A Forgotten Dream | Flying To Escape A Female Entity With Powers At An Elimination Competition | Charlotte Gainsbourg And Two Other Female Celebrities Doing DMT? | A Young Man Wins A Competition But Loses Respect

Howl's Moving Castle (film)
Howl’s Moving Castle (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I slept pretty well last night waking up once to use the bathroom after waking up from a dream that I had remembered but I forgot the dream after using the bathroom but I did voice record a few words that came to my mind, I went back to sleep and I had three more dreams and I woke up, but I stayed in bed trying to get myself to get out of bed to voice record my dreams but I kept going back to sleep partly and waking back up for almost two hours until I finally got out of bed permanently; and so I forgot parts of each of those three dreams.

Dream 1

I suddenly forgot the first dream while using the bathroom, all that I voice recorded after using the bathroom was: my parent’s, maybe my parent’s house and/or my parent’s yard, male, pretending/pretending to be someone/something he/she/it was not or something like that; but that is all that I can remember unfortunately, and so it does not make sense to me.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in a fictional place in the countryside in the middle of no-where during a gray and cloudy afternoon or evening at a maybe small gated/fenced in compound/complex of one-story connected rectangular shaped houses/buildings and maybe greenhouses that shared one courtyard that had some plants and maybe a greenhouse in it, and I was there with some other people and a female humanoid entity who had powers who was shorter than the average human but I am not sure what she was and all that I can remember about her appearance is that she had short dark-colored hair; and we were in an elimination  competition/game it seemed where we had to make physical contact with people/do something to them to eliminate them from the competition/game, and the last survivor would win the competition/game.

I remember running, sneaking, and hiding around the with a woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair and several other people because the female entity was very good at the elimination game and she was winning and she had powers; and she was good at hiding, stalking, moving fast, and taking out people one-at-a-time and she was not even trying very hard and so she was playing around with us for fun because it was so easy for her.

At some point the situation was so bad that the dream either went semi-lucid or I remembered that I might have powers from past dreams, so I started trying to fly in the courtyard, and it worked but after a while I would lose my concentration and it would become hard to fly and I would have to land usually; and at some point the female entity saw that I had powers too to her surprise, and she started trying to eliminate me and so I had to keep trying to unlock more of my powers and to boost my powers but I was not good at it like she was.

I remember boosting my powers to run very fast to avoid the female entity, this worked at first because I was faster than her but it made her angry, and so she started to boost her powers slowly as I kept boosting my powers and so she started getting faster and faster as well; but it became clear that she was still holding back a lot of her power(s) and so I felt that eventually her power(s) would surpass mine because I felt that she had more power(s) than me and she was better at controlling hers than me, and she was slowly getting closer to catching me and so I decided to quit the competition/game by flying away at some point in desperation and either the third dream started or the third dream is really part of the second dream but I will assume that it was a new dream.

Dream 3

The third dream took place in the same dream world as the second dream and it continued where the second dream left off with me flying away from the elimination competition to escape the female entity with powers, once again I started flying easily at first but then I lost my concentration and I started to have a hard time flying, and I remember flying over fields and hills and a quiet road or dirt road and several structures in this/the countryside in the middle of no-where during a gray/dark and cloudy dream-like/surreal afternoon or evening; and I think that I landed on the ground/grass near a one-story whitish colored church-like building with a tall roof.

When I flew away in the second dream I probably did it when/while the female entity was looking for me inside one of the buildings and so she probably did not know that I had flown away in the courtyard and so I was probably safe now, I looked out across the countryside and I saw one or two tall structures moving across the road or dirt road and/or the field, and it or they reminded me of Howl’s Moving Castle a bit and/or of one or two tall structures being moved by one or two special moving vehicles.

I decided to fly toward the one or two tall moving structures, it or they were like strange multi-story buildings with many windows maybe, and so I went inside one of them; and to my surprise there were many people inside in a large dark room like a stadium waiting to watch an event/performance/experiment/whatever, and I think that it was being filmed and shown in the other tall moving structure so that people inside of it could watch it live so that they could see it too.

There was a spotlight on the performance floor/area of the stadium and outside of the spotlight area in the darkness were some doctors/scientists/et cetera, and then three female celebrities with whitish colored skin entered the spotlight in the performance area after being given a substance/drug that I am assuming was DMT; and I forgot who two of the female celebrities were, but I know that the third female celebrity was the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Before this I remember seeing and hearing the doctors/scientists/et cetera preparing Charlotte Gainsbourg and the two other female celebrities, a film crew as filming everything, and it seemed that they were going to do an experiment with a substance/drug that I assume was DMT (I probably heard them say what it was) and then they were going to try to do a musical performance after the experiment; but Mrs. Gainsbourg was very afraid and was expecting the worst while the other two female celebrities were not afraid and they were expecting the best, and so they kept trying to calm Mrs. Gainsbourg but it was not working.

After taking the substance/drug/DMT the three of them sat in the spotlight of the performance area waiting for the effects/affects to start while everyone watched them, Mrs. Gainsbourg was still afraid and she was constantly saying negative things like a scared child as the two other women kept trying to calm her down but it was not working, and then the effects/affects started (hallucinations with various feelings/emotions I am assuming); and the two other women where having a good time, but Mrs. Gainsbourg was not and she became even more afraid until she was close to needed the doctors/scientists to come help her but fortunately it did not get that bad.

At some point the three of them became stable enough to stand up, the doctors/scientists checked them and cleared them for their performance, and they started their musical performance; but I woke up.

Dream 4

The fourth and last dream took place inside a mostly open whitish colored well-lit room that seemed like a scientific lab for experiments but empty, I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, and I think that most or all of this dream was animated because all the dream characters were animated.

The main character of the dream seemed to be an animated wimpy/weak looking somewhat small young man with whitish/maybe light yellowish colored skin with short blackish colored hair with maybe a bowl-type haircut who somewhat looked like and reminded me of the main characters Ganta Igarashi from the Japanese animated TV show Deadman Wonderland and Yuki (Yukiteru Amano) from the Japanese animated TV show Future Diary.

An elimination competition/game was taking place in the room and the animated young man and two animated young women (one of the young women had whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair and she looked like Kirino Chiba from the Japanese animated TV show Bamboo Blade and other young woman was short with dark-colored short hair and she might have looked like Tamaki Kawazoe from Bamboo Blade but I am not sure) were the last three people left, they each had a whip-like weapon that they had to use to hit each other with to get points and who ever had the most points when the time ended would win the competition/game, and the two young women were winning and the time was almost up.

The young man was obsessed with winning the competition for some unknown reason(s) like he hoped that it would get/give him the respect/fame/admiration/et cetera of other people (including the two women, and especially women in general), so he was willing to do whatever it took to win, and at some point something happened that I can not remember that distracted the two young women; and they looked sad and they were looking at something, and the young man started to hit them with his whip-like weapon getting points with each hit.

The whip-like weapons did not seem to hurt really so the two women stood there looking sad at something while the young man kept hitting them, time was almost up, but the young man managed to get enough points to barely win the competition/game; and the two young women turned to him in anger and they told him that he should be ashamed of himself for attacking them while they were distracted and saddened by something and they seemed to have lost all respect for the young man and they walked off in anger.

The young man tried not to let their reaction ruin his victory but then a group of young men who were former champions of this competition/game and who(m) had lost to the young man earlier during this current version of the competition/game approached the young man being led by a very muscular and toned shirtless young man, and the leader had a mental handicap to where you could not understand most of what he said because his speech was not very good; and he angrily said something that I could not understand to the young man that ended with “Thurrrr….”, the other young men said something that implied that they were angry/ashamed from losing to the young man earlier and they were angry with the way that he had won the competition, and they were there/here for revenge.

The leader punched the young man in the groin or stomach knocking him to the ground, the group of young men laughed and taunted him and they clearly had no respect for him as he laid on the ground in pain holding his groin, and then they walked off smiling/laughing; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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