Talking With A Ghost Of A Dead Family Member And Spending Time With Fictional Siblings Of My Brother CC’s Fictional Girlfriend

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I got awakened a few times and one of those times I was awakened between maybe 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM and I could not go back to sleep oddly, it took me until maybe after 6:00 AM to go back to sleep, and I forgot all of my dreams before this point or I forget my dreams during this time that I was awake; but after finally going back to sleep I had another dream that I remember part of.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D and I went to my grandfather’s house with my family and some of our family members from my mom’s side of the family like my aunt DE were there, I remember my brother CC being there with a fictional girlfriend who was different from his girlfriend in real life, and this fictional girlfriend was an attractive young woman with whitish colored skin with long dark reddish colored hair.

We all probably talked a bit and at some point almost everyone left, maybe to a fair-like event that was taking place in town except for my parent’s who went to get a rental car and one or more of my family members who stayed at my grandfather’s house and I, and I remember being inside my grandfather’s house alone (though one or more family members were inside the house somewhere); and the inside of the front of the house looked like it does in real life, but the back of the house was completely different and it was much larger than in real life and a hallway led to this part of the house.

The back of the house had a large empty room/hallway that could be used as a second living room or family room or dinning room or meeting/gathering room et cetera, and there were lots of doors/rooms around this empty room/hallway, and most of the floors/ceilings/walls in this part of the house were a grayish/whitish color; and to the left of the room/hallway was a smaller hallway with rooms/doors on both sides of it that led to a small family room that you could walk through to reach maybe a bedroom and even more parts of the house but I probably did not go any further than the small family room.

Something strange happened that I can not remember where I started seeing and hearing people in the house, I ended up talking with the ghost of one of my dead female family members from my mom’s side of the family but I can not remember which one (maybe one of my female cousins), and she told me that those people I saw and heard were ghosts of other people who died in this house; and she told me that their ghosts were trapped in the room(s) that they died in, this happens when some people die for some unknown reasons, and most of them were ghosts of family members who died before even I was born but one or more of them were ghosts of non-family members.

One of the ghosts of a non-family member was a ghost of a young woman, I did not get to see her but the female ghost of one of my family members told me the story of the ghost of the young woman (I think that she once loved one of my male family members and some of my family members did not like her and/or she did not like them, but something happened where she somehow was either killed/murdered or she killed herself or she died in a room in the house and her ghost is now trapped in that room), and she told the story like she did not like the young woman; and she told me not to enter the room where the ghost of the young woman was and she did not want me to even talk to the ghost of the young woman, I thought this was a bit mean/strange to isolate her ghost like that, but I followed her advice.

I remember asking questions/talking to the ghost of one of my female family members and she was explaining various secrets/hidden knowledge about various things to me but at some point we got interrupted by one of my living female cousins (probably my cousin AE), and my cousin AE/whoever already knew about the ghosts to my surprise; and she talked to me briefly about them, and then she walked off.

I was back in the large empty room/hallway when fictional siblings of my brother CC’s fictional girlfriend entered the room/hallway as well, I did not know who they were at first until they told me because I had never met them before, and there were three of them; and she had two sisters and one brother with one of the sisters being the oldest (she had whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair) and the brother being the second oldest (he had whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair) and the other sister was the youngest and she was a no older than 5 years old (she had whitish colored skin with medium length brownish colored hair).

The older sister and brother acted middle-class-to-upper-class like they were used to having money and having a good time, and the brother somewhat reminded me of the actor Sebastian Stan acting as his characters (Jonathan “Jack” Benjamin and Thomas James “T.J.” Hammond) in the TV shows Kings and Political Animals; and I briefly talked with them, and something weird happened where a room at the end of the room/hallway on the left side had a whitish colored medical/science lab with a special futuristic machine that could heal/cure people like on the film Elysium; but you had to pay a lot of money to the doctors/nurses/scientists/whoever who ran the machine, the older sister and brother had saved up enough money to have their younger sister healed/cured of a certain health problem/condition that she had that I can not remember, and so I went into the room with them to watch.

I remember their younger sister laying on the table of the machine and the nurses/doctors prepared her and the machine but when they went to make a payment through the debit/credit card it showed that there was no money in that special account that they had saved money in, it seemed like maybe they lived off of a trust fund from their parent’s who might have been dead but I am not sure and so they only got a certain amount of money each month and so they saved some of that money each month in a special account that would be used to pay for their younger sister to be healed/cured, and so someone had stolen their money from that special account; and so the nurses/doctors told them that they could not heal/cure their younger sister until they got the money, this angered the older sister and the brother, and they tried to explain that they had the money but someone stole it but the nurses/doctors only cared about getting paid.

In desperation the older sister and the brother begged the nurses/doctors to heal/cure their younger sister now until they could get their stolen money back but the nurses/doctors still refused, they explained that their family had money but they still refused, and so in desperation the brother pulled out a pistol; and he demanded the nurses/doctors to cure/heal their younger sister, but surprisingly they still refused.

I probably calmed the brother down and I probably convinced him to put the gun away and that we should focus on getting their stolen money back and come back another day to have their younger sister cured/healed, I guess the nurses/doctors decided not to call the police, and I left with the 3 siblings back into another part of the house; and then I went outside because my parent’s had returned with the rental car, it was a small/compact reddish colored car, and oddly it only had two indoor seats and even more strange is it had two tiny outdoor seats.

There was not enough room for me to fit inside of the car with my parent’s, who were about to go somewhere (maybe the fair-like event/whatever), and so I decided to stay and visit with the three siblings; and my parent’s left in the tiny rental car.

The three siblings wanted to go to the fair-like event/whatever and so I rode in their car to the event that took place in a fictional field/area and across the street from the DY Baseball Field where the Snow-Cone Stand should be and there was/were many different activities taking place like maybe a gun show, a temporary water park with a tall slide, fair rides/equipment with maybe a tall slide, food/drink/business stands, music, dance, et cetera.

Almost everyone was having a good time and I remember exploring with the three siblings, at some point we went to the area where the Snow-Cone Stand should be where a lot of young adults were hanging out, and one or more men started bothering us; and they looked/acted like villains from a 1980s film like The Karate Kid film, one of them had whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair in a 1980s style, and he was the most annoying.

Somehow I managed to stop the bully without using violence and we continued having fun, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr