night I woke up to use the bathroom and I did not remember having any dreams, I got back in bed but I could not get very comfortable and so I did a lot of tossing and turning feeling uncomfortable and sore for the rest of the night waking up and going back to sleep several times not sleeping very deeply most of the time, and so I only remember part of one dream that does not make much sense and that is confusing.

I remember being in my parent’s yard near my brother TD’s pet dog Chief during maybe a whitish/grayish day that looked/felt a bit strange in a dream-like way and my family was in the yard except for my brother CC, and I was about to help my dad clean something in the yard with the water hose; and so we were tying one end of a rope to the fence by Chief and we had typed the other end of the rope to the basketball goals, and the object was on a square or rectangle-shaped nylon fabric/plastic canvas-like mat/covering/whatever that was connected to the ropes.

Before we could finish something started causing the object to start falling to the basketball court like something was pulling the ropes, I turned to see that Chief was pulling the ropes and it caused the object to crash/fall to the basketball court causing another object to fall out of the first object, and to my surprise the second object looked like a mummy of a human or humanoid completely wrapped in off-white colored bandages; and I thought that this was strange confusing that my dad was going to clean a mummy and maybe a casket/sarcophagus with a water hose, and I wondered how and why did we have a mummy and who/what the mummy was.

My dad ran to the mummy and I grabbed a rubber cable/rope/chain/whatever that Chief was tied to stopping him from pulling the rope, I accidentally untied his rubber cable/rope/chain/whatever from the fence and Chief started to run causing the rubber to bend like it would break so I let it go and Chief ran across the yard, and so everyone chased him to grab him before he could try to kill a cat.

My mom tackled Chief to the ground and then I briefly put Chief in a rear-naked choke hold position without choking him until he stopped trying to run and then I picked him up to tie him back up to a real metal chain, and while I was doing this Dashie (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube walked up to me and maybe there was also an unknown boy with medium-to-dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair in the yard who might have slightly reminded me of Kid President (Robby Novak) from YouTube but I am not sure; and I remember Dashie telling me that he had paid for my/our parent’s utility bill(s) for this month, I thanked him, and he said it like we were brothers in this dream but I can not remember if we were brothers or not.

After this or later in the dream I remember my brother GC telling me that there was an anime that he wanted me to see, and maybe I started watching it but maybe somehow I became a character in the anime but I am not sure because the rest of the dream after this point is too confusing and unclear to make much sense of; but I remember being in what felt like a multi-story building with no windows on an upper floor inside an apartment house that seemed to be an orphanage with whitish/grayish colored carpet/walls/ceilings.

Some of the orphans/people were animated but most things and people were not animated and I was not animated at first, at some point I remember a non-animated boy approaching me who might/may have been the unknown boy in my parent’s yard who somewhat looked like Kid President, and even though he looked and sounded like a boy the words/et cetera that he used were not kid-like at all; and he talked about things like a very intelligent adult, and this was a bit scary/disturbing to me.

Another non-animated boy somewhat joined the conversation and he had medium-to-dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair but he was quieter, the Kid President-like boy spoke to me about something maybe involving his ancestors from Africa and how his ethnic group has been treated badly and how they need to fight back and/or several serious/advanced topics like this, and so his speech seemed a bit violent/aggressive; but the other boy spoke about peace/positive things..

The Kid President-like boy talked about a lot of things in an advanced/philosophical way and so I was not sure if he was promoting physical violence or not, at some point someone interrupted us, and at some point in the dream I remember possibly temporarily being and/or possessing and/or seeing things from the point-of-view of an animated boy/orphan with whitish colored skin with medium-to-long dark-colored hair who was probably in the anime that my brother GC was showing me/wanted to show me and so maybe I was in the anime now somehow or maybe this was already the anime and so I was still in the anime somehow but I am not sure.

There were adults (women and men) who worked at the orphanage who were probably all non-animated, one of them was the character Jesse Katsopolis from the TV show Full House and another was a thin older woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish/whitish/grayish colored hair who wore long blue jean-like skirts maybe or a certain conservative style of clothing that I can not remember and who probably had a somewhat strict old school teacher/nun-like personality (the word/name Bene Gesserit comes to mind when describing her, there was something mysterious about her like she was hiding some secrets, and like she was more powerful/tougher than she looked), and a new animated girl/orphan arrived at the orphanage who had whitish colored skin with short-medium length blueish/light blackish colored hair in style somewhat like Ramona Flower’s hairstyle from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World but it was a bit shorter and more anime-like and somewhat like Spike Spiegel‘s hairstyle from Cowboy Bebop and something about her seemed older and so I was not sure how old she was; and there was something mysterious about her (maybe the older woman knew her secret), and she seemed to have a strong/independent personality.

One day the animated boy/me and the new animated girl were sitting on a couch together watching TV while drinking coffee or hot chocolate in a small dimly lit room in the apartment house/orphanage, Jesse came into the room and so the animated girl pretended to be sleeping on the animated boy’s/my shoulder, and so Jesse backed out of the room smiling and giving the animated boy/me a thumbs up; and he was whispering some advice to the animated boy/me, and he seemed to think that the animated boy/I and the animated girl were in the process of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend and so he was excited.

He kept checking on us a lot still smiling, giving the thumbs up sign, and whispering advice; and at some point he brought us more coffee or hot chocolate when he saw that the animated girl had finished drinking her’s , and the animated boy/I thanked him; but he still would not stop checking on us, which was annoying, and then there was a time jump to where the animated girl and the animated boy/I were probably teenagers now standing in a bedroom in the orphanage.

The animated girl walked off to do something and after she left a non-animated woman with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair wearing a grayish colored suit with a white button(ed) dress shirt with the first and/or second top buttons undone who looked like a female comedian whose name I can not remember walked into the bedroom with the animated boy/me holding a strange object in a probably clear/frosted/whitish colored bag/carrying case, and she told the animated boy/me that she wanted to show him/me the truth about the animated girl that has been hidden from him/me/us.

The woman took a strange grayish and dark-colored external hard drive-like device out of the bag/carrying case and a strange adapter-like device, she set them on a chest-of-drawers near a TV, and she connected the external hard drive-like device to the TV using the adapter-like device; but then the animated girl returned like she sensed that something was about to happen, and she started to somewhat angrily question the woman and another animated boy and girl came into the room because they heard her angry questioning of the woman.

The woman calmly told us to watch what she was about to show us and that the truth would be revealed finally, and so she started playing the video/whatever; and it started in a dark place where you could somewhat barely see a werewolf/human-like entity who was the father of the new animated girl, and he explained that he was imprisoned in another dimension or something like.

Before being imprisoned he had left the darkness/whatever dimension he was in to take his daughter to the light/our dimension so that she could live in the light/our dimension, but he was captured and returned to the darkness/his dimension; and he seemed to be very powerful and so they were afraid of him, and they locked him in a special prison/darkness/dimension.

It seemed that this was a recording but it was like he could see us and like he was really talking to us and like he could hear us asking him questions, I remember there being a mist-like aura around him like his body could change shape/form and he could fly/float/et cetera and he probably changed into a more human form a few times, and it seemed that he could come through the TV if it were not for barriers that he was locked in.

The new animated girl seemed to have never known who her father was until now and she was shocked/surprised/sadden/happy/et cetera but she only had a short time to briefly talk with her father as he quickly tried to explain something to us, and he told us that we (us four animated girls and boys) were not human or at least not completely human and so we were at least part whatever he was.

He faded away before we could finish talking to him and then the rest of us got to see and talk to our father’s who were in a dimly lit foggy/faded/unclear area that was brighter than the previous area who were the same species/whatever as the new animated girl’s father but less powerful it seemed and the animated boy’s/my father had whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair and he looked like an actor/comedian whose name I can not remember when he would use his more human-like form, and they explained that they had also brought us from their dimension/the darkness into the light/the dimension that we are in now so that we could live in the light/the current dimension that we were in.

They all seemed to have wanted a better life for us and they did not want us to be in/grow up in the darkness/their dimension like them, it seemed to be illegal for them/us to go into the light/the current dimension that we were in, and so they had broken the law bringing us into the light when we were babies/kids; and so they were now locked away in a prison/dimension back in the darkness/their dimension after they got caught, but they were not in a special prison like the new animated girl’s father because they were not as powerful as him.

We only briefly got to talk with them and they tried to explain some things to us about who/what they were and who/what we were, where they were, why they did what they did, what had happened in the past, et cetera; but they faded away before we could finish talking to them, and so the film/connection/whatever with them ended.

We were all shocked/surprised/et cetera and so we stood there a while quietly thinking about what had just happened, and the woman packed the devices back up; and she said a few things to us about us now knowing the truth that has been hidden from us until now, I wish that I could remember more of what our father’s had told us, but I can not unfortunately.

There was more that happened in this dream before this point and a few more things that happened after this point, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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