Investigating A Case With John Luther And Justin Ripley | Learning About Indian Culture And A Woman Using An African Religion To Make Money? | Talking With My Former Classmate JC | Increased Security At A Mall/School After An Attempted Attack

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Last night I got awakened by heat from a heater and I voice recorded two dreams, and then I went back to sleep and I woke up later remembering part of two more dreams.

Dream 1

In the first dream I think that I was either working with John Luther from the BBC TV show Luther or I was John Luther, I am not sure which but I am assuming that I was working with him, and Justin Ripley from Luther was working with us as well; and we were investigating one or more cases/trying to solve one or more cases, I remember something about bed mattresses being mentioned and/or being shown and/or being investigated, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place inside of a house/hotel-like building owned by a family who(m) I think were from India, I think that I was dating and/or interested in dating a woman with light brownish colored skin with long somewhat shiny dark brownish and/or blackish colored hair who was the daughter of the husband and wife/family who owned the house/hotel, and the woman was showing my brother GC and I around the house/hotel and introducing me/us to her family.

At some point we were on the first floor of the house/hotel in an area where most of her family was and I/we met her parent’s, her older sister who looked somewhat like her and who was wearing a nice whitish colored maybe Indian style(?) V-neck(?) long sleeve female shirt with gold-colored trim in an interesting design on the sleeves and V-neck areas, and maybe one or more of her family members; and I remember her older sister looking at me a bit suspiciously, she seemed protective of her younger sister, and so she seemed to be trying to decide if she wanted me dating her sister or not.

As the woman showed us around and introduced us to her family she also was teaching us about Indian culture/traditions/food/et cetera, I remember her mentioning that her older sister was going to start preparing a traditional Indian dish/food/meal soon, and so I volunteered to help her later so that I could learn the recipe and learn how to cook better and it would give me and the older sister a chance to talk/get to know each other better; and the older sister suspiciously accepted my offer to help her later, and she slightly seemed to trust me a bit more after I made the offer.

At some point the woman led us to a room and maybe she went to another room and was going to return to us later but I am not sure where she went, I just remember seeing several people sitting on the floor in the middle of the room in a circle with some pillows and/or something else on the floor as well, and an obese woman with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair with a fabric head-covering like the one Aunt Jemima wears and who looked a bit like Aunt Jemima was in the middle of the circle as the leader.

The woman who looked like Aunt Jemima had just finished doing an African-like ritual or religious ceremony or something like that for several middle class or upper class people with whitish colored skin who seemed to have probably paid her a lot of money for spiritual/religious guidance to help them with problems in their lives probably, we briefly talked with the woman who looked like Aunt Jemima, and I was slightly curious about what she does; and so I asked her if we could watch/take part in her next session/whatever, at first she agreed, but then she seemed to sense that we were skeptical about her (we wondered if she was scamming/tricking people for money using an African religion or a fake African religion) and so she said that it was not a good time now and maybe another day or later.

My brother GC and I stepped out of the room, my brother GC was glad that the woman cancelled the session/whatever, and my brother GC predicted that she would have charged us a lot of money for the session/whatever; and after thinking about it for a moment I felt/thought that my brother GC was probably right/correct, and I started to feel glad that she did cancel the session but I got awakened in the real world by heat from the heater as we were about to go find the woman from earlier and her older sister.

Dream 3

The third dream involved me walking outside during maybe a dark gray afternoon at an unknown fictional area across a small parking lot-like area with no automobiles or people around next to maybe a wooded trail like this area was an abandoned area that you could use as a shortcut to reach somewhere else, and my former classmate JC came walking through this area as well; and I stopped to greet him, and one or more unknown men joined us at some point.

I think that my former classmate JC was acting neutral-negative toward me but we still talked, I think that him and the one or more unknown men had been directly or indirectly involved with something that was possibly illegal, and they were talking about it with me; and maybe I directly or indirectly became involved with this and/or I tried not to become involved with this, but I am not sure/I can not remember, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

The fourth and last dream took place during the day at a fictional mall/school that had recently experienced an attempted attack by a man with whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair wearing a baseball cap/hat with blue jeans and a jacket and a hooded shirt with tennis shoes at maybe the school area, the man was acting suspicious and I think that he stopped to prepare a bomb and/or his weapons, but a security guard saw him while watching the security camera footage/video; and he called the police, and they stopped the man before he could carry out his attack.

Security at the mall/school was increased after the attempted attack and I went to the mall/school knowing about what had happened and I was very self-conscious(?)/worried about accidentally looking suspicious while exploring the mall/school, and so I tried so hard to not look suspicious that I actually looked suspicious as I explored the school area first while elementary and/or junior high school students were still having classes; and maybe a security guard stopped me to ask me questions and to search me, but I can not remember if this happened or not.

After exploring the school area I started exploring the mall area, and I saw lots of security guards and police on high alert; and maybe I came across my former classmate JC and the one or more unknown men again while I was exploring the mall area, and maybe I also came across John Luther and Justin Ripley again as they were probably investigating the attempted attack on the school/mall.

I might have joined Luther and Ripley in their investigation but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


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