Waiting To Fix A Computer And Trying To Avoid Family Members At My Grandfather CE’s House

Dream About Me
Source: Wikipedia

I slept very well again only waking up once to use the bathroom, once again/like yesterday I could not remember if I had any dreams or not after waking up to use the bathroom like my brain/mind erased everything that happened while I was sleeping, but once I went back to bed I had a dream; and I barely remember some of that dream.

The dream probably started during the day/morning at my parent’s house and I probably got a phone call from someone (maybe a family member of my former classmate DH, but I am not sure) wanting me to meet them later in the small field next to my grandfather CE’s street next to Mrs. B’s house; and they were going to drop off a computer for me to fix for them.

Later I decided to go to my grandfather CE’s house first to check/get his mail and newspaper for him, wash his dishes, see how he was doing, et cetera before going to the small field to wait for the person to drop off the computer; but to my surprise a lot of my family members from my mom’s side of the family were at my grandfather’s house like my aunt ME, my aunt DE, my uncle EE, my uncle CE, my aunt SE, my cousin ME, et cetera and a few unknown kids/adults.

Since/Because they were all at my grandfather’s house I decided to change my plans a bit, I tried to skip doing a few things on my list of things to do at my grandfather’s house to avoid any long conversations with my family members and to avoid them when possible, but some of my family members still kept finding me and asking me some of the same annoying personal questions that I hate; and I would try to find ways to escape the conversation or end them sooner, and at some point I escaped to walk to the small field a bit early to wait for the person to drop off the computer.

I waited in the small field for a while but no one showed up or I got there too early and so I got tired of waiting, I decided to go back to my grandfather’s to finish my list of things to do to help my grandfather (who(m) I do not remember seeing in the dream, but I could be wrong) while trying to avoid family members, and then I would go back to my parent’s house to wait for a phone call from the person who wanted me to fix their computer instead of waiting in the small field looking stupid waiting for them all day.

I went back to my grandfather’s house trying to avoid family members while finishing my list of things to do to help my grandfather but as expected some of my family members saw me and they would talk to me asking me a lot of personal questions that I did not want to answer, I remember seeing some unknown kids and maybe some unknown adults inside my grandfather’s house too, and one of the unknown kids was a boy with medium brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair who stopped to talk to me and/or ask me questions about something.

At some point the only thing left on my list of things to do to help my grandfather probably was to wash the dishes but maybe my aunt DE and/or my aunt ME and/or my cousin ME and/or several other family members started talking to me/questioning me as I was washing the dishes, I probably finished the dishes but they were still talking to me, and so I probably was waiting for a chance to escape so that I could go back to my parent’s house; but I woke up before that could happen.

The end,

-John Jr