Going To My Cousin DE’s Apartment And Hanging Out With My Former Classmates JC And MJ | 11th Grade Again And Jogging And Joining The Soccer Team | Becoming A Vampire?

I got awakened by people making noise and opening the bedroom door again, I barely remembered part of one dream and I voice recorded it and I went back to sleep, and I woke up remembering part of a second/another dream and I voice recorded it and I went back to sleep partly; and I kept waking up partly and going back to sleep partly having variations/different versions of a third/another dream/semi-dream/semi-daydream and/or continuations of that dream, but my memory is very unclear of the various versions of this dream and so I have forgotten most of it.

Dream 1

I can not remember most of the first dream but I know that it took place in a fictional city during the evening or night and I was riding in an automobile that my mom was driving and my cousin DE was with us like we were visiting him in the city that he lived in, my cousin DE acted/seemed/looked like he was not doing good like he was suffering from some mental/emotional/social/physical/financial/et cetera problems and so he did not smile or talk much, and we problem drove to several places in the city with him to spent some time with him; and at some point we drove to his apartment building briefly so that I could go inside his apartment to get something that I can not remember, and my mom and my cousin DE stayed in the automobile while I went inside my cousin DE’s apartment alone.

The apartment building was a small multi-story reddish/whitish colored brick building in a lower-class/low-income neighborhood it seemed with a small parking lot next to the road, my cousin DE did not want us to go to his apartment really like maybe he was ashamed of it but we convinced him that it would not take long, and the inside of his apartment was messy/unclean with trash/stuff all over the place and it looked a bit nasty but it would have looked normal/okay/nice if it had been kept clean; and I remember wanting to clean the apartment but I stopped myself and I went to the bathroom to get whatever it was that I was supposed to get, the bathroom was especially nasty/unclean/messy, and I remember quickly cleaning the trash/stuff around the sink.

I reminded myself that I was not supposed to take long and so I stopped myself from cleaning the rest of the bathroom and the apartment and I ran outside back to the automobile with whatever it was that I got out of the apartment, I still wanted to clean the apartment and I wondered what problems my cousin DE and why he was not cleaning his apartment, but I decided to keep it to myself until I could find a way to bring up the topic with my cousin DE without making things worse for him.

Later in the dream I was alone still in this fictional city during the night and I came across my former classmates JC and MJ, we talked and we went around the city, and at some point we drove back to the city of D to my parent’s house; and we hung out there and we were going to drive back to the previous/other/earlier city later, but I got awakened in the real world by people making noise and opening the bedroom door.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in a fictional version of the city of D on a nice day outside of a fictional version of D High School and I am assuming that I was in 11th grade again, I was jogging outside on a track that crossed the school’s soccer field and that went under a partly underground tunnel, and there were other people/students jogging as well as the soccer team practiced on the soccer field; and I remember having a good time jogging trying to compete/test myself  against other joggers and trying to show off my endurance/jogging skills, and at some point the soccer team noticed me and they asked me to practice with them.

I nicely refused their offer at first but they managed to convince me to practice with them eventually, I did so good at defense and supporting the offense that they wanted me to join the team, but I once again nicely refused their offer at first but they managed to convince me to join the team; and there was a series of jumps in time showing me playing soccer on the team doing very good and having fun, but I woke up at some point.

Dream 3

The third/last dream is really part of a series of semi-dreams/semi-daydreams of the same dream but with different variations of the dream each time but my memory of it/them is too unclear, I barely remember part of one of the variations, and all of them took place inside one-story building with no windows.

The building had many hallways and rooms I think and I think that security guards patrolled various parts of the building, I would always be exploring the building with the same group of men and one of them was a man who slightly reminded me of Froy / Froylan Tercero from the TV show Operation Repo, and he would always try to convince me/suggest to me to do various things that would lead to action/violence/et cetera like he was trying to make everything like an action movie but I would often refuse and I would often suggest safer approaches/options.

In one of the dreams I think that we got attacked by maybe vampires or something and maybe we became vampires/whatever as well but I am not sure because my memory is too unclear from waking up partly and going back to sleep partly so many times, at this point I was not acting like myself anymore and I started following some of Froy’s advice, and the dream started to become more like an action movie and we started to act more like villains; and we probably started going around the building attacking security guards and/or sneaking around the building trying to get into restricted areas, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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