An Attempted Coup And Helping Lady Jayne Wetherby And Kara Thrace (Starbuck) Has A Baby?

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I got awakened from my last dream because someone opened the bedroom door, people were making a lot of noise, and the heat from the heater made the bedroom hot; and so those things combined woke me up from my dream suddenly, unfortunately, causing me to forget most of my last dream even though it was a pretty clear and easy to remember dream.

The dream will not make much sense now that most of the dream is missing/forgotten because of being suddenly awakened by all of those things and I am not even sure if I was myself in the dream or not, the dream took place during the day, and I remember walking to what I think was a banquet that was taking place at a one-story building where a lot of high level/important people were; and there was a big crowd outside the entrance waiting to get inside and/or talking.

This dream took place in a different time period in a fantasy-like world that seemed to be a combination of a fictional past and a fictional future combining the world of the TV show Dracula (2013) with The Lord Of The Rings film series with the TV show Battlestar Galactica (2004) and one or more fictional worlds/time periods, and so there were people with old style and modern and futuristic clothes/armor/weapons and even maybe Orc / Alien-like humanoids / entities.

As we were waiting and talking outside the entrance Lady Jayne Wetherby from the TV show Dracula (2013) made a grand entrance walking confidently through the crowd wearing maybe a nice long purple dress with a gold-colored armored top with cleavage showing, but suddenly a lot of the Orc/Alien-like entities took her hostage by surprise and they pulled out weapons and they surrounded everyone outside like they were attempting a coup and were going to kill all the important/high-level people inside the building at the banquet.

Security closed and locked the doors to the building as the Orc/Alien-like entities expected and so they were going to use Lady Wetherby as a hostage to get them to open the doors, they told the security that they would kill Lady Wetherby if they did not open the doors but the security refused to their surprise because Lady Wetherby was a high-level person and they expected their hostage plan to work, and Lady Wetherby looked angry/embarrassed that she was taken hostage so easily because she was so focused on making a grand entrance and she was not paying attention.

I slowly got closer to the Orc/Alien-like entities who were holding Lady Wetherby hostage and before they went to kill her I attacked them and I freed Lady Wetherby and both of us grabbed some mêlée weapons and we started fighting the Orc/Alien-like entities with all we had, Lady Wetherby fought with great vengeance wanting revenge for being taken hostage and embarrassed in front of everyone and she was destroying Orc/Alien-like entities and she could clearly take care of herself, and us fighting inspired everyone else outside to fight and I yelled for them to fight as well; and a great battle took place, it was wild/crazy/et cetera, but a bit fun.

I remember blocking, dodging, chopping, stabbing, slicing, throwing, kicking, punching, elbowing, kneeing, jumping, et cetera during the battle and we were winning the battle; and I saw Kara Thrace (Starbuck) from the TV show Battlestar Galactica (2004) fighting as well, for some reason(s) that I can not remember I helped her escape the battle when it was over or when it was clear that we would win, and I remember us being maybe near some water next to some grass and dirt outside near a wilderness and an automobile.

Starbuck either had a baby there or during the battle or before the battle or not long ago maybe because she had a baby with her who seemed to have been born very recently, that is probably why I helped her escape after the battle or right before it was over, but she did not trust me; and so I kept trying to help her and to get her to trust me enough to help her and her baby escape, I think that it was her baby, but I could be wrong.

I think that I remember Starbuck being over-whelmed with the thought of being a mother and she probably told me that she did not think that she could handle being a mother, I tried to give her words of encouragement, but it probably did not help that much; and I probably helped her with her baby showing and teaching her basic skills to help her take care of her baby, but she still did not trust me.

I think that I wanted her to wait with me and/or drive in the automobile with me to another area where we could meet one or more people I knew who could help take Starbuck and her baby somewhere safer, but Starbuck did not trust me and she was refusing my offer; and so I kept trying to convince her that I was trying to help her, and maybe at some point a women I knew came to help us.

The woman probably tried to help me convince Starbuck to let us help her and her baby, but I got awakened suddenly in the real world by various things that I mentioned earlier.

The end,

-John Jr