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Poster for the film Howl's Moving Castle used only as a promotional item for the film.

Howl's Moving Castle (film)
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To illustrate Howl's Moving Castle

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I slept pretty well last night waking up once to use the bathroom after waking up from a dream that I had remembered but I forgot the dream after using the bathroom but I did voice record a few words that came to my mind, I went back to sleep and I had three more dreams and I woke up, but I stayed in bed trying to get myself to get out of bed to voice record my dreams but I kept going back to sleep partly and waking back up for almost two hours until I finally got out of bed permanently; and so I forgot parts of each of those three dreams.

Dream 1

I suddenly forgot the first dream while using the bathroom, all that I voice recorded after using the bathroom was: my parent’s, maybe my parent’s house and/or my parent’s yard, male, pretending/pretending to be someone/something he/she/it was not or something like that; but that is all that I can remember unfortunately, and so it does not make sense to me.