Helping A Police Officer & Dog & Waiting With President Barack Obama & A 20 July Plot-Like Assassination Plan?

I got awakened last night because of people making too much noise and from getting too cold, and I only remember part of my last dream.

My last dream started during the day in a fictional place at what seemed to be a small one-story cabin/hotel-like building near a forest in the countryside, I was there with my family on vacation it seemed, and some other people were at the cabin/hotel-like building as well; and each family/person had their own cabin/hotel room with its own door and all of our rooms were on one hallway on both sides of the hallway, and everyone shared an outdoor deck/patio/porch that was around most of the building.

At some point one of my brothers, a slightly obese young man with whitish colored skin with short hair, and I went outside and we got on the back of maybe a truck; and someone started driving us down a small quiet country highway/road that was in front of the cabin/hotel-like building, I remember us enjoying the ride looking at the forests/fields/farms/homes/et cetera on both sides of the highway/road, at some point I heard a strange wild non-human animal-like noise that got my attention but it was only the slightly obese young man making a noise trying to scare me for fun and we laughed about it.

At some point we stopped on the side of the highway because we saw a police officer with whitish colored skin wearing blackish colored sunglasses on side of the road with a small dog that looked like maybe a Chihuahua with short-to-medium length orangeish/brownish colored fur, the police officer was trying to get some photographs/video footage of the small dog, and he asked me to pick up the dog and to hold it so that he could take some photographs/video footage of the dog; and so I picked up the dog for him while he took photographs/video footage of it, the dog started to act dominate toward me and it probably tried to bite me, and so I put the dog down once the police officer was done and he/we laughed about the situation.

At some point we continued riding the truck down the highway until we reached a one-story building with no windows on the side of the road and we went inside of it, I remember seeing a cart full of large clear plastic barrels full of a liquid that I was assuming was water, and so I decided to start pushing the cart through the building as we walked for some unknown reason(s); and we came across a group of young people, and at some point we reached a room with two entrance/exit doors that had a desk with an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with her hair pinned up(?) in a professional style wearing plastic framed glasses with a light-colored suit top(?) with a dress skirt(?) sitting behind the desk.

Suddenly The President Of The United States Barack Obama walked in the room from the second entrance/exit door alone with no security to our surprise, the woman seemed to be his secretary/assistant and maybe she was even a United States Secret Service agent (but she did not seem like one), and President Obama had a neutral facial expression on his face and he acted like he did not see us at first; and all the young people with me whispered: “It’s President Obama!” and they stood to attention like soldiers and maybe some of them might have saluted President Obama, and I stood with them for a moment.

President Obama looked at us eventually and he probably smiled at us and said hello while maybe saluting back at the young people, he probably briefly said a few things to us, and then he started acting like we were not there again; and he walked around a bit like he was waiting for the Secret Service to clear the building and/or like there was a situation going on where he was required to wait in this room until it was clear, he still had a neutral facial expression the entire time and maybe he briefly talked with the woman, and then there was an awkward silence as we all waited.

I think that the cart full of barrels of liquid was in the room with us because I probably pushed it in the room with us earlier, I got tired of the awkward silence, and so I sneaked out of the room back to the entrance/exit of the building; but then I noticed another cart full of barrels of liquid that was not there before, I thought that this was strange, and the 20 July Plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler came to my mind instantly when I saw this new cart full of barrels and I wondered if one or both of them contained explosives or not meant to kill President Obama.

I am not sure what I decided to do exactly because my memory is too unclear, I might have taken this new cart outside in case it was explosives to help avoid people being killed inside the building, and then I probably went back to the room where President Obama and the others were to get the other cart to take it outside as well but I am not sure; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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