My Parents And Me Cleaning My Aunt JE’s Room / House Inside My Grandfather’s House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I got awakened a few times and I was not able to voice record my dreams, and so I forgot all of my dreams at this time except for barely part of the end of my last dream; but hopefully I will remember more of my dreams later.

I can only remember a small part of the dream and so the dream is very unclear and it does not make much sense, I remember being inside a house that looked like my grandfather’s house, but there were a few strange things about the house.

One of the strange things about the house was that it seemed that my aunt JE lived in the house and it was like the real house that she lives in was somehow able to fit inside of one bedrooms in my grandfather’s house that was next to the dining room in the family room, but I could be wrong.

My aunt JE was in the kitchen or where the kitchen should be and my parent’s and I were in the family room, and we smelled smoke and so we walked into the bedroom where my aunt JE was living; and I think that the inside of the bedroom was the real house that she lives in, and we found some bed sheets or something that smelled like cigarette smoke because my aunt JE smokes cigarettes.

The room/house was a bit messed up and so my parent’s started to clean it up, at some point I helped my parent’s fold the bed sheets/whatever, and we organized them nicely; and then I decided to stop helping for now, and my parent’s continued cleaning my aunt JE’s room/house.

I walked to the kitchen or where the kitchen should be and I briefly said a few things to my aunt JE, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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For not remembering a lot, you seem to have a great memory of the setting of this dream! I envy your recall abilities. I, personally, love it when dreams feature spacial impossibility (like an entire house fitting into a single room)! Even if the dream’s overall theme doesn’t feel particularly positive, the idea that space is relative gives me a sense of hope and unforeseen potential. Have you had much luck with lucid “re-entry” of dreams? It might be interesting to try that with this one, as you remember the setting so clearly, and see what further insights you get…


Thank you Shammsj, years of recording my dreams along with several other things have helped improved my dream recall to these levels, I am very fortunate. 🙂

I think that impossible things like that are often interesting in dreams as well, and I find your sense of hope and unforeseen potential to be interesting; thank you for sharing that.

I probably have had a few natural lucid and non-lucid re-entry dreams before, but I am not sure if I have ever had any un-natural/induced ones before because I probably have not really tried that too many times and/or hard enough; but I do like the idea of lucid re-entry, but I would need to learn more about how to do it and practice it to be able to successfully do that one day (though there are other dreams/dream worlds that I would rather return to instead of this dream from last night). 😉

I was starting to think/wonder if you had gave up on blogging or not until your latest blog post at/on your blog a few days ago, and so your comment today caught me by surprise; thank you for commenting, and welcome back Shammsj. 🙂


Thank you for that, John, Jr. 🙂 I nearly did give up on my blog, but am back to give it another good shot. I’m cooking something up that you might like re: lucid dream re-entry. I’ll let you know what comes of it, but I’m thinking something along the lines of a guided audio dream session…we’ll see. Hope your week is going great, and thanks again for the support! Happy dreaming!


You are welcome Shammsj. 🙂

I sometimes feel like giving up on my blog as well, so you are not alone, and most people give up on their blogs within less than one year (if that was grammatical 😀 ) according to data collected/researched by WordPress based on users if I am not mistaken.

That sounds interesting, I once tried listening to a guided audio file to try to initiate a WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dream), but I can not remember if it worked or not or what happened exactly 😀 ; and I look forward to reading about your dream/sleep experiment or whatever you decide to cook up. 😉

My week is going pretty good so far considering, thank you for asking and I hope that your week is going good as well, and you are welcome and thank you for replying/commenting Shammsj. 🙂


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