Filming For A Movie And A Job Offer And Getting Robbed And Getting Tricked By Radical Edward?


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It is amazing that I even remember part of one dream from last night because I got awakened several times because someone closed the doors blocking the heater from warmer most of the house, later during the night someone turned down the heater making it colder, I got awakened by people making noise, I had to use the bathroom three times during the night, when I woke up I had to clean the house/eat/exercise/and deal with a computer problem because of a corrupted installer/install and uninstall problem for Hotspot Shield VPN 3.20 / 3.19 and I was not able to voice record any of my dreams because the Back/Home Button on my MP3 player is broken; but somehow I managed to remember part of the end of my last dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional place and it was a clear/easy to remember dream in the beginning but all the interruptions last night have caused me to forget most of the dream except for part of the end of the dream and so it will not make much sense, but near the end of the dream I remember walking to an indoor/outdoor area that had a narrow hospital/medical clinic/professional baseball team/et cetera building on the left side and a narrow semi-outdoor tunnel/alley(way)/building/et cetera of mostly food/drink/business/fair/entertainment/et cetera stands.

I went to the indoor/outdoor area on the right side at first where people were walking around, talking, shopping, playing, et cetera and at some point a lot of people with cameras and security guards/police/Secret Service-like agents were walking around like some celebrities and/or The President Of The United States and The First Lady Of The United States were coming; and I remember seeing some celebrities walking by like maybe a scene in a movie was being filmed because the celebrities seemed to be acting, and I remember the US President and First Lady walked by with a lot of security but they were probably actors/actresses playing the US President and First Lady in a film but I could be wrong.

Other people and I watched all this excitement/commotion taking place until it/they passed, then at some point I remember seeing some professional baseball players walking to their locker room in the building on the left side, and I was wearing a professional baseball-like uniform that was a whitish color with reddish colored trim/words I think; and I decided to walk to their building because I looked like I might be a baseball player on the team, and it worked but then I noticed a hospital/medical clinic/et cetera connected to the building and I explored it a bit.

I remember seeing nurses/doctors/patients/et cetera, I probably talked to a few of them especially a short female nurse with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair, and at some point I briefly went back to explore the indoor/outdoor area on the right side; and I remember seeing a girl with a fair-like stand who looked like/reminded me of Radical Edward from the Japanese animated (anime) TV show Cowboy Bebop except that she was not animated probably but I am not sure, and she was trying to get people/me to pay to play a game at her stand but I did not trust her at first and so I politely refused.

Radical Edward tried to warn me to not trust one or more of the people running some of the other stands but I did not trust her, at some point when I was at another stand I was robbed of my glass gauntlets (like on the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) without knowing it at first, and so it seemed that Radical Edward had been right/correct; and so I went around looking for my glass gauntlets until I ended up back at the area on the left side, and the female nurse who I had talked to earlier asked me if I wanted a job.

I told her that it depends on what the job was and if it was a job that I could handle/be good at, the female nurse seemed to misunderstand what I said, and she walked off without saying anything to me; and I tried to talk to her but she ignored me and she continued to walk off, I was disappointed because I wanted to know what the job was and I really needed a job, and I did not like the female nurse being angry at me because we had got along so well earlier.

I briefly followed the nurse still trying to get her to talk to me but she still ignored me and so I gave up to avoid her calling security on me, this sadden me a bit, and then I continued my search for my glass gauntlets while still thinking about the situation with the female nurse; and I went back to the area on the right side, and I went to tell Radical Edward that she had been correct/right not to trust that/those other stand(s).

Radical Edward wanted me to pay to play a game at her stand, I still did not trust her completely and so I asked her to show me what the game was and how to play it and she smiled, and she picked up a whitish colored ceramic pot-like object and she wiped it with oil and/or mud and she put it on top of something in front of her stand while rubbing it and making silly noises while trying to move it around; and this looked very silly/goofy/stupid/pointless/crazy/et cetera, and I wondered if she was pretending/joking around or if she was serious.

I wondered if her stand was a joke to make easy money and I wondered if she was distracting me for some reason, at least two boys walked by me with a group of other people, and then I decided that I would give Radical Edward some money without playing the game just to make her stop because I started to feel a bit bad for her after seeing how silly/stupid/crazy/odd/et cetera she was acting; but my wallet was missing from my pocket, and then I quickly assumed that one of the two boys who passed me had stolen it.

I told Radical Edward and then I/we were going to go after the two boys, I wondered if Radical Edward and the two boys had worked together to rob me or not because it seemed like Radical Edward was distracting me but I was not sure, but I woke up as I/we ran after the two boys.

The end,

-John Jr

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