Helping Fiona Goode And Cordelia Foxx And Other Witches Escape By Spaceship

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Dream 1

I had several dreams last night but I was not able to voice record my dreams and so I forgot most of my dreams after waking up to use the bathroom several times, but I know that I had a dream that involved a TV show but that is all that I can remember of that dream.

Dream 2

My second/last dream is a bit confusing and very unclear but I know that it involved the Supreme Witch Fiona Goode and her daughter Cordelia Foxx from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven, I watched the latest episode last night before going to bed, and the dream might have taken place on Earth and/or another planet but I am not sure because I can only remember part of the end of the dream; and some parts of the dream repeated several times with different outcomes, and so the dream is unclear and confusing.

It seemed that maybe witches / people with powers were being hunted down by non-witches/people without powers but I am not sure, and so maybe witches were joining together to hide/run/fight back/et cetera; and at some point a group of witches contacted Fiona Goode to lead/protect them since she was a Supreme Witch, and her daughter Cordelia Foxx joined her to help as well.

Somehow I got involved with helping the witches and I helped them gather together to escape the planet and/or country in a field next to a rectangular shaped metal box-cart/train-cart-like spaceship (it was not fancy and it had no seats and it was mostly empty to hold a lot of people, and somehow it could fly with barely any controls), and I left to escort Fiona and Cordelia to meet with the other witches to escape and/or to meet with the non-witches who were hunting the witches (I think that they/we were going to meet with the non-witches first hoping to make a treaty to stop the witch hunt, and then we were going to meet the other witches to escape by spaceship).

So in a way I was a bodyguard for Fiona and Cordelia during this part of the dream, I remember us walking during a nice sunny day in a fictional field near where Sergeant B’s house should be in the city of D or a fictional version of the city of D but it was further down past where S’s Store should be before you get to the abandoned B Store, and we walked to a small mobile storage building/house that was in the field where our meeting with the non-witches was supposed to take place.

We saw and heard no one around which was suspicious and I did not like the situation but Fiona was over-confident as usual so she was not worried, we walked inside the storage building/house which was furnished with various items scattered around and we were supposed to be meeting one or more men in suits with whitish colored skin who were high level people with the government/an intelligence agency/whoever, but we heard the doors and windows lock; and we could not open them, and so it was clear that it was a trap.

I remember us trying to escape the house before the non-witches arrived to arrest and/or kill us, this part of the dream repeated several times automatically when I would hear the non-witches arriving with aircrafts/vehicles/weapons/et cetera, and so during each repeat I would try various ways to escape the building before the non-witches arrived; and finally during one repeat I found a way to escape the building, I saw a ventilation shaft/whatever that I could unscrew with a screwdriver that was lying around, and so I unscrewed the cover.

We started to escape the building but Fiona was the last person left to climb out but there was not enough time for her to climb out so she told us to leave without her, we did not want to leave her but she convinced us to, and so we left her; but I think this part of the dream repeated again, and I managed to move fast enough to where we all escaped to meet the other witches by the spaceship.

I think that we got on the spaceship and we left the planet or country to another planet or country, I remember us landing and I went with Fiona to meet some other witches and their leader for a meeting, but their leader seemed to be a plant creäture with tentacles that lived on their spaceship; and it attacked us/Fiona to see who should lead the witches, and so Fiona and the plant creäture had a dual until Fiona won and the plant creäture let her lead the other group of witches as well so Fiona was now the leader of two groups of witches but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr