Ending A Hostage Situation On A Bus But At A Price

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I forgot all of them except for part of one dream, and the other night I might have had a dream with my dead grandfather IC in it but I am not sure.

My last dream from last night took place during the day in the city of D, maybe I went to a one-story general/discount-like store in the beginning of the dream where I met maybe two women with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, but I am not sure; and at some point after leaving the store I was riding a bus, maybe the two women were on it too, but I am not sure.

The bus was full of mostly adults with brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair but there was also at least one baby, maybe at least one toddler, and maybe at least one kid on the bus and almost everyone seemed to be from Eastside so it was probably a fictional public transportation bus for the city of D; and my cousin ME was on the bus as well, and I was sitting on the left row/side of the bus in the middle somewhat near the back of the bus.

The entire dream was positive so far and everyone was having a good time as we rode the bus probably mostly around Eastside picking up people and dropping them off and almost everyone was talking to each other, the bus driver was a somewhat older man with dark brownish colored skin who wore a baseball hat/cap, and at some point the bus driver picked up a man with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair who was known by many people on the bus and his name started with maybe a M or a G like Melvin or Gelvin or something like that maybe.

Melvin/Gelvin/Whoever sat in the seat in front of me and in the seat in front of him was a woman and her baby, things were going normal/good at first but then something happened that I can not remember where Melvein/Gelvin/whoever pulled out a blackish colored pistol and he took everyone on the bus hostage, and at some point during one or more moments when he got angry he shot and killed one or more people on the bus as an example showing that he was in control of the bus now and so we had to follow his orders or die.

Somehow I either had or found a blackish colored metal compact or a somewhat small full size pistol with a hard metal dot-like pistol grip/handle that might have been a Ruger or Sig Sauer or Beretta brand pistol in maybe 9mm/9x19mm, I remember hiding it in my right pocket ready to use it if necessary and/or if I saw an opening, and I so I tried to prepare myself for the possibility that I might have to shoot Melvin/Gelvin/whoever.

At some point Melvin/Gelvin/whoever started to get angry again and he started ranting loudly, it seemed that he was getting ready to shoot and kill another person, he sat back down in the seat in front of me maybe to pause for a moment before shooting his next victim (like he was trying to decide who to shoot this time, but I am not sure) and in front of him was the woman and her baby and both of them were staring at him; and I saw that he had his guard down and so this was my chance to shoot and kill him before he shot and killed anyone else but the woman and her baby was watching, I had already prepared myself to shoot him and so I was in a neutral/robotic/emotionless state/kill mode/whatever, and so I decided to take the risk and try to shoot and kill him before he could kill anyone else.

I pulled out my/the pistol and I said his name and he turned to me face-to-face to where we looked directly at each other eye-to-eye and I lifted my/the pistol probably with one hand pointing it at his face/head while feeling no emotions like a hitman and looking at him directly in the eyes, and I shot him once in the face/head causing his body to lock/freeze/stop for a moment as I continued to stare at him feeling no emotions, and then he slowly fell dead in his seat; and for a moment I probably was still pointing my pistol and I felt nothing at first, everyone was shocked especially the woman with her baby who was probably crying from the gun shot (they both saw me shoot him), and then I put my pistol away.

Then I slowly started to think about what had just happened and about what I had just done, and then I started to go into shock a bit; and I started to question if shooting him had been the right thing or not and I started to feel bad, especially for shooting him in front of the woman and her baby, and I wondered if what I had done was justified or even legal.

I heard some of the people mumbling/whispering about whether what I did was necessary or not, they were glad that the situation was over, but some of them had doubts as well and they were also a bit shocked/in shock; and the bus driver dropped my cousin ME and I off at the bus stop at my grandfather’s house, and I was looking down at the ground deep in thought feeling terrible as many thoughts and emotions over-whelmed me.

My cousin TE (my cousin ME’s sister) was walking up the street near the field by my parent’s house, and so my cousin ME ran to tell her what had happened on the bus as I stood there still in shock and thinking about what I had done; and I remember it bothering me/scaring me that earlier I had managed to put myself in a kill mode/neutral mode/whatever where I did not feel anything right before/during/after I shot and killed Melvin/Gelvin/whoever, and knowing that I was capable of that scared me/sadden me/made me feel ashamed/et cetera but I woke up probably from the over-whelming thoughts/emotions because I did not realize that I was dreaming and so I thought that what had just happened was real.

The end,

-John Jr