My Former Classmate MT And A Homeless Man Trying To Sell A Cat And Fiona Apple?

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I slept pretty well last night and I woke up to use the bathroom once and I remembered part of one dream but I did not voice record it, and I went back to sleep; but when I woke up again later I managed to barely remember part of that dream.

I can only barely remember part of the end of that dream now, but I know that the dream was longer and a lot more happened that I can not remember; and a lot of the dream probably happened inside a large building that might have been a multi-purpose building that was a school/college combined with one or more buildings but I can not remember most of the dream except that I remember there being a canal or a sewer system or a tunnel or an alley(way) or a walkway or something like that on the right side of the building and I remember seeing a whitish colored with several other color cat.

The dream probably took place during a gray and cloudy day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D where Tractor Supply should be, at the end of the dream I remember talking and walking with my former classmate MT and one or more people who(m) I can not remember outside the building, and there were people outside coming and going from the building and parking lot like the front of the building was a general store.

We saw a homeless man with whitish colored skin with very short hair trying to catch a cat who was a whitish color combined with several other colors who I remember seeing several times before earlier in the dream, the homeless man wanted us to help him catch the cat who was hiding under the building, and the homeless man wanted to sell the cat hoping to get a lot of money for it; and I remember my former classmate MT rudely telling the homeless man to get away from us and he told him that he smelled like urine (which he did, I was able to smell it in the dream), and my former classmate MT told me/us to keep walking.

I probably told my former classmate MT that he was rude to the homeless man as we were walking across the parking lot, but then behind me/us in the distance near the building I heard someone yelling: “Fiona, Fiona…….. Fiona Apple!”.

At first I thought that maybe a journalist / paparazzi saw a celebrity and was trying to get her attention and at first I thought that the character Fiona Goode from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven was the Fiona he was yelling at until I heard him yell Fiona Apple, and that surprised me; and I turned around to try to see if it really was Fiona Apple because I doubted that she would ever visit the city of D, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr