Filming For A Movie And A Job Offer And Getting Robbed And Getting Tricked By Radical Edward?


Promotional poster of Cowboy Bebop,

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Cowboy Bebop
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Used to show the crew of the Bebop.

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It is amazing that I even remember part of one dream from last night because I got awakened several times because someone closed the doors blocking the heater from warmer most of the house, later during the night someone turned down the heater making it colder, I got awakened by people making noise, I had to use the bathroom three times during the night, when I woke up I had to clean the house/eat/exercise/and deal with a computer problem because of a corrupted installer/install and uninstall problem for Hotspot Shield VPN 3.20 / 3.19 and I was not able to voice record any of my dreams because the Back/Home Button on my MP3 player is broken; but somehow I managed to remember part of the end of my last dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional place and it was a clear/easy to remember dream in the beginning but all the interruptions last night have caused me to forget most of the dream except for part of the end of the dream and so it will not make much sense, but near the end of the dream I remember walking to an indoor/outdoor area that had a narrow hospital/medical clinic/professional baseball team/et cetera building on the left side and a narrow semi-outdoor tunnel/alley(way)/building/et cetera of mostly food/drink/business/fair/entertainment/et cetera stands.