Thinking About The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Flying & Helping Detectives | Trying To Direct A Short Film About My Second Dream

I got awakened last night by people making noise and opening the bedroom door, I remembered part of two dreams and I voice recorded them, and then I went back to sleep and I had another dream that I remember part of.

Dream 1

The first dream involved me/my brain/my mind thinking/dreaming about the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trying to decide what weapons, armors, skills, race, et cetera I should use/choose/et cetera and other things like that; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream is unclear in the beginning but something happened that I can not remember and I started trying to fly and it worked, and I remember flying in the air trying to figure out how to fly better; and I remember pointing my arms up in the air to fly up, pointing my arms straight in front of me to fly straight/evenly, and pointing my arms down to fly down.

I flew up above the clouds probably, then I flew straight, and then I flew below the clouds so that I could have a good view of what was on the ground and I remember that flying was pretty easy and fun; and at some point I probably decided to land in an alley(way) in a fictional city near a college/school-like campus that has been in one or more of my past dreams, and I remember seeing two male detectives with whitish colored with short hair wearing tan-colored trench coats walking up the alley(way) to meet a man with whitish colored skin with short hair who I assume was an informant with some information about some crimes/criminals.

None of the men seemed to notice me in the alley(way) watching them as they started talking, the informant was telling them about some people involved in selling illegal weapons and drugs, but suddenly a group of men started shooting at them trying to kill the informant I guess; and a shootout began, at some point the group of men ran away, but then another group of men attacked the two detectives and the informant (if he was still around, maybe he ran away after the first attack, but I can not remember).

I saw some guns on the ground that the other group of men had dropped (some of them probably died, but I am not sure) and so I decided to pick up some of the guns, and I started helping the two detectives and the informant (if he was still around) during the second shootout; and eventually we forced the second group of men to run (maybe the informant ran as well, if he was still around, or he was told to leave to a safe place), the two detectives and I ran after the second group of men, and I remember us running out of the alley(way) to a small corner courtyard near two multi-story college/school-like buildings but I got awakened by people making noise and opening the bedroom door in the real world.

Dream 3

The third/last dream took place inside a multi-story multi-purpose building that had a McDonald’s-like fast food restaurant on the first floor and various other types of areas on the upper floors, I was in the building with my family and many of my former classmates, and it seemed like I/we were in school again and like we were on a field trip or like we were about to leave on a field trip; and I think that the dream took place in a fictional version of D or a city like D near were the Taco Bell should be, and I think that the sky/outside was a strange dreamy/surreal dark purplish color.

On the upper floor where we were there were no windows and I was directing a short film about the second dream that I had last night, I thought that this was the real world and so I told my family and my former classmates about my dreams from last night, and some of my former classmates agreed to act in a short film of my second dream; and so I was directing them as we started filming my short film of the second dream and things were going good until someone/something interrupted us as we were trying to film the part of the dream about the two detectives, and after this interruption I could not get anyone to finish acting in my short film.

Everyone started to ignore my orders/commands and they ignored me as I tried to explained my dream to them, they listened but they did not respond and they no longer cared about my dream it seemed, and eventually I got gave up in frustration after failing to get anyone to finish acting in my film so that I could finish it; and I remember trying to talk to a lot of my former classmates like LB, TT, MB, et cetera but eventually I walked off in anger.

I remember walking through the many hallways until I accidentally came across a room with two wooden double doors with a woman with whitish colored skin dressed in a medium colored/maybe blueish colored suit top with a dress skirt sitting at a desk in front of the door with political-like promotional materials like she was helping with a political campaign and like a political campaign rally was going to take place in the room soon, we briefly said something that I can not remember to each other, and then I turned around to walk back to my family and my former classmates.

It was time for my family and my former classmates to get some food/drink in the McDonald’s-like fast food restaurant on the first floor so we went there to order our food/drinks, I remember walking outside still frustrated about not being able to finish my short film because no one seemed to care about my dream anymore and they were ignoring me, and I waited for the others to finish so that we could leave on our field trip/whatever; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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