Mary And Her Mean / Rude Mom And High School Graduation Again

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I woke up almost forgetting almost all of my dreams from last night like maybe I slept too deeply for too long or something like that, so I woke up with a blank mind mostly not even knowing what day it was at first, and I barely remember part of my last dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional place and I was in a fictional dimly lit school auditorium and I was in high school again with fictional and maybe real former classmates, and we were going to have our high school graduation inside the auditorium later in the day during the evening or night probably; and so we were somewhat practicing for the graduation I guess and some of our family/parents/et cetera and teachers were there as well.

I remember talking with some of my classmates, looking over the list that showed the order of events for the graduation along with the names of everyone involved et cetera, talking with my parent’s, being worried that I would have to give a public speech or something like that during the graduation, et cetera; and someone told me that I was supposed to do something during the graduation that might have involved leading The Pledge Of Allegiance and/or a public prayer and/or a public speech and/or something like that, but I did not see my name listed on the list of speakers/whatever.

I remember hoping that person was wrong about that because I did not want to speak in front of a crowd and so that kept bothering me during the dream, but I did give myself some courage when I seemed to have reminded myself that I have graduated before and that I would survive speaking publicly if I had to; and during the dream another situation was taking place between one of my classmates who(m) I think was named Mary (or her mom was named Mary or they both were named Mary) and I.

Mary seemed to be a female classmate of mine who(m) I liked and she liked me it seemed, we both wanted to date each other it seemed but her mom was very strict and she would not let her date until maybe she graduated, and even then it would probably be hard to convince her mom to let me date her daughter/Mary; and so Mary and I seemed to have wanted to date each other for a long time, and so I planned on talking to her mom about the situation after our high school graduation.

There was something strange about dream because Mary and her mom seemed/looked/acted/dressed/et cetera like they were from another time period (maybe the time period when Mary from the Christian Bible supposedly lived) and Mary’s mom’s appearance changed during the dream from looking a bit like an older strict/mean Catholic nun version of Mary (whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair always wearing a head-cover/whatever) to later in the dream she looked like a normal woman from our modern time period with whitish colored skin with medium length/almost shoulder length blondish colored hair and she looked and dressed like Mary Day from the BBC TV show Luther, and Mary looked like how Mary from the Christian Bible is often portrayed with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair and she always wore a head-cover/whatever with clothing from that older time period probably.

Mary’s mom came to the graduation practice and I remember talking with her at some point to prepare myself to talk to her later about the situation between her daughter Mary and I, she was very mean/rude/et cetera and she did not seem to like me, and she even treated Mary very poorly; and her appearance/personality/beliefs/et cetera seemed to be from that older time period, so she treated Mary more like property instead of like a daughter, and at some point I went outside to talk with Mary alone and it was a nice sunny day outside and we talked in a parking lot sitting on a metal guard rail(?).

Mary explained to me that her mom always acts like that and that she is mean to almost everyone, especially young men/men, and we talked about our situation; and I think that she did not want me to talk to her mom later, I think that she wanted me to slowly get her mom to somewhat like me first before talking to her, but that would probably take months/years/forever and so I wanted to do it now but I told Mary that I would think about the situation.

At some point we went back inside the auditorium and later in the dream Mary’s mother looked/dressed like Mary Day from the BBC TV show Luther but she still had the same mean/rude personality/beliefs/et cetera, and I remember her saying negative things about people pointing out their flaws and she acted like she was perfect; and it seemed that she felt that she was superior to everyone else, and so she seemed to look down on everyone but herself and she acted like a terrible person.

But I can not remember the rest of the dream and I woke up at some point.

The end,

-John Jr


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