Solving Cases With And / Or Like Sherlock Holmes? | Ingidisa’s Comment? | Being Dragonborn And Fighting Dragons And A Gang / Cartel At A Temple Of Talos?

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I did not go to bed until about 4:00 AM last night and I forgot all of my dreams except for part of three dreams that I somewhat remember.

Dream 1

The first dream was inspired by the BBC TV show Sherlock, maybe Sherlock Homes was in the dream but I can not remember, but I do remember solving cases with and/or like Sherlock; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In the second dream I got a spam-like comment on my Blog from Ingidisa, it had a short sentence that had nothing to do with my blog post and there was a link to what might have been a YouTube video supposedly, but I did not click the link because I wondered if someone had hacked Ingidisa’s Account and started making spam comments on other people’s blogs with a malicious link hoping that people would click on the link so that it would infect their computers with malware that would possibly help the hacker to hack their accounts as well; and so I was going to investigate the situation/link and then contact Ingidisa about the situation, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third and last dream took place during they day in a fictional dream world that was like Skyrim from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim except that it was combined with our modern world/time period oddly, it seemed that I was Dragonborn and that dragons were taking over the world again being led by a dragon who was probably Alduin, and it seemed that I was at an isolated Temple Of Talos that was possibly built-into a mountain.

A priestess of Talos wearing a hooded priest/priestess robe from the video game The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim with the hood on was letting me hide at the temple and she was probably helping protect/teach/assist/et cetera me to save the world from the dragons, the priestess ran the temple it seemed and other followers of Talos were there at the temple helping me as well, and they seemed to see me as their main hope of defeating the dragons and I guess they felt that I was blessed by Talos.

We were trying to train and build an army to go help and train other people it seemed and I also was trying to make a plan that would allow me/us to kill Alduin, really we wanted peace with the dragons but it did not seem likely and the dragons were killing people everyday, and so we were secretly preparing ourselves for a guerrilla warfare against the dragons probably; but I did not see how we could win with so few people, weapons, armor, or time to train.

The priestess was very nice to me and I remember her and some of the others would always wear amulets of Talos and they probably gave me one, they would also take time to worship at the shrine of Talos, and the temple was a nice sturdy temple with a design that is hard to describe because my memory is unclear; but you had to climb to reach certain parts of the temple, and I spent a lot of my time in the upper part of the temple that was harder to reach and so I was safer and hidden from most people visiting the temple.

One day while I was in the upper part of the temple I finished a conversation with the priestess and a man who seemed to be one of my bodyguards/military officers and a nice woman who was a new volunteer helping us with food/medical care/et cetera, they walked off to the lower parts of the temple, but the temple got attacked by Alduin and what seemed to be a so-called Latin Gang/Cartel who were serving in Alduin’s army it seemed.

The new female volunteer and some other people at the temple were killed at the beginning of the surprise attack, the gang/cartel had guns and mêlée weapons, and I started trying to leave the upper part of the temple to help; but I think that the priestess and my bodyguard told me that the others would handle it, and the people at the temple started fighting back against the gang/cartel using some of the skills we had practiced.

The leader of the gang/cartel was a short muscular but somewhat fat man with light brownish/yellowish/whitish colored skin wearing a yellowish/several other colors bandana with blackish colored sunglasses with a whitish colored A-shirt/muscle shirt and baggy shorts, him and several others and Alduin were trying to get to the top of the temple where I was, and so I decided to flank them; and at some point I remember my bodyguard and the priestess and a few others fighting them while I went to fight Alduin alone.

I started flying by flapping my arms like a bird but it was very hard to fly and I was very slow but I reached Alduin, my plan was to hit him with the Marked For Death dragon shout first to weaken his defenses and to cause constant damage to him and then I would hit him with maybe the Unrelenting Force shout to stun him so that I can kill him with a sword, and Alduin was very over-confident as expected and I did not think that I could defeat him but I was going to try anyway.

I landed outside the temple on the ground tricking Alduin to do the same but I hit him with the Marked For Death shout by surprise, when he landed I hit him with the Unrelenting Force shout which stunned him, and then I ran at him with a greatsword and I attacked him until I cut his head off; and I killed him and I won the fight that quickly without getting touched to my surprise, and so my plan worked.

I ran to help the others and we defeated the gang/cartel and their leader and fewer people on our side died than we had expected, and so the battle was a success; but there were still other dragons out there attacking the world, and so the war was probably not over but I woke up as we tried to help the wounded and collect the dead.

The end,

-John Jr