Dreaming & Semi-Daydreaming & Thinking About My Hard Drive Situation & DiskFresh Successfully Repaired My Hard Drive

Last night I left my computer on trying to fix my hard drive with a program called DiskFresh after I got tired of how slow HDD Regenerator was going (over three days and it still was not close to finishing and it seemed to be stuck on one area of the hard drive), DiskFresh allowed me to have it scanning and repairing my hard drive while still being logged into Windows 7, and it was going very fast; and so it seemed that the repair process would finish before the next morning.

So I reminded myself to wake up later during the night to check on the repair process to see if it was finished or not so that I could turn off my computer, disconnect the broken fans from my hard drive, dust off the hard drive, and then use the Seagate SeaTools For Windows to do a Long Generic Test to see if the hard drive was repaired successfully or not; but this reminder caused my brain/mind to keep waking me up during the night, and preventing me from sleeping deeply.