Abby Martin Gets Shot In The Head At A Protest

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I slept very well last night only waking up one or two times to use the bathroom, I am not sure if I remembered having any dreams or not, but I think that I had at least one or two dreams before waking up to use the bathroom but I can not remember them at all; but I do remember part of my last dream/semi-dream/semi-daydream that I had before getting up out of bed for the day that was probably somewhat inspired by an audio interview on that I listened to last night of the journalist Abby Martin being interviewed by Matt Staggs back in December 19, 2012:

DisinfoCast 38: Abby Martin | Breaking The Set

The dream/semi-dream/semi-daydream took place outside during the day on the streets of an unknown city during a protest where there were a lot of people protesting as the police wearing riot gear watched from a distance in a wall formation blocking one side of the street, and I was at the protest with the journalist Abby Martin and her film crew like maybe I was a helper/volunteer or part of her film crew but I am not sure if this is correct or not or why I was at the protest or what I was doing at the protest exactly.

I assume Mrs. Martin was covering the protest as a journalist and/or she was taking part in the protest but I am not sure, it was a somewhat loud but peaceful protest, and I remember us standing in the middle of the protest in the middle of the street; and I was standing near/in front of Mrs. Martin who was facing my direction smiling and talking while maybe holding a microphone like she was reporting what was happening around us to the camera.

Suddenly it seemed that something hit Mrs. Martin in the head like someone had shot her, I automatically assumed that it was the police, and that they had started shooting rubber bullets; and that maybe they had purposely targeted Mrs. Martin as their first target before shooting more rubber bullets at the protesters.

Mrs. Martin was knocked unconscious instantly and I ran to catch her as she fell to the ground with a bit of blood coming from her head, I/we were shocked, and I remember panicking a bit while trying to check her pulse and trying to see how bad her wound on her head was; and I remember telling the rest of her film crew that we needed to get her to a hospital quickly, and I carried Mrs. Martin and we ran to an automobile to rush her to a hospital.

I sat in the backseat with someone sitting to my left side with Mrs. Martin laying across my lap while holding her hand with one hand while also checking her pulse with that same hand (she had a pulse), I was wiping some of the blood off of her head with a napkin or something like that with my other hand and lightly putting pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding (the wound seemed to only be an impact wound where the skin was cut a bit and maybe the skull was lightly fractured or barely broken but I was not sure, but I felt/hoped that she would be okay), and I was talking to Mrs. Martin even though she was unconscious because I was a bit in shock/worried about her safety and so I was telling her to hang in there/we are going to get you to the hospital/et cetera.

I seemed to be very emotional/worried about her safety like Mrs. Martin and I were friends and/or like I really looked up to her and/or like I felt that it was my job to protect her and/or something like that, I even slightly cried a bit as Mrs. Martin opened her eyes as we were arriving at the hospital and she asked me what happened/what was going on, and I told her to try not to move and I explained what had happened to her and that we were arriving at the hospital now; and then I carried her out of the automobile to rush her into the hospital with the rest of her film crew.

We rushed her into the emergency room of the hospital which was a tall modern multi-story building/hospital with many glass windows, we explained everything to the nurses/doctors, and I put Mrs. Martin on a stretcher; and they took her further into the hospital to check her wound, but they would not let me/us come with them and so we asked them to let us know when we could see/visit Mrs. Martin and we waited in the waiting room.

At some point they let us visit/see Mrs. Martin, she was now in a hospital room in a bed, and I remember sitting next to the bed and holding her hand telling her that I am glad that she is/was okay; and then she joked about seeing me cry for the first time saying something like: “S##t Man! I saw you cry/crying!”, I joked about her still having a potty mouth/cursing too much and that even the rubber bullet/whatever could not change that and I said that I guess that means that I am really human after all, and I told her that she was probably the second person to ever see me cry in my adult life (the other being my mom).

She also joked about not following my suggestion to wear a helmet (once again using some curse words during our conversation), before the protest I had suggested that she wear safety equipment like a helmet during the protest but she did not follow my advice, and she joked that she was considering some of my recommendations now; and we continued talking/joking, and it seemed that she was going to be okay but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr