A WorldStarHipHop Video Filmed At The D High School And My Fictional Sister Needs Potty Training? | An Attempted Coup In An Eastern European Country?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I forgot some of them, but/and fortunately I found my backup MP3 player and so I was able to voice record part of two of my dreams from last night.

Dream 1

My first dream probably took place during the day at a fictional one-story house where my family and I lived, my brother GC probably was sitting on a couch in a family room watching a video, and so I sat on the couch as well to see what video he was watching; and at the beginning of the video appeared on the screen in large white colored letters probably at about a forty-five degree angle, and it was a somewhat lower quality video that I predicted was probably of a fight that someone filmed with their mobile phone.

The video was being filmed inside a gym and I saw the mascot of the D High School on the wall, I instantly knew that it was the gym at the D High School, and so I asked my brother if that was true/correct and he said that it was true/correct; and there were some high school students in the gym, and then a fight probably started between two female students but I can not remember what happened during this part of the dream exactly.

At some point remember wacky/goofy/crazy/et cetera things happening in the video and this part of the video was scripted/fake/for show/acting/et cetera, and so the students were goofing/joking around like they were making a comedy video now; but then my brother GC and I got interrupted by a girl wearing a long sleeve pajama shirt and pajama pants who stood on the couch between us, she looked a bit like a young version (maybe 5-10 years old) of my former classmate NF but she probably had light brownish/whitish colored skin with some freckles, and I am guessing that she was our fictional sister.

I noticed that she had her pajama pants slightly sagging to where her butt crack was showing a bit and she stood there on the couch with a facial expression that my brothers used to make when they were kids and when they were going to use the bathroom on themselves/in their diapers, and so I asked her what she was doing; and to my surprise/shock/confusing she said that she was about to use the bathroom.

I probably replied with: “What?” “You can not use the bathroom here?” and “Go use the bathroom in the bathroom like you are supposed to/like you were taught/et cetera.”, and I remember thinking and/or saying that she was too old for that/to use the bathroom on herself/on the couch/whatever; and she sadly replied with: “O…Okay, I guess I will go to the bathroom in the bathroom like I used to and/or am supposed to.”; and she walked off sadly to the bathroom.

I was confused and I started to wonder if she had really been potty trained or not and I wondered if it was possible that she was still wearing a diaper at an older age, and so I decided to go outside the bathroom to talk to her from outside the door because I felt a bit bad because maybe I sounded a bit too harsh/mean when I spoke to her and I wanted to apologize to her; and I wanted to find out if she had really been potty trained or not, if she was still wearing a diaper or not, and if there was anything that I could do to help her start using the bathroom in the bathroom on her own again.

I walked to the bathroom door but it was wide open oddly and my fictional sister was standing in front of the toilet facing it and in confusion I asked her: “What are you doing?” and she replied: “Trying to use the bathroom.”; and so I explained: “That she needed to sit on the toilet first and then she could use the bathroom like normal, I also told her to lock and close the bathroom door next time, and I told her that I was going to lock and close the door; and that I would be outside the bathroom door if she needed help/advice.”.

I stood outside the bathroom still a bit confused about the situation and it seemed clear that for some reason my fictional sister seemed to not remember or know how to use the bathroom normally, and so it was clear that I needed to investigate the situation and find a way to help her; but I woke up and/or the second dream started.

Dream 2

I think that the second dream took place during the day in an Eastern European country that might have been Ukraine, I am not sure if I was in the dream or not or if I was the famous scientist in the dream or not, and there was an older famous scientist with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair wearing maybe a grayish colored suit with a whitish colored lab/scientist coat/outfit walking to a multi-story building where the government of the country was located.

The scientist was famous in his country and I guess he was also an advisor to the government, oddly he walked across a field that was like the field by my parent’s house that is next to the street where my grandfather lives but it was a bit bigger and it was slightly different and a forest was on the other side of the street, and he walked toward the tall metal fence that was around the government building; and on the other side of the fence there were soldiers blocking off the entrance to the government building as some people (maybe protesters or supporters of the government) stood in front of them, and oddly it almost seemed like this was from the time period after World War II during the early parts of the Cold War because a lot of the soldiers had older World War II-style wooden/metal rifles and submachine guns but maybe a few of them had M16-like assault rifles.

There were not many soldiers or people on the other side of the fence to my surprise, it seemed that the situation in the country was very unstable like the government was close to collapse and/or being over-thrown, and so it seemed that the military was trying to protect the government because the situation was very unstable.

As the scientist got close to the fence he was approached by a group of people led by a man with whitish colored skin with very short hair, they took the scientist hostage and they were going to try to use him to reach the government politicians inside the building so that they could kill them, and so they were attempting a coup to over-throw the government; and so the scientist tried to talk them out of it, but it was not working.

The group of people tried to figure out how to get by/under the fence, eventually they started pulled the fence up so that they could climb under it, and at first the soldiers on the other side of the fence could not see or hear them because of the small crowd of people in front of them; but as they were climbing under the fence the soldiers finally saw them, and a shootout began and the scientist ran back across the field for his life in the chaos.

More soldiers were coming from the forest on the other side of the street, somehow they knew that a coup was talking place it seemed, and so they were running with their guns to help save the government; and the scientist was afraid that he would be shot because they might think that he was part of the coup, and so he stopped one of the soldiers to explain the situation to him and he believed the scientist.

The solider told him that he would tell the other soldiers what the scientist told him, and then he ran toward the government building to help save the government; and then the scientist ran into the forest still running for his life because he had no idea who would win the battle, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr