Verbal Conflict Between Kingdoms Ruled By The Same Family | A Floating Shack Falls Apart In A Small Pond

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I forgot most of them after waking up several times probably because I was using too many pillows, and so I only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream was pretty clear but unfortunately I have forgotten most of it and so it is so unclear that it does not make sense to me now, but I think that the dream took place during the day in a slightly familiar dream world that is sometimes in my dreams with slight variations each time; but usually this dream world almost always has warring small factions/groups/kingdoms/countries/et cetera who live next to each other.

I think that in this dream several members of the same family probably ruled separate small kingdoms that were next to each other and as usual there was a conflict between the ruling family members, but the situation was probably mostly verbal warfare instead of physical warfare between their kingdoms because they were part of the same family; and their family’s code helped to prevent warfare between family members from occurring so easily.

I was in one of the kingdoms at a building that might have been a castle and/or a public building with a large modern cafeteria on the first floor, and I remember eating/drinking/talking in the nice large modern cafeteria with other people; and I think that my former classmate DH was there and maybe a few other people I know.

During parts of the dream I remember hearing and/or seeing guards and ruling family members talking about the verbal conflicts, and I even heard/saw some verbal arguments between ruling family members; and I think that the ruling family had a slight Saudi Arabian-like style or something like that but I could be wrong, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day in my parent’s yard and I was in the yard, and the outside of the yard in the field where my parent’s garden should be was a small pond; and some fictional kids with medium-to-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair were playing not far from the fictional pond.

My parent’s had an old floating shack in the pond that was made of wood and tin and maybe a few automobile tires probably, and at some point I went to look at the floating shack to see if I could maybe live inside of it probably; and I remember a few of the kids in the area walking over to talk to me, and so I briefly talked with them until they ran off to continue playing with their friends.

The floating shack was moving around like it was not anchored anymore and so something seemed to be wrong, and so I could not reach it open the door to look inside; and so I waited as it floated around the pond depending on which direction the wind blew, and then the floating shack started to fall apart in the water.

I was a bit surprised by this even though the shack did look old and a young woman/female teenager with light brownish colored skin with dark brownish colored hair walked up to me, and she stood there with me as the floating shack fell apart; and she told me a few things about the floating shack, maybe she was my fictional sister or a fictional family member or a fictional person I knew, but I am not sure.

I was disappointed that I did not get a chance to look inside of the floating shack and I started trying to collect the pieces of the floating shack so that maybe we could rebuild it or at least use the pieces to build something else, but I woke up as we tried to collect the pieces.

My memory is unclear but this dream seemed to be very symbolic and there was something about the pond, about how the environment looked (maybe like a slightly cloudy/might rain day that looked a bit dream-like/surreal, but I am not sure), about what happened to the shack, about the young woman/female teenager and what she said, et cetera that makes me think that this dream was symbolic and was not literal.

The end,

-John Jr